How Much Coffee Is In A K Cup? (We Measured!)

Green Pods How much coffee in a k cup

Whether you want to know why your coffee is tasting weak, or trying to figure out if you’re getting good value for your money in each cup, we need to know exactly how much coffee is in each K Cup.

Here’s the short answer:
The amount of coffee in a K Cup varies from one brand to the next. Generally, a single capsule has approximately 8-17g (0.3-0.6oz) of coffee. We tested some of the biggest brands like starbucks and Tim Hortons and found they contain 11-12 grams (0.4oz) of coffee. If you’re using regular, specialty, or 2.0 model pods, you’ll get more coffee compared to Rivo espresso pods.

If you’ve wanted to know just how much coffee there is in your favorite pod, carry on reading this post as we unravel the questions running through your head.

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How Much Of Coffee In A K-Cup Pod 

The amount of coffee in a K Cup varies from one brand to the next. Below’s a table summing up the amount of coffee based on the type of machine you are using. 

In general, Keurig Rivo pods contain the least coffee, while the K Cups for Keurig 2.0 style brewers have the greatest amount of coffee.

K-Cup TypeCoffee Amount (g/oz)
Regular Keurig K-Cups10- 17g (0.35-0.6oz)
K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 Brewers11-17.5g (0.38-0.6oz)
Keurig Latte and specialty pods12-28g (0.42-0.98oz)
Keurig Rivo Espresso Pods7.5-9g (0.26-0.31oz)
The Green Pods how much cofee in a k cup

Are All K-Cups The Same Size?

Not all k cups are the same size. The size depends on the brand and flavor of the coffee you’re drinking. Generally, k-cups for 2.0 brewers and specialty coffees pack more ground coffee by weight. 

Even the regular capsules vary greatly between brands and flavors.

The Keurig Rivo pods are specifically designed for the Keurig Rivo machine which makes Espresso coffee – These have lesss coffee compared to their counterparts. 

The Green Pods How much coffee is in a k cup

How Much Coffee Is In Each Type Of K-Cup 

The amount of coffee in a k-cup depends on the brand and type you purchase. A single capsule has approximately 8-17g (0.2-05oz) of coffee. 

Here’s a breakdown of the coffee you’d expect to find based on the type of k-cup you’re using. 

The Green Pods weighing a k cup to find out how much coffee it contains

Regular Keurig K-Cups

We compared 5 types of regular k-cups to give you an idea of how much coffee there is in each pod.

  • Starbucks -12.5g (0.44oz)
  • Victor Allen’s Coffee – 10g (0.35oz)
  • Cinnabon Coffee – 14.5g (0.5oz)
  • Green Mountain – 17.6g (0.6oz)
  • Cafe Bustelo – 10.5g (0.37oz)

K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 Brewers

Keurig brewers know the hassle of having to go through several boxes to find pods compatible with their brewers. Below, we’ve rounded up 5 k-cups from the most common brands with a reasonable amount of joe.

  • Maxwell House = 15.3g (0.5oz)
  • Peets = 12.5g (0.44oz)
  • San Francisco Bay Coffee = 11g (0.38oz)
  • Community Coffee = 17.5g (0.6oz)
  • Day to Day = 15.4g (0.5)

Keurig Latte and specialty pods

Whether you’re a cappuccino, latte, or macchiato lover, here are the coffee contents in a single pod from 5 popular brands.

  • Café Escapes Chai Latté = 22g (0.77oz)
  • The Original Donut Shop Mocha Latte = 28g (0.98oz)
  • Barissimo Cappucino Cups = 15g (0.5oz)
  • Gevalia Frothy 2-step Caramel Macchiato = 22g (0.77oz)
  • Vita Cup Genius Keto Coffee = 12g (0.42oz)

Keurig Rivo Espresso Pods

Though there’s a limited number of Rivo espresso brands, we’ve sourced a few that’ll delight your intense coffee-loving endeavors. 

  • Lavazza = 7.5g (0.26oz)
  • Lavazza Expert Espresso = 9g (0.31oz)
  • Italian Coffee 8g (0.28oz)

Which K-Cup Has The Most Coffee?

Depending on the brewer you’re using and the type of coffee you fancy, here are k-cups with the most coffee.

  • Regular k-cups – Green Mountain
  • 2.0 brewers pods – Community Coffee 
  • Latte and Specialty capsules – The Original Donut Shop Mocha Latte
  • Rivo espresso pods – Lavazza Expert Espresso 

How To Tell How Much Coffee Is In Each K-Cup (When Shopping)

We all want to get value for money right?

And as we’ve just discovered, the amount of coffee in each brand of pod can vary by up to 30%!

So how do we know before we buy what we’re getting?

If you look on the box of the kcups they often list their ‘net weight’ which is the weight of the coffee excluding the package – this is mandatory for all food products. So, if there’s 100 capsules and a net weight of 1.12kg the coffee per pod would be 11.2grams!

How Much Caffeine Is In A K-Cup?

This is a whole other topic all together and we’ve written this article dedicated to answering exactly how much caffeine an average k-cup has!

In short, there are over 400 different k-cups available and the average has between 75mg and 160mg of caffeine. The highest caffeine K-cup is made by DeathWish Coffee with a massive 420mg of caffeine per serving!

Read More: Here’s our comprehensive list of the 10 most highly caffeinated K-Cups on the market!

Coffee In K Cup Amount (Reference Data)

We checked the packaging of the leading K Cup brands to work out how much coffee they contain. Below is this information in table form.

TypeBrandCoffee Amount (Grams)Coffee Amount (oz)
Regular Keurig K-CupsStarbucks12.5g0.44oz
Regular Keurig K-CupsVictor Allen’s Coffee10g0.35oz
Regular Keurig K-CupsCinnabon Coffee14.5g0.5oz
Regular Keurig K-CupsGreen Mountain17.6g0.6oz
Regular Keurig K-CupsCafe Bustelo10.5g0.37oz
K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 BrewersMaxwell House15.3g0.5oz
K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 BrewersPeets12.5g0.44oz
K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 BrewersSan Francisco Bay Coffee11g0.38oz
K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 BrewersCommunity Coffee17.5g0.6oz
K-Cups For Keurig 2.0 BrewersDay to Day15.4g0.5oz
Keurig Latte and specialty podsCafé Escapes Chai Latté22g0.77oz
Keurig Latte and specialty podsThe Original Donut Shop Mocha Latte28g0.98oz
Keurig Latte and specialty podsBarissimo Cappucino Cups15g0.5oz
Keurig Latte and specialty podsGevalia Frothy 2-step Caramel Macchiato22g0.77oz
Keurig Latte and specialty podsVita Cup Genius Keto Coffee12g0.42oz
Keurig Rivo Espresso PodsLavazza7.5g0.26oz
Keurig Rivo Espresso PodsLavazza Expert Espresso9g0.31oz
Keurig Rivo Espresso PodsItalian Coffee8g0.28oz
The Green Pods How much coffee goes into a K Cup


Taking the time to get familiar with the amount of coffee in your k-cup helps you figure out if you’re getting enough coffee from your favorite joe or whether you should switch to a brand that gives you your money’s worth. 

From this post, it’s clear that the newer 2.0 pods have more coffee, and the Rivo has the least.

So, regardless of the Keurig brewer you’re using, you can compare the popular coffee brands on the market for more value-added convenience with every brew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Coffee to Put in a Reusable Pod?

If you picked up one of our Green Pods and are wondering how to fill it optimally?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to use about one tablespoon of coffee for every six ounces of water. The average commercial K Cup contains 12grams but the good thing with our reusable pods is you can cram much more coffee in. We’d recommend you use at least 20grams per brew.

Q. Coffee to Water Ratio in a Keurig

The coffee-to-water ratio in a Keurig can vary depending on the size of the cup you’re using. As a general rule, the recommended ratio is one K-Cup for every six ounces of water. If you prefer a stronger cup of coffee, you can use less water or use a stronger K-Cup.

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