How Much Caffeine Is In A Tassimo Coffee Pod?

The Green Pods How much caffeine is in a tassimo coffee pod or tassimo t disc

Tassimo’s single-serve beverage system was first introduced back in 2004. Tassimo coffee makers use a unique “Intelligebrew” system that allows the machine to adjust the temperature, brewing time, and water in a beverage based on the type of drink that’s being prepared. 

Thanks to this system, Tassimo users can prepare many different types of beverages, including lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. This innovative system offers great flexibility, but it may also leave users with some questions.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, or if you want to start your day off with as much caffeine as possible, you might be wondering how much caffeine is in each Tassimo pod. We did our best to answer that question.

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What Are Tassimo T-Discs?

T-Discs are a non-reusable beverage pod designed to be used with Tassimo coffee makers. Each Tassimo T-Disc features a bar code at the top of the pod. When a pod is used, the machine scans the bar code to see how the beverage should be prepared. 

There are more than 80 different types of T-Discs, including black coffee, latte, cappuccino, green tea, and hot chocolate pods. Beverages that contain milk use ultra-high temperature milk, a type of milk with a very long shelf life. There are T-Discs featuring many different coffee brands, including Tim Horton’s, Kenco, and Gevalia. 

How Much Caffeine Is In A Tassimo Coffee Pod?

We reached out to Tassimo to find out exactly how much caffeine their T-Discs contain. They responded to let us know that unfortunately, they don’t regularly analyze the caffeine values in T-Discs, which means there’s no specific information about the caffeine levels of specific pods. They did however advise that an average cup of Tassimo coffee will contain somewhere between 60mg and 85mg of caffeine. With that said, the caffeine content of some products may vary.

Tassimo does check its decaffeinated coffee beverages to confirm that they’re within the legal limits for decaffeinated coffee. Any T-Discs that are labeled as decaf will have a caffeine level below 0.1%, with no more than 3mg of caffeine per cup. Non-coffee T-Discs, like hot chocolate pods, also contain little-to-no caffeine. 

Want to learn more about capsule coffee caffeine content? We’ve summaries the caffeine in other pods in the articles below;

Which Tassimo T-Discs Have the Most Caffeine?

Even though Tassimo doesn’t track the caffeine levels of its pods, it’s safe to assume that some T-Discs contain more caffeine than others. Espresso beverages, like the L’OR Espresso Fortissimo and the Jacobs Espresso Ristretto, are likely to be the products with the most caffeine. 

The coffee beans used in espresso pods are ground more finely than the beans used in standard coffee beverages. Since the grounds are so fine, it’s easier for water to penetrate the grounds when the coffee is brewed. This means that more caffeine is transferred to the beverage.

Light roast T-Discs, such as Gevalia Morning Roast also contain more caffeine than dark roasts like the L’OR XL Classique Americano. Since dark roasts have a stronger and bolder flavor, people often assume that they’re more caffeinated, but the opposite is actually true. To create a dark roast, beans are roasted for longer, and that causes more caffeine to burn away.

Lastly, you should look at the size of the cup that’s being brewed. Tassimo T-Discs can brew coffee in four cup sizes: Short, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Even if a short cup contains more caffeine per ounce, it’s likely to contain less caffeine in total than an extra large cup of coffee. 

Final Thoughts

Even though there’s no way to know exactly how much caffeine is in a Tassimo coffee pod, there are ways to identify T-Discs that have a higher caffeine content. Make sure you look at the type of coffee, the roast, and the size of the cup when you’re choosing pods. 

If you depend on caffeine to wake you up in the morning, Tassimo’s strong espresso pods might be your best option. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you should look for dark roast brews with a smaller cup size, like the Gevalia Dark Italian Roast. Alternatively, you can stick to decaffeinated brews like the Cafe HAG Decaff. 

No matter what type of T-Disc you wind up choosing, we hope this post gave you a better sense of what to look for. Make sure you choose a Tassimo pod that you’ll be able to enjoy!

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