Nespresso Dulsao Review (Full Guide)

Nespresso Dulsao is among the fewest flavors that can be considered a “breakfast” coffee because it has notes of fruit and honey that lend themselves well to breakfast food. Even though its aroma and taste profile are very similar to other Nespresso’s fruity flavored coffees, this one does not have as strong an acidity level. It’s worth trying if you’re looking for a milder coffee with hints of fruitiness.

Coffee Origins

Dulsao is a blend of coffee from Brazil, Bolivia, and Colombia. Generally, these are the major countries where the green coffee beans used in Nespresso Dulsao are sourced from, but these are farmed all over Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Tasting Notes & Aroma

When you open the box, what you will smell are notes of grapefruit coming from the hops as a result of the roasting process. Furthermore, the taste from this Pale Ale gives you that grapefruit flavor and has a hint of citrusy-ness, almost lemon-like flavor. There’s a gentle bitterness in the aftertaste to provide it with a nice clean finish and won’t leave your mouth-puckering.

When brewed, this coffee produces a fruity aroma that lingers in the nose and an earthy flavor reminiscent of the blueberry muffin. If you’ve never had a blueberry muffin, well…you can imagine what it tastes like.

Furthermore, this is not one of those coffees where the fruit comes out overbearing and brittle, but more so in a blend, that enhances the original taste profile of this coffee. The tartness you get from the grapes gives way to a nicely balanced sweetness.

Flavor Profile

To begin, you’ll notice that this is not an overly floral coffee. Dulsao has a lemony-ness to it, but it’s pretty subtle. It doesn’t really make its presence known until after you swallow, where you might get the faintest of floral hints, which mixes well with the fruity notes found in this blend.

You’ll taste the grapefruit right off the bat, even before you swallow it. This is complemented by the maltiness, which is more of a light graham-like flavor than anything else. You can also get hints of cocoa and caramel, but these are difficult to detect on their own because they’re so subtle.

Intensity & Acidity

The acidity level in this coffee is bright green apple acidity that isn’t quite as tart or pucker-worthy. It’s just the right amount of acidic brightness to balance well with the sweetness in this blend. There’s a hint of grapefruit flavor in the aftertaste, but it never overpowers, nor does it leave your mouth-puckering.

Pairings & Pairing Suggestions

This is a good coffee for breakfast and pairs well with food, too. Its fruit notes in the flavor profile go well with cinnamon toast or pancakes topped off with some honey. Nespresso Dulsao also works excellently as an iced coffee upon adding some sugar and milk to make it creamy.

Nespresso Dulsao can also be a go-to coffee when making tacos or Mexican-inspired food. You can rub the meat with some salt and pepper, cumin and garlic before cooking it. Then you can add in some bell peppers, onion, and olives to make a really lovely taco filling that pairs well with this coffee.

As for dessert, Dulsao does pair well with chocolate cake or even pot de creme, a custard dessert. Generally, Dulsao brings out notes of honey and a smooth, balanced acidity blending it well with either of the deserts.

What We Like About The Nespresso Dulsao

  • There’s a good level of acidity balancing the sweetness in this blend.
  • You get hints of grapefruit and citrus flavors in the aftertaste that’s not at all bitter or pucker-worthy.
  • The fruit notes blend well with the roasted coffee and enhance the original taste profile without overpowering it.
  • A well-rounded flavor that works well as a blend and on its own, too.

What We Didn’t Like About The Nespresso Dulsao

  • You can expect a mellow fruitiness that doesn’t leave a lasting impression
  • Less impact, a bit of complexity and depth in the flavor
  • There’s no mild or decaf option for this selection


Overall, Dulsao is a lovely fruit-flavored blend for those who like the lighter side of fruity coffees. Moreover, it’s not too complex, nor does it leave a lasting impression on the tongue. If you’re looking for an adventurous cup of joe, Dulsao definitely delivers notes of honey and grapefruit, making this coffee work well with breakfast food, desserts, and even tacos.

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