Nespresso Indriya Review (Our Complete Review)

While Indian Coffee hasn’t traditionally made a huge impact in the American market, there is one reliable option in the market for those looking to experience a different kind of coffee. Originally released in 2011 for their Nespresso Grands Cru Lineup the Nespresso Indriya provides coffee aficionados with a 25ml cup that combines the traditional flavor of Indian coffee with strong spices like nutmeg, pepper, and cloves.

Currently available as part of the Master Origin lineup every box of Nespresso Indriya comes with 10 Nespresso Pods and can be bought for roughly 7 to 8 dollars. Nespresso lists the recommended price for the Indirva as $0.72 per pod, but the actual cost might vary based on your local availability.

Coffee Origins

The Nespresso Indriya is made from a blend of Arabica and Robusta grown in Southern India. Indian Robusta is particularly famous for its intensity, which provides its beans with an intense and bitter flavor that makes Indian blends considerably stronger than the average. While this flavor might not be as known in America yet, Indian Robusta has a solid reputation around the world and is particularly favored by Europeans. Indian Robusta has been the favored pick of Italians for over three decades, in a country where Robusta itself is held to very high standards.

Key Specs

  • Roast: Split Roasting
  • Flavor: Bitter and Spicy
  • Intensity: 10/13
  • Quantity: 5 grams
  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Range: OriginalLine – Master Origins
  • Beverages: espresso, lungo
  • Price: $0.72 per capsule


The aromatic profile of the Nespresso Indriya can be a complex one due to the wide abundance of ingredients in each pod. Since the beans were split roasted both the Arabica and Robusta were roasted to the perfect point, which shows on the powerful and intense aroma that appears as soon as you brew the cup. The Nespresso Indriya has a very strong bitter aroma once it first pours out, but this changes as it cools down.

After the first impression, the added spices start to become more notorious. the cloves and touch of cocoa provide the Indriya with a second aromatic layer that feels slightly woody. The combination of strong coffee and aromatic spices can be an overpowering one if you prefer softer blends, but it definitely leaves a strong impression as soon as it’s brewed.


The first thing that you notice once you take a sip of the Indriya is its dark roast. The Robusta is the strongest presence on the cup, and the first sip feels dark and powerful. However, the rest of the blend goes a long way to ensure the Indriya is more than a dark and intense cup of coffee.

The cloves are the second flavor you’ll notice thanks to their unique herbal flavor, but there is a hint of sweetness thanks to the nutmeg and cocoa. As a whole, the Indriya leaves you with a strong first impact that makes the added spices stand out more. There is a fine balance in the brew and while the high intensity and varied spices could be overpowering on their own there’s no denying that they were carefully selected to complement each other.


At 10 out of 13, there is no denying that the Indriya packs a strong punch. The main flavor in this cup is the Robusta, which is already the more bitter and intense out of the two beans. And on top of that, it’s readily apparent that the Robusta has been well roasted.

The Nespresso Indriya is best for people who already consume intense blends and are okay with a thick and heavy flavor that will overpower your mouth. That said while the coffee itself is intense it is important to note that the spices add to the overall composition. The first sip will be particularly overpowering, but the spices contrast the intensity of the brew, and this blend can be an interesting alternative for coffee aficionados who are looking to try more intense options.

What we like about the Nespresso Indriya

  • It’s an affordable way to try out Indian coffee, which has a history of quality and excellence despite its relative scarcity in our market.
  • The blend is incredibly well-thought-out and every spice complements the inherent intensity of the Robusta.
  • One of the most interesting and complex flavors you’ll find on a Nespresso cup.

What we don’t like about the Nespresso Indriya

  • The Indriya is not a cup fit for all palates. While it’s flavor combination is undoubtedly interesting, the strong flavors from both the spices and Robusta means that fans of light espressos won’t be pleased by the Indriya.

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