Nespresso Bukeela (ka Ethiopia) Review

If you want to find the best of something, you go to the beginning. You go to the start. This must have been the thought process of Nespresso when they made Nespresso Bukeela for its Pure Origin line since it is made with a blend of beans from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. The Bukeela comes in a black box with bronze detailing on it and a bronze graphic on the side of an African Acacia tree. Each box has ten capsules in it, with each box selling for $7.20. This means five boxes, fifty capsules, could be purchased for $36.

Once you have the box, it is very easy to open, taking very little effort. Also, with the boxes’ sleek and compact design, it is very easy to store and takes up very little room. As an added benefit, the capsules that the coffee comes in are made out of aluminum which ensures that the coffee will maintain its flavor and freshness. Additionally, those aluminum capsules are designed to be 100% recyclable, so it is a great buy for anyone looking for eco-friendly packaging with their coffee because aluminum its self is 100% recyclable. Each capsule will make 3.70 oz lungo.

Coffee Origins:

As boasted by Nespresso on their website, Nespresso Bukeela is made from “Ethiopian Arabicas from Sidama and other Western regions are hand-picked to create Bukeela ka Ethiopia. Treated differently, the Sidamo beans are washed and naturally sundried on raised African drying beds while Western regions Arabica as there, water is more scarce are un-washed and naturally processed.”

Key Specs:

  • Roast: Medium
  • Flavor: fresh, floral
  • Intensity: 3/13
  • Quantity: 5 grams
  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Range: Pure Origin Grand Cru
  • Beverages: lungo (3.70 oz)
  • Price: $0.72 per capsule


This coffee has a very distinct and unique aroma to it. The Nespresso Bukeela is a surprisingly fresh and floral Pure Origin Lungo. As you take in the aroma of it, it will slowly reveal unexpectedly wild notes of wood and even musk. The aroma of this coffee is perfect for a late in the day coffee as a way to begin to wind down.


Nespresso, on their website, recommends making the Bukeela by using the Lungo setting in order to experience all full floral notes that it has to offer. In regards to its flavor, the Bukeela has the taste of a floral bouquet with hints of jasmine, white lily, orange blossom, and bergamot with some notes of wood. The Nespresso Bukeela is a “pure Arabica blend composed of two very different coffees coming from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. The blend’s coffees are roasted separately: one portion short and dark to guarantee the body, the other light but longer to preserve the delicate notes.”

The Nespresso website also recommends to add a dash of milk to the coffee to bring out the “smoother caramelized notes” found within. We followed that advice but ended up trying the Nespresso Bukeela both ways. When making the Nespresso Bukeela Lungo without any milk this coffee ended up having an exceptionally graceful and light flavor. However, while this coffee lacks in its strength, it is made up for with the incredible background notes which are, as advertised, faintly floral.

Additionally, adding a dash of milk to the Nespresso Bukeela lungo does in fact give the coffee a much sweeter profile in its flavor. However, the coffee still feels a bit too weak for experienced coffee enthusiasts who may be expecting something bolder. The general lightness of Bukeela lends it better as a coffee to be enjoyed in the late afternoon as a way to wind down from a long day, rather than as a coffee to had in the early morning to wake you up.


Nespresso Bukeela has a rather low intensity, with a rating of only 3 out of 13. While experienced coffee drinkers may find the intensity of the Bukeela to be too weak, more novice drinkers who are looking to learn more about the world of coffee may find themselves enjoying it.


The Nespresso Bukeela pairs well with something light. Because of its low intensity and lights flavors, drinking this with anything too strong can risk drowning out Bukeela’s flavors. because of this, it is best paired with a lazy afternoon reading a book or chatting with friends, trying to destress after a long day, or with a small light snack.

What We Like About The Bukeela:

  • We love the pleasant aroma, which makes this coffee perfect for helping calm down after a long and stressful day.
  • We also love the light flavor, which can be a very nice introduction to the world of coffee to a newcomer.

What We Don’t Like About The Bukeela:

  • More experienced coffee drinkers may not fully enjoy it because of the low intensity mentioned above. If buy it, it might end up sitting in your cabinet for a while until a not as experienced drinker comes over for a visit.

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