Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte Review (And Why You Need To Give These Pods A Try!)

If you are looking for a way to spice up your morning coffee routine with big flavor while sticking to the budget, then Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte is exactly what you need. Furthermore, with its bold flavor and high caffeine content, this blend will keep you energized all day long.

Read along as we explain why Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte’s intense flavor is the ideal drink for those who enjoy an extra bold cup of Joe.

The Origin of Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte Coffee

Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte comes from the Marcala region in LA Fuente, Honduras. Besides, some of the best Arabica coffee beans in Central America are cultivated in these areas thanks to the ideal climate and soil conditions.

Next, the coffee in these pods is roasted slowly and carefully, meaning you get a nice roasty flavor without any of those burnt notes common in bulk roasted coffee.

When and Why was this flavor released?

The Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte flavor was released in October 2018. This means it is a relatively recent addition to its range of ground and whole bean coffee. However, this blend has quickly become one of the most popular varieties due to its bold, earthy flavor that compliments both a strong long black and a hearty milk coffee like lattes and cappuccinos.

It’s one of the four flavors in the Gourmesso Eco line of capsules which are great since they are compostable once used. This gives Gourmesso a big leg up over Nespresso in our minds since you no longer need to worry about the single-use capsules polluting the environment!

The Key Features of Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte Coffee Pods


When extracting a Honduras capsule, the first thing you notice is its raw and robust flavor. Unlike other flavored coffees, this blend is made with 100% Arabica beans from the Marcala region in Honduras. Moreover, the flavor gets better with a little sweetness – you will find that if you keep adding more sugar, it will not overpower, and in fact enhance the coffee flavor.


Gourmesso’s Honduras Pura Forte coffee has an intensity rating of 9, and a dark roast meaning this is quite a rich and strong coffee.

Note: Gourmesso’s intensity ratings attempt to align with Nespresso’s intensity rating scale of 1-13. However, since the exact definition of this rating system is not public knowledge, Gourmesso’s comparisons are only approximate. Take this with a grain of salt, and err +/- 1 intensity point above or below the value quoted.


This coffee’s aroma is quite subtle, with notes first of chocolate and then vanilla. We loved how this smell lingered around in the kitchen for a long time after brewing the coffee.


This blend combines a light cocoa flavor with a hint of vanilla taste to create an exciting blend that almost makes you doubt that this pod is just 100% pure Arabica coffee. The low acidity and restrained bitterness lets the flavor really shine through


One of the main appeals of Gourmesso Coffee Pods is the price. A typical pod costs around $0.50. This means you can drink fantastic guilt-free coffee at home for a fraction of the cost of a café coffee.

It’s also on average 30% cheaper than the official Nespresso capsules.

Even better, all orders over $35.00 through the Gourmesso website will receive free shipping.


The packaging also plays a vital role in making this blend extremely special.

You’ll be able to buy a set of 10 capsules in an elegant (and recyclable) cardboard box for around $5.30 USD.

Of course, prices change, so check here for the current price on the Gourmesso website.

Did we mention they also offer free shipping on all orders above $35?


These capsules work in Nespresso Original machines ONLY (formerly: OriginalLine). They work in all Original machines, i.e. are a 1-for-1 swap with the genuine capsules.

Gourmesso Capsules do NOT fit in Nespresso Vertuo machines (formerly: VertuoLine), Dolce Gusto, Keurig, nor other systems.

Sustainability and Environment

Our favorite thing about these Gourmesso pods is they are in the Gourmesso Eco range.

These pods are compostable, unlike the regular Gourmesso pods which are plastic, and authentic Nespresso pods which are made of aluminum and only recyclable.

One caveat: These capsules are certified as commercially compostable only. The pods still need to be packaged off and sent to commercial composting facilities. If you think you can just dig a hole in your garden, there is no guarantee it will degrade properly.

This is only because the pods are not certified for backyard composting, as currently, no acceptable certification exists. We feel confident about adding these to our worm farm.. but you’ll need to do this at your own risk.

The Pros and Cons of Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte Coffee Pods

The Pros

  • 100% pure Arabica coffee
  • Nice balanced flavor, without too much bitterness.
  • Compatible with all Nespresso OriginalLine machines.
  • At least 30% cheaper on average than Nespresso Original capsules.
  • Capsules are compostable

The Cons

  • The taste could be stronger, and seems weaker than a genuine Nespresso with an intensity rating of 9.
  • Currently only 4 flavors in the Eco Line range.
  • Only commercial composting is possible.

Final thoughts on Gourmesso Honduras Pura Forte Coffee

All in all, Gourmesso’s Honduras Pura Forte blend will almost certainly help you get your day going on the right foot. Also, it will help you feel fresh and more alert in the afternoon, so you can accomplish all of your tasks with maximum ease.

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