Can You Make Nespresso Cold? (The Perfect Iced Nespresso!)

Green Pods Can you make Nespresso cold

All fellow Nespresso lovers can rejoice. You can easily make a refreshing, cool cup of espresso following a few key steps. Have you ever wondered if you could turn your hot cup of Nespresso into a refreshing, cool drink? The truth is, you can! No longer does your Nespresso machine have to sit in hibernation during the hot summer months.

To make your Nespresso drink cold, you will need to use three methods. You can brew your espresso and pour it over a glass of ice, put the espresso in the refrigerator, or you can dump some cold milk into it to create an iced latte.

As coffee lovers, we understand that not everyone will like each method. That’s why we’ve provided three alternatives to getting a perfect cup of Nespresso. You can use this with both the original Nespresso machine and the Vertuoline pods for clarification.

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Is Nespresso Normally Hot or Cold?

Nespresso machines only make hot coffee.

A Nespresso machine is built to brew the perfect cup of coffee by heating the pod’s contents to the correct brewing temperature. The device is programmed to heat water between 83-86 degrees Celcius for their OriginalLine machines and 78 +/- 5 degrees Celcius for the Vertuo Machines.

Some people find these temperatures “cold,” win comparison to the normal scalding hot drip or pluger coffee they are used to, however, it certainly isn’t cold. Nespresso machines also make a small volume of coffee which can cool down quickly, especially in a cold cup.

Green Pods Iced Nespresso

Can You make Cold Coffee From a Nespresso Machine? 

The brewing temperatures for the Nespresso pods will always be the same. So, you can’t manually adjust the coffee to come out at a colder temperature. Unlike other machines, Nespresso doesn’t sell exclusive cold coffee pods.

Can You Make Cold Brew With Nespresso?

While you may not be able to program the machine to drop its brewing temperature, you can alternatively pour your freshly brewed coffee over a glass of ice. While this takes a bit more effort, it results in a perfectly cool cup of cold brew that doesn’t take much time. However, we’re aware that the melted ice cubes may ruin the taste of the coffee. 

How to Make Cold Nespresso

As an iced coffee lover, you may want to try out a few different methods to find one that suits your palette. As mentioned earlier, each method will result in a different cool coffee, which some individuals may or may not like. Below, we’ve highlighted the three best ways to craft cold iced Nespresso.

1. Extract Over Ice

As mentioned earlier, when you’re in a time-pressed situation and want iced coffee, you can pour the cold brew over a cup of ice. For most individuals, a 40 ml shot of espresso over a glass of ice can do the trick. The only downside is that the coffee becomes watered down, which can be a huge turnoff for some people.

2. Store in the Fridge

If you want to keep a more robust coffee flavor, you may want to try storing your freshly brewed coffee in the fridge. You can check out the OmniCalculator for how long a drink will take to cool in a refrigerator for a better estimate. On average, a small shot of espresso should take at least three to five hours in the fridge to get cold.

3. Cold Milk 

Another method is to mix your freshly brewed espresso with cold milk and create an iced latte. These are perfect for a hot summer day, and your drink won’t be watered down. Instead, your coffee will be complemented by a cool creamy sensation.

Depending on what type of milk you use, you can easily change the flavor and consistency. Our personal favorites include soy milk, oat milk, and classic 2% milk for a quick but healthy drink. Just be sure that the milk has been refrigerated and hasn’t been left out at room temperature.

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