Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pod Review (A Massive Vanilla Hit!)

Are you looking for a delicious new flavor to try, and want something that will give Nespresso’s Barista Creations a serious run for their money. Then we recommend giving Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pods a try.

Why? It’s 35% cheaper than Nespresso, tastes just as good, and the new Eco-line range of Gourmesso capsules are completely compostable!

Keep reading this coffee pod review to find out why Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee is widely preferred.

The Origin of Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee

Initially, Gourmesso pods were created by a company based in Italy. For many years, the company has been using beans produced from the African coastal line of Guinea, Brazilian, Colombian, and Indian Arabica beans to develop Gourmesso coffee. As such, Gourmesso Vaniglia is among the many flavors created for avid Gourmesso drinkers worldwide.

When and Why was this flavor released?

Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pods were first released into the market back in the year 2015. Generally, the company was looking to create an alternative to the low-quality pods on the market. Additionally, they wanted something of higher quality made with all-natural ingredients. From these considerations, Vaniglia Coffee Pods were launched!

Recently these pods have been relaunched in the Ecoline range. This is the exact same delicious vanilla flavored coffee, repackaged into state-of-the-art compostable packaging.

The Key Features of Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pods


Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pods are 100 percent Arabica. They take this aromatic Italian blend and mix it with a natural vanilla flavoring powder to create this well balanced flavored coffee capsules

We find the coffee flavor nice and mild, but the vanilla is very sweet. At first, this was a bit too much, and a little confronting. However, after a few days, we got acclimatized and started really looking forward to the sweetness.

There is also a slight chemical taste, which means it definitely tastes like vanilla flavoring rather than genuine vanilla beans. Some people like this though, so we’ll let you be the judge!


As soon as you open the box there is a big hit of vanilla aroma. Gourmesso have really outdone themselves here.

The same can be said for when the coffee is brewed.

Once left to sit for a few minutes, this intense vanilla aroma dies down and you can smell a more balanced coffee and vanilla aroma together.


Gourmesso’s Vanilla / Vaniglia has an intensity rating of 5, and a medium roast meaning this is quite a mild coffee overall.

Note: Gourmesso’s intensity ratings attempt to align with Nespresso’s intensity rating scale of 1-13. However, since the exact definition of this rating system is not public knowledge, Gourmesso’s comparisons are only approximate. Take this with a grain of salt, and err +/- 1 intensity point above or below the value quoted.

Comparing this to Nespresso pods we actually think this is more of a 4 than a 5.


You can buy Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pods from the company’s official website or on Amazon. Furthermore, they are easy to find online and have a high rating in terms of user satisfaction. Notably, the coffee pods have a money-back guarantee, so you will not be stuck with something you do not like.


One of the main appeals of Gourmesso Coffee Pods is the price. A typical pod costs around $0.50. This means you can drink fantastic guilt-free coffee at home for a fraction of the cost of a café coffee.

It’s also on average 30% cheaper than the official Nespresso capsules.

Even better, all orders over $35.00 through the Gourmesso website will receive free shipping.


The packaging also plays a vital role in making this blend extremely special.

You’ll be able to buy a set of 10 capsules in an elegant (and recyclable) cardboard box for around $5.30 USD.

Of course, prices change, so check here for the lastest price on the Gourmesso website.

Did we mention they also offer free shipping on all orders above $35?


These capsules work in Nespresso Original machines ONLY (formerly: OriginalLine). They work in all Original machines, i.e. are a 1-for-1 swap with the genuine capsules.

Gourmesso Capsules do NOT fit in Nespresso Vertuo machines (formerly: VertuoLine), Dolce Gusto, Keurig, nor other systems.

Sustainability and Environment

Our favorite thing about these Gourmesso pods is they are in the Gourmesso Eco range.

These pods are compostable, unlike the regular Gourmesso pods which are plastic, and authentic Nespresso pods which are made of aluminum and only recyclable.

One caveat: These capsules are certified as commercially compostable only. The pods still need to be packaged off and sent to commercial composting facilities. If you think you can just dig a hole in your garden, there is no guarantee it will degrade properly.

The Pros and Cons of Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee Pods

The Pros

  • 100% pure Arabica coffee
  • This coffee has a pleasant rich taste and produces an excellent crema
  • Compatible with all Nespresso OriginalLine machines.
  • At least 30% cheaper on average than Nespresso Original capsules.
  • Capsules are compostable
  • This coffee is also Fair Trade certified. This means it was grown with worker rights and environmental sustainability in mind

The Cons

  • The taste could be stronger, and seems weaker than a genuine Nespresso with an intensity rating of 9.
  • More enjoyable as an espresso than a lungo.
  • Currently only 4 flavors in the Eco Line range.
  • Only commercial composting is possible.

Final thoughts on Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee

Gourmesso Vaniglia Coffee pods are delicious and very convenient. Furthermore, you can order them from the comfort of your own home or office and have them delivered in just a couple of days.

We love the idea that these are packed full of flavor while being cheaper and better for the environment than genuine Nespresso capsules, so give them a try today and let us know what you think!

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