Nespresso Capriccio Review

Green Pods Nespresso Capricco coffee capsule review

Just like not everything is what it looks like at first glance, some cups of coffee can prove to have much more flavor than you’d assume at first; and the Nespresso Capriccio is a great example of this.

Released around 2009 as part of Nespresso’s OriginalLine selection these cups retail for roughly 70 cents and come in packs of 10 capsules. The light roast and ow intensity it offers would make one think that it’s a very light coffee cup, but the bean selection ultimately results in a complex flavor profile that packs a heavier punch than what Nespresso advertises.

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Coffee Origins

The Capriccio is made out of a combination of South American and African coffee beans, more specifically Arabica beans from Brazil and Robusta beans from Central Africa, both of which are lightly roasted which contributes to the perception that this is a light beverage.

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, and they provide roughly one-third of all the coffee in the world. Their Arabica plantations are recognized for their high altitude and their beans are known for their cereal flavor and slight but everpresent acidity which results in a layered flavor.

Coffee production in Central Africa on the other hand peaked in the 1990s and has only dropped ever since. Currently, they exclusively export Robusta beans cultivated in select areas over 3,500 feet in altitude. These beans are known for their earthy and bitter tones which results in considerable contrast with the lighter Arabica beans favored in the USA.

Key Specs

  • Roast: Light
  • Flavor: Cereal, Acidic.
  • Intensity: 5/13
  • Quantity: 5 grams
  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Range: OriginalLine
  • Beverages: Espresso
  • Price: $0.70 per capsule


While the Nespresso Capriccio doesn’t have a particularly overpowering aroma it does offer an interesting aromatic profile that isn’t often seen in a light roast light intensity cup.

The Capriccio stands out for all its earthy scents. the Arabica provides a cereal or almost nutty aroma that makes the cup feel much more roasted than it is. The Robusta likewise offers even more earthy tones and a very light hint of bitterness if you pay close attention to it. As such while the cup might not be deeply roasted it does offer an aromatic profile that is much stronger than you’d expect out of a light cup.


If the aroma of the Capriccio is already a complex one to decipher its actual taste doesn’t fall too far behind. The Nespresso Capriccio overall feels very dry, and despite the low intensity, the natural flavor of the beans is strong and easily identifiable. The nut and cereal tones make most of the experience and every sip will feel rather heavy and leave a surprisingly strong lingering aftertaste.

After the first few sips, the acidic tones of the Brazilian Arabica become more apparent and it will provide a considerable contrast from the dry and earthy flavor of the brew. However, despite the abundance of flavors, the drink itself doesn’t taste a lot like caffeine.


With an intensity of 5, the Capriccio is a rather light experience, and in fact, it has one of the lowest intensity ratings on the Nespresso OriginalLine. It is however important to note that while the intensity and roasting might be light the beans do offer a strong flavor profile. So even if the Capriccio is generally seen as a light blend, the flavor might still result overpowering for those who prefer a silky and light beverage.

What we like about the Nespresso Capriccio

  • Thanks to its low intensity the natural flavors of the beans really come through, and it’s very easy to tell apart the rich flavors of the beans used in this cup.
  • The acidity in the drink keeps the cereal flavors from becoming overpowering, and as a whole, the drink offers a rich drinking experience from start to end.

What we don’t like about the Nespresso Capriccio

  • While the Arabica and Robusta selection do offer a considerable contrast, the clash between the natural acidity of Brazilian beans and the bitter tones of the Central African beans might not be for everybody.
  • The Capriccio sits at an awkward middle point. Its intensity won’t be enough to satisfy fans of strong coffees, but its flavor profile can be very overpowering for people who prefer a light drink.

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