Nespresso Master Origins – Ethiopia (2021 Review)

Do you enjoy drinking concentrated coffee? If so, then Nespresso India is the coffee for you. Though it was released in 2020 and is still new in the market, it is popular among those who like strong coffee. The capsule offers an intensity of 11 and has a woody and spicy flavor and a salt after-taste. Here is a look at the Nespresso India Review.

The Nespresso India capsule has 5 grams of roasted and ground coffee to make 1.35 oz cup or 3.70 oz lungo. The capsule cost $ 0.68. It comes in a rectangular box that features Greenfield and workers, and one pack has ten capsules that means that you will have to buy the pack for $0.68.

Coffee Origin

The Nespresso India is hand-harvested and selected mainly from Karnataka. This is a single state that is found in the southern part of India. The Arabic and the robust coffee is washed and processed to give users a great coffee taste with light chocolate notes. The roasting done on the Nespresso India is known as spit roasting. This is where one part of the beans is roasted for a short time to give a light shade, and it also helps highlight the delicate flavors in the coffee. The other part is slow-roasted for a short time to bring the dark shade and add body and intensity. It is both these blends that give the coffee an excellent taste and makes it unique.

Key Specs

Intensity: 11/13

Aroma: Cocoa and dry plant notes

Content: 5 grams of roast and ground coffee

Brand: Nespresso

Range: OriginalLine Master Origins

Price:  $0.72 USD per capsules

Beverages: Espresso 1.35 oz

Flavors: Smooth honey texture with sweet with cereal notes

The Aroma

Since it has a vigorous intensity, you should be ready to smell the wood and spicy coffee smell before you taste it. However, if you like coffee, this should not be a problem. When it comes to taste the coffee, you should be ready for the bitter taste. The Nespresso India is bitter and leaves a tangy taste behind. It is best taken when it is hot if you do not want to have the bitter taste lingering in your mouth. But if you like the bitterness of the coffee, then you can take the product when it is cold.

The Taste

Though Nespresso India is bitter, it is not bad to the mouth; it is only more pungent in taste compared to other coffee products. When you add milk to Nespresso India, it will give you a creamy feeling that will blend well with the bitter taste that you get. The best part is that it has a low level of acidity. For those who take coffee to be alert, this is an excellent option for the product to be concentrated and is bound to leave you alert.

What We Like About Nespresso India

  • It has a strong and district smell and taste.
  • It’s the boldest and most intense master origins coffee.
  • The India has very low acid. This means, even though it’s such an intense coffee, it wont overwhelm your palate or leave you with an upset stomach.

What We Do Not Like About Nespresso India

  • It can be too bitter for those who do not like the bitterness in the coffee.                                                                            

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