How Much Caffeine Is In A K Cup? (Check This!)

Green Pods how much caffeine in a k cup

We wanted to find exactly what goes into a Keurig pod so we could best replicate the character with our Green Pods. But, for all the flashy packaging and expensive ads, Keurig aren’t very good and explaining what’s in their product.

In fact, trying to find out how much caffeine is in a Keurig K Cup is nearly impossible!

In this article, we’ll share what we found, and cover every detail of the amount of caffeine in these Keurig coffee pods.

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What Is A Keurig K-Cup?

A K Cup functions similarly to a French press or filter coffee maker.

It consists of a small plastic cup that holds coffee grounds in a hermetically sealed environment, so they can’t go off and expire. Inside is a small paper filter-basket holding the coffee.

When inserted into a machine, the machine pierces the foil lid, and makes a hole in the bottom of the plastic pot, so hot water can be forced in the top and drip out through the bottom

There are over 400 different K-Cup capsule varieties on the market to choose from, as most large-name coffee manufacturers in the USA and Canada have released products in the K-Cup range.

Now let’s find out exactly how much caffeine is in a K-cup.

The Green Pods a selection of keurig k cup coffee pods to investigate

How Much Caffeine Is In Your Favorite K-Cup?

The average strength for caffeine in coffee is around 100 mg. Unfortunately, the amount of caffeine in your K-cup varies greatly depending on the brew you’re putting in your Keurig maker.

Consisting of about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee, a typical K-cup contains between 75 to 150 mg of caffeine for each 8 oz cup as compared to the standard 120 mg of your regular morning coffee. Although extra bold blends are believed to contain about 30% more ground coffee in them, the caffeine content in your K-cup can more or less be calculated by using the 85 mg of caffeine per 10 g of coffee rule.

The Green Pods Working out exactly how much caffeine is in a k cup keurig coffee pod


Does Choosing A 10oz Pour (Rather Than 8oz) Make A Stronger Coffee?

Yes, but mainly no.

The K-Cups are designed so that the strength of the beverage is the same whether you choose 10 oz, 8 oz, or 7.5 oz. This is because the water passes through the grounds quickly rather than sit and steep.

A 10 oz. pour will pass more water through the coffee and yield a slightly more complete extraction. However, tests suggest this is only in the order of 1% – 2%, so if you think you’ll get noticeably more caffeine out of your coffee you’re sadly out of luck.

Counterintuitively, brewing a smaller coffee (even stopping the machine early) will yield a more concentrated brew. This will be both drank quicker, and absorbed by the body quicker, so you’ll actually get a more noticeable effect from a smaller coffee!

How Does Caffeine Affect Your Body?

A known stimulant, Caffeine has the ability to increase the activity in your brain and nervous system, as well as boost the circulation of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. While small doses can make you feel focused and refreshed, having a little too much can leave you feeling anxious and abnormally awake.

It works by blocking your adenosine receptors, increasing the brain’s activity.

Here are some of caffeine’s effects on the body.

1. Improves Mental Performance

From information processing to better vigilance and effortless completion of proofreading tasks, caffeine is known to enhance an individual’s mental function. While it is not a shortcut to making you perform more efficiently, people who rely on it would attest that daily caffeine intake provides small improvements to their overall efficacy and performance.

2. Enhances Reaction Times

Although some would say that expectancy effects play a key role in how this stimulant promotes people’s moods and behaviors, the ability of caffeine-induced food and beverages to alter a person’s attitude and demeanor has long made it our favorite pick-me-up tonic.

3. Stimulates Alertness

While it is in no way a substitute for a good night’s sleep, a certain level of caffeine is known to increase alertness and attention, as well as improve mental cohesiveness, and reasoning, and promote a sharper memory.

4. Elevates Sports Performance

Recognized by experts as a stimulant that can help increase physical performance as well as develop your endurance capacity, most sports drinks contain specified amounts of caffeine that allow athletes to perform and function at their highest competitive levels for long periods.

5. Promotes Weight Loss

Perhaps due to its ability to suppress appetite and reduce your desire to eat, as well as the way it generates more energy and heat each time we digest food, most weight loss products that are offered as thermogenics contain caffeine and ephedra which has been used for asthma, narcolepsy, and obesity.

At recommended quantities, studies suggest that regular caffeine intake helps enhance our cognitive skills and slow the mental decline that often comes with age. Not only does it have a beneficial effect on mood, but it also plays a significant role in promoting both our physical and mental performance.

What K-Cups have the most Caffeine?

Since many of us rely on that caffeine boost each morning to help start the day, making sure that what you have in stock is capable of providing you with a little kick is important. If you enjoy high-caffeine content in your coffee but also like variety, here’s a quick look at some of the strongest K-cups of coffee.

You can also read this article on the 10 highest caffeine K-Cups on the market

BrandFlavorCaffeine (mg per cup)
Death Wish: High CaffeineA rich, smooth flavor with notes of cherry and chocolate.420mg
Banned: Double CaffeineFull-bodied, bright smooth flavor, with notes of berries and chocolate.400mg
Raven’s Brew Coffee: Double Dead High CaffeineDark, bittersweet chocolate flavor.325mg
Wake The Hell Up!: Ultra-Caffeinated CoffeeMedium dark roast with a mild flavor.325mg
Starbucks: Dark Roast Coffee With 2X CaffeineA rich, dark roast with a bold flavor, with notes of dark cocoa and caramelized sugar.260mg
Community Coffee: 2X Caffeine: Medium RoastMedium roast, full-bodied, mild flavor.245mg
Hardcore Coffee: Double CaffeineDark, rich, well-rounded flavor.225mg

1. Death Wish Coffee

With a whopping 472 mg of coffee per K-cup, the Death Wish is perhaps one of the most popular high-caffeine coffees available. Regarded by many as the world’s strongest single-serve pod available, this 100% certified organic beverage is flawlessly roasted to provide a rich, bold flavor without any hint of bitterness. Not only does it provide a powerful jolt of caffeine, but it also has a strong and satisfying taste.

Death wish high caffeine keurig k cup

Death Wish Coffee - High Caffeine

🌡️ Intensity Dark Roast
💰 Price $1.20 each
☕ Flavor 9/10
🌎 Sustainability Non-recyclable
🎁 Where to Buy Link 
Check on amazon

2. Wake The Hell Up K-Cups

Often described as “ultra-caffeinated,” this K-cup is worth trying out if you are one of the millions who need a kickstart in the morning. While drinking a cup won’t result in coffee jitters, each pod that contains 11 grams of medium-dark roasted coffee is guaranteed to get you moving in the morning after it provides you with a rich-flavored and no bitterness coffee experience.

Starbucks 2x caffeine keurig pod

Starbucks 2x Caffeine Medium Roast

🌡️ Intensity Medium Roast
💰 Price $1.08 each
☕ Flavor 8.5/10
🌎 Sustainability Non-recyclable
🎁 Where to Buy Link 
Check on amazon

3. Hardcore Coffee

Providing 1.5 – 1.6 times more caffeine than a typical 8 oz cup, this K-cup uses a unique yet certified organic blend of rare, dark roasted coffee beans that maximizes the caffeine without compromising the flavor. With nothing but 100% strong coffee, Hardcore guarantees that it has no added ingredients and extracts, making each cup safe, tasty, and all-natural.

4. Shock Coffee

Claiming to contain up to 50% more caffeine than its peers, this amazing K-cup coffee is a supplier to the world’s most powerful military and fearlessly states that their coffee delivers big in kick and taste without causing jitters. Growing their blend of Robusta and Arabica beans at high altitude, this medium-dark roast coffee produces a drink with a richer taste, stronger flavor, and a smooth finish.


As more people use caffeine to obtain a sudden shot of extra energy and alertness, K-cups have fast become a popular option because of their awesome accessibility and convenience. From the prevention of certain cancers to alleviating the effects of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, studies continue to show the many health benefits of regular caffeine intake. While some frown upon the efficacy of high-caffeine consumption, these K-cups are a “gift from heaven” particularly on days when the strength of a regular cup is simply not enough.

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