How to Make Coffee Scrub Soap At Home

We love a reason to make our own beauty products. Why not use the exfoliating properties of coffee grounds to create an amazingly smelling soap? It’s all too easy!

This easy upcycling project will turn your old coffee grinds – previously destined for the bin – into your own signature fragrance. We love the smell of coffee mixed with vanilla and find these bars offer a real pick-me-up when it comes to showertime.

These soaps are seriously easy to make. They exfoliate and deodorise, leaving skin smooth and healthy. The caffeine content is also scientifically-proved to invigorate skin and reduce the appearance wrinkles. 

Our recipe is based on glycerin soap, which is what most hotel mini-soap bars are made from (yes, we know you’ve been hoarding them). You can also find larger unscented blocks of glycerin soap at your local grocery or craft store.

coffee scrub soap

What you’ll need:

• 230 grams glycerin soap

• ¼ cup used coffee grounds

• 1 teaspoon vanilla or any essential oils of your choosing

• 1 teaspoon powdered milk (optional)

• Coconut oil


1. Make a double boiler by filling a small saucepan with about an inch of water, then place a metal or glass bowl on top – bring to a simmer over a medium heat. Add the glycerin soap to the bowl and let it melt completely while stirring occasionally. This should take a couple of minutes.

2. Once the soap is completely melted, add in the powdered milk. This is an optional step but we find it gives the soap a bit of substance, and a slightly more creamy texture. Add the vanilla or essential oil of your choice, then add about 25 grams of the coffee grounds into the bowl. You can also add some coconut oil here to make the soap a little gentler on the skin.

3. While the soap is melting, lightly grease four rounds of a muffin tin with coconut oil. Place a small spoonful of coffee grounds at the base of each one. You can add more or less here based on how scrubby you want the soap to feel. 

4. Now carefully ladle the soap into the muffin tin, filling to the top of each round. Give the mixture a little stir while it sets to incorporate the coffee. Allow the soaps to cool for several hours.

5. Once they’ve completely hardened, pop the bars of soap out of the molds. Wrap them in some parchment paper and voila – the perfect gift for coffee lovers!

For other creative ideas on what to do with your used coffee grinds checkout our blog post Six creative ways to use coffee grounds at home.

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