The Best Lavazza Coffee Machine In 2024 (A Modo Mio, EP, and Blue Explained!)

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What is Lavazza and how did they get started in the coffee business? Lavazza is a company that was started by a coffee enthusiast Luigi Lavazza, and it was founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy. Lavazza’s headquarters is in the same city where it was founded, and the city is an important location for many important businesses in the country of Italy. Like many business startups of its day, Luigi Lavazza started this small business in a local grocery store. Today the business is owned and operated by the same family, and is currently being operated by the 3rd and 4th Lavazza family generations. Lavazza is a privately owned company that has been operating successfully for over 127 years.

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Lavazza coffee shop in turin italy

What is A Lavazza Coffee Machine?

This is a machine that was originally designed over a century ago. Today, the machine is available in an array of models for different situations such as offices, restaurants, businesses, commercial situations, and residences with convenience.

There are many ways that the Lavazza machine can be used to create different types of coffees and espressos. In addition to this, there are different types of machines available, and each one can deliver an exceptional cup of coffee or espresso within its own standard of quality measures. The commercial models are usually bigger than the smaller ones used for residential enjoyment.

What to Lookout for When Purchasing a Lavazza Coffee Machine?

There are different things you should look out for when buying a Lavazza coffee machine to always ensure the highest quality experience. Learn to look out for the type of features that will work for your specific situation on a regular basis.

If you are a strong coffee connoisseur, then you would want to look for features that will enhance your espresso and coffee experience even further. There are numerous café sizes available, and each Lavazza model has its unique twist. Here is what to look out for when purchasing a Lavazza espresso or Lavazza coffee machine.

Purchasing a Commercial Lavazza Espresso Machine

To demonstrate the power of a commercial Lavazza espresso machine, there will be a focus on the LP model. This is one of the most luxurious and finest commercial Lavazza express machines that you can currently purchase. Also, some key features will be elaborated to demonstrate what you should look for when you are ready to make an investment in a commercial Lavazza machine.

Lavazza business soltion range of commercial coffee machines

Key Features to Look for in Lavazza Commercial Models

  • Plumbing – Many Lavazza commercial models require connection to a plumbing system, and the parts that are included can help ease the installation process. Some of the included parts are the drain hoses, external rotary pump, and braided hoses. For example, the LP model must be connected to a water supply with a turn-off valve.
  • Water Filtration – The water filtration system is connected to the water line and is located near the pressure reduction valve. It is possible to DIY this project if you have qualified experience and expertise. Otherwise, a certified pro should install a commercial Lavazza espresso machine.
  • Installation – A lot of the hoses that are included with Lavazza commercial models are color-coded for easier and quicker installation. This feature is extremely important and cannot function with proper plumbing connections. For instance, the LP can be installed in situations where newer plumbing has been designed to accommodate this type of espresso machine.
  • Manual Calibrations – The ability to calibrate your espresso machine is highly important, and this step can affect the overall performance of the machine. The tools that a certified tech will need include a Philips screwdriver, slot or flat-head screwdriver, and a small crescent wrench. Adjustments that can be made on the LP model are hot water temperature, pre-infusion pressure, and brew pump adjustments.
  • Quick Calibration Options – Quick calibration allows the user to make some quick flowmeter adjustments semi-automatically. There should be a manual mode available when considering a commercial model, and this will allow the user to enter a quick calibration mode. This feature is not a single manual calibration, and a barista who has been trained to operate a commercial Lavazza machine can operate this function

The Best Commercial Lavazza Machine – Lavazza Slayer Steam-LP

This is a sleek-looking commercial model Lavazza espresso machine. If you are a coffee connoisseur who is looking for a more luxurious option for higher traffic flow at your café, then this is a brilliant choice. As of 2022, the average price point for the Slayer Steam-LP is between $20,500 to $23,500 USD (United States Dollars).

There are two sizes available for the LP model, and they are the 2gr and 3gr. The LP is available in an array of color selections and has the Slayer signature located on the back of the machine. The following are some must-have features to look out for in a Lavazza Commercial model:

Purchasing a Non-Commercial Lavazza Espresso Machine

There is an array of powerful café machines available to purchase with this brand. However, the Tiny model has all the essential features you should look out for in any Lavazza espresso machine.

To better understand what to look out for when purchasing and non-commercial Lavazza espresso machine, the Tiny model will be used here.

Key Features to Look for in Lavazza Non-Commercial Models

  • Drip Tray – The drip tray may seem to be an afterthought. However, this essential feature is important because it reduces the amount of liquid or excess espresso that could land on your countertop. Also, with all Lavazza machines, a drip tray gill that is adjacent to the drip tray drawer is there for easier cleanup.
  • Water Tank – The water tank reservoir is essential for all non-commercial Lavazza machines. As stated above, commercial café machines require plumbing and professional installation. This feature eliminates the need for these steps and can be maintained more easily.
  • Maintenance – Cleaning and maintenance can be rather simple with any Lavazza machine for non-commercial use. With the use of a liquid form descaling agent, you can clean limescale build-up every two to three months.

The Different Types of Lavazza Machines

There is an array of Lavazza café machines, and there will be a focus on three different models here. The models include Lavazza Blue, Espresso Point, and A’ Modo Mio.

The Lavazza Blue Range Of Coffee Machines

The Lavazza Blue model is available in nine different configurations, which are different sub-models for each configuration. Each machine has been designed for different situations and this is mainly used for business or office settings. Here are a few of the existing Lavazza Blue Models that may be chosen mainly for office or sometimes home use:

1. Classy Milk LB 1200 

This smaller café machine is available to provide a coffee experience within a business office setting. This machine has a touch screen interface located at the top half of the machine. Users of this machine will see three different settings for milk-based recipes and three different coffee selections. There is a pipe used for milk, and it is connected to the bottle in the machine. This mechanism will steam the milk into a frothy light cream and dispense it into your small mug or cup. If you are concerned about the different mug or cup sizes this machine can hold, there is a two-level adjustable height rack. The water tank capacity for this machine is 1.8 liters, and the machine starts up in about 20 seconds. It does have a Brita filter predisposition, coffee, and espresso capsules that have been used will eject out of the machine semi-automatically.

2. Classy Compact Coffee Machine

The Classy Compact coffee machine is like the Classy Milk LB 1200 and is an award-winning (2018 red-dot design award) model. It is comparable to the classic milk itself because it has fewer features. The classic compact coffee machine has a three-touch-button Interface located at the top half of the machine close to the classy milk model. This model does have an adjustable rack for cups, and there is a nine-coffee capsule container capacity for the capsules that have been used. It is just as fast as the Classy Milk model because the machine’s startup is about 20 seconds. However, the water-tank capacity is significantly smaller, and it is 1.1 liters smaller than the Classy Milk model at 0.9 liters water capacity. You can make different types of espressos with this compact coffee machine including a free-dose, long espresso, and regular espressos that can be used to make Café-Americano.

3. Mini Vender LB 3051

The Mini Vendor coffee machine is part of the Lavazza Blue lineup. This Lavazza model has been designed to provide more choices for other quality coffee and espresso. One of its features is the larger size overall which provides users with an easy-to-use interface. There are nine different versions and varieties of coffee drinks that can be chosen, and there are additional six selections of coffee settings that can be selected. This machine can hold up to 30 coffee capsules and it has a larger water tank in the Classy Milk that is 2.8 liters.

The Best Lavazza Blue Machine in 2024

The best Lavazza Blue that can be chosen mainly for an office setting is the Mini Vendor LB 3051. This model combines the best of all Lavazza Blue lineup, and the quality that it has is sensational compared to some of the other models on the market, such as Nespresso. This model has more features and combines ease of use, many coffee preferences, and quality all in one.

The Lavazza A’ Modo Mio Range Of Coffee Machines

There are very few differences between the Lavazza A’ Mio models, and if you are not careful, you can confuse one machine for the other. This is because of their similar design and color schemes that are used to make the models available.

The only difference between these models is the Tiny model does not have a milk function, the Fantasia has a touch screen that can be more sensitive to use, and the Jolie and Milk model does not have any apparent temperature options. Here are further details about a few of the A’ Modo Mio sub-models:

1. Deséa

The Deséa is an A’ Modo Mio sub-model with a lot of valuable features. If you really want a café machine that can help you to enjoy specific doses of espresso, then this may meet all your expectations. Essentially, this model features a few components that are dishwasher safe. This specific model has an adjustable rest for cups and mugs. Additionally, it is powerful because it has a pump pressure of 15 bar. The water reservoir or water tank can hold 1.1 liters, and it has a ten-used coffee capsule drawer capacity. This is a silent Lavazza machine because the Deséa does not go beyond 43 decibels overall. In addition to this, the Deséa is available in three fashionable colors.

2. Smeg

Are you looking for a design that is contemporary and sophisticated from Lavazza? The Smeg created by Lavazza may meet these requirements, and this model has a few modern features that you can experience on a regular basis. In contrast to other models that are available within the Lavazza A’ Modo Mio lineup, the Smeg has a compact design that can fit in a variety of spaces. The brewing time is moderately quick, and you can expect your hot cup of java within 30 seconds or less. The empty tank alert is a valuable contribution to the model because it will easily let you know when it is time to refill the water reciprocal. The water tank is more compact and has been designed to hold 0.9 liters. An additional alert feature is when the collection drawer is full, and the capacity for the used capsules in the drawer is six.

3. Jolie and Milk

Jolie and Milk have been created with the connoisseur in mind who wants a richer tasting café experience with milk. Unlike some of the other Lavazza models in this line, the drip tray is detachable to accommodate larger mugs. to keep the richness of the coffee consistent, Lavazza has incorporated a selection of a smaller or larger espresso (the larger option on the Jolie and Milk is commonly known as a double espresso). This model has three functions for frothing milk, and the ejection of used capsules is semi-automatic. Jolie and Milk are available and have a modern color scheme of four colors.

The Best Lavazza A’ Modo Mio Machine In 2024

The Best Lavazza A’ Modo Mio available to date is the Deséa, and this machine is considerably quiet for size. It has all the features of the previously mentioned non-commercial Lavazza machines, and it can froth milk as well. The options that the Deséa has to seem to be endless within its own class. For instance, the easy touch interface has auditory feedback. This means when you press each button a noticeable sound will be made. Also, this is a powerful option that has 4 doses for coffee, and five different milk recipe settings. It is important to read your manual to get acquainted with this machine due to all the presented options. Yet, once you are acquainted with the features, it is easier to appreciate the forethought that went into designing this model.

Lavazza Espresso Point Machines

1. Matineé

The Lavazza Matineé is an espresso machine created for the office in mind. However, this machine can be used in smaller restaurants and catering situations just fine. This machine features gold piping and a silver stainless steel body with the logo at the top front of the machine. It is important to remember that this is a single-serve machine, and you can brew one cup at a time accordingly. What is unbeknown when looking at the machine initially is that it has a cartridge drawer, and it is removable. The water tank or water reservoir can hold an amazing 3 liters. Also, this model features a steam wand for frothy milk and café recipes. There are three cup options including single, double, and triple espressos. The hot water dispenser feels like an additional bonus feature, and The entire unit is quite simple to utilize on a regular basis.

2. Lavazzatime

The Lavazzatime offers more variety beyond just coffee. You may drink hot teas, hot mocha or chocolate, coffee, and espresso with this machine. This is a pod-based machine and has a few other higher-quality selections that can be chosen. Also, this machine is more incognito concerning its physical design compared to the gold trim of the matinee. It can hold about 1.2 L in its water reservoir. It does have a set of keys for set up for to prevent unauthorized use. The capsules are automatically injected into the used capsule drawer, and this model is best for energy saving compared to other Lavazza units.

3. 2500 Plus

The 2500 plus is a smaller unit that is packed full of options, and the water tank holds about three liters. This particular model has a card reader integrated within and can read microchips that many debit and credit cards are in its internal debit system. The collector drawer has a larger size than many other models available and can hold a maximum of twenty used capsules in the collection drawer. This particular model has a manual insertion for capsules, and it has a multilingual display for easier use. The 2500 plus uses an optional filter by Brita. This is also a space-saving and energy-saving design by Lavazza.

The Best Lavazza Machine Espresso Point in 2024

The best Lavazza Espresso Point machine is the Matinee. This machine has all the features that anyone can look for in an office machine and is durable and can stand the test of time compared to other machines offered by Lavazza. It has a classic design it can be used for different settings other than the office alone. The matinee is surely the best espresso Point machine because it has many features that any espresso coffee lover would look for in a higher quality machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best Lavazza coffee capsules?

That’s a big conversation and something we can’t answer in a couple of lines. Instead, check out this article on the best Lavazza coffee pods in [2022].

Q. What is the difference between Jolie and Jolie Plus?

Although these two machines share a common name there are some distinct differences between the two units. The main difference between Jolene and Jolie plus is the ability to select from newer features. For instance, Jolie plus has a dual dispensing button. Also, the Jolie plus is more practical and efficient. Also, you can choose between espresso or other café drinks with the touch of a button.

Q. Is it possible to use Nespresso pods in the Lavazza machine?

You could try to use the espresso pods in a Lovato machine however they are not compatible. You could damage your advisor machine by trying to use pods other than compatible with your machine.

Q. Are all of the pods the same?

Unfortunately, Lavazza parts are not universally used with all the machines, and they are not the same as each other. It’s important to use the specific part for each model. For example, for the Modo Mio pods you will use the model with the corresponding name.

Q. Can you recycle Lavazza pods?

This could be a tricky question because it depends on where you live in your district. If you are in the United States usually you have to separate each type of recyclable product into a specific bin. This is usually plastics, any paper products, Styrofoam is usually not recyclable, and foil is in a separate bin for recycling. It is possible to recycle the parts of the Lavazza pods. However, since the parts are made of different parts and materials, into a corresponding recycling reciprocal.

Q. What about reusable Lavazza coffee capsules?

Absolutely, with reusable coffee pods, you’re saving money and the planet. Check out this article on the best Lavazza coffee pods in [2022]. Or, have a look at our range of Green Pods below.

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