Nespresso Master Origins – Colombia (2021 Review)

Picking coffees with exotic flavors ensures that you enjoy every single cup, and that must be why Nespresso created the Nespresso Colombia. The Colombia comes in a black box with a burgundy field detailing. There are also graphics of workers on the box. There are ten capsules in each box, and you can buy five boxes for $36.00 in popular online stores.

You can easily open the box, which we love about this series of coffees. It is also easy to store. The coffee capsules are made of aluminum which ensures that your coffee retains its flavor and freshness. The aluminum capsules are also highly recyclable if you are looking for eco-friendly packaging. That is because aluminum is 100% recyclable. Each capsule produces 1.35oz of espresso and 3.70oz lungo.

Coffee Origins

Nespresso Colombia is made with late-harvest Arabica coffee beans from Colombia. The beans are organically grown, with careful attention to sustainability. Although people harvest their arabica coffee immediately when it ripens, when farmers wait for longer, you get a coffee with gently piercing acidity and winey fruity aroma. As you consider this coffee, remember that Colombia is a top global exporter of coffee and has been for the last 200 years.

Key Specs

Roast: medium

Flavor: winey, red fruit

Intensity: 6/13

Quantity: 5 grams

Brand:  Nespresso

Range: OriginalLine – Master Origins

Beverages: espresso, lungo

Price: $0.72 per capsule


This coffee has a distinct winey aroma that you will love in the morning. It is essential to mention that although the aroma is unique, it is not overpowering, which is perfect in the kitchen in the morning.


Taking your first sip of Nespresso Colombia is a revelation. We found that the flavors were supremely balanced so that the sharp acidity was not overpowering. The coffee has a winey aroma that makes you want more with every sip that you take. Each 5gm capsule contains medium roast ground coffee with an above-average intensity and is very smooth.

In this coffee, Nespresso went for balance above all else. It is excellent even for people who do not like fruit flavors. The combination of blackcurrant and red berries flavors makes this coffee fruity, but its acidity balances out the fruit flavors. You will notice a red wine aftertaste that we found amazing. This balance of flavors makes this coffee exotic and sophisticated.


Nespresso Colombia is of medium intensity, which means it is perfect for espresso drinkers and people trying it for the first time. It is smooth and rich, which means each capsule creates a very satisfying cup of espresso.


The Nespresso Colombia coffee is perfect for breakfast, breaks and is an excellent choice if you are spending the afternoon with a few friends. It works perfectly with savory and sweet breakfast dishes, and you can even have it with dark chocolate.

What We Like About The Colombia

  • We love the balance in the flavors, which makes this coffee perfect for any occasion.
  • It has an excellent Colombian aroma, and every cup has a sophisticated and exotic taste.

What We Don’t Like About The Colombia

  • This flavor is a little weak. We reckon this is great when you extract two capsules for a single beverage, but just wish we didn’t have to spend the extra money to do so.

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