Nespresso Cocoa Truffle Review (The Best Barista Creation?)

Coffee is part of my morning routine – it keeps me geared up for the day. Out of the three Nespresso OriginalLine creations, I find cocoa truffle to be the strongest. It features a balanced combination of cocoa and coffee. Of course, you might argue that I enjoy this coffee because I love chocolate but I also have a sweet tooth for vanilla. Cocoa Truffle delivers a decent cup of espresso with a pleasant aftertaste.

These Nespresso capsules are part of the espresso original range and provide you with a serving of 1.35oz on top of the traditional beverage. They are made of recycled aluminum to protect the freshness and aromas over time. I find this as the perfect coffee for an afternoon or evening treat.


For this Arabica coffee blend, you’re enjoying the finest South American coffee. It features Columbian and Brazilian Bourbon Arabica. What’s more, the cocoa flavor rounds out the blend to bring out a velvety taste of roasted coffee aroma.

To ensure you get a high-quality cup of joe, the coffee beans are harvested late in the growing season. And because this coffee is grown at a high altitude, you get a robust toasted flavor and complex taste.

Since cocoa truffle highlights a different roasting process, you get the most enduring coffee experiences in OriginalLine. Columbia is arguably one of the best coffee exporters across the globe.

Key specs

  • Roast: light roast (2/6)
  • Flavor: chocolate-flavored(cocoa and cereal)
  • Intensity: 6/13
  • Quantity: 5g of roast and ground coffee
  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Range: OriginalLine
  • Beverages: espresso and ristretto
  • Price: $0.87 per capsule


Cocoa Truffle delivers a rich chocolate aroma that you’ve been looking for. Once you try the capsule, you’ll fill your home with the scent of the finest chocolate, thanks to the delectable cocoa. I love the undeniably uplifting spirit without the guilt of taking those extra calories. These Capsules are all they’re cracked up to be.


The flavor mimics the malted cereal note common in a base espresso. In addition, the vibrant dark cocoa flavor brings the richness of the luxurious dark chocolate truffles. To ensure the cereal notes remain intact, the Columbian coffee beans get a short roast while the Brazilian coffee is lightly roasted. A fine grid adds a glimmer of intensity to bring out a harmonious taste.  

Honestly, I have tried other Nespresso capsules, but the cocoa truffle one is incredible. There’s no need to add sugar or milk. The full-bodied flavor reminds me of my favorite chocolate. Some find the flavors more subtle with milk, but the cocoa taste sticks around after you finish the cup.

Since the coffee takes inspiration from indulgent desserts, you can elevate your flavored coffee moments into decadent creations. And the presence of South American Arabica creates a rich character and preserves a light acidity. Keep in mind that the light roasting process preserves the integrity of your coffee.

If you’re searching for the best flavor at a fair price, you should try Cocoa Truffle capsules. They can work with any OriginalLine machine.


The fine grind adds a glimmer of intensity to bring out a harmonious taste. It’s perfect for people who like their coffee with a mix of bold and mellow. For an even stronger taste, the capsule can be made as a 1.35oz espresso. Of course, the distinctive cereal notes are suitable for breakfast coffee drinkers.  

The Cocoa truffle is the perfect jumpstart to your day and offers the finesse of OriginalLine coffees.

An intensity of 6/13 means that the capsule is suitable for those who prefer coffees between light and strong flavor.

But here is the thing – cocoa truffle capsules should be served with a specific amount of water. This ensures you get the perfect cup of espresso. Also, the capsules are for single use. Anything more than that results in minimal flavor.

The intensity of the capsule is determined by the duration and temperature of the roasting process.


I pair the coffee with a chocolate croissant or enjoy it for breakfast as a macchiato.  

What we like about the Nespresso Cocoa Truffle

  • Dairy-free
  • The capsules are fully recyclable
  • Perfect for espresso lovers who like to keep things mild
  • Smooth and rich taste
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines
  • The coffee capsules consist of natural and unique espresso
  • Being a light coffee, you don’t have to add sugar or milk to it

What we don’t like about the Nespresso Cocoa Truffle

  • Cocoa truffle capsules OriginalLine are not compatible with VertuoLine machines
  • A bit expensive compared to other capsules in the market

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