Nespresso Master Origins – Ethiopia (2021 Review)

If you are looking for coffee that brings excellent flavors into your home, then the Ethiopian Nespresso is a great choice. The Ethiopian Nespresso comes in a black box with orange detailing that gives it a touch of luxury, class, and sophistication. The packaging also features graphics of workers.

The Ethiopian Nespresso capsules are orange in color, and there are 10 in each box. The box is easy to open, which is good. You can close it after use and store it in your cabinets easily. Each container of 10 capsules costs $4.10 and makes 1.35oz of espresso and 3.70 oz of lungo. The company uses aluminum packaging because it is highly recyclable, meaning it is good for the environment.

Coffee Origins

The coffee used in the Ethiopian Nespresso is sourced in the East African country of Ethiopia. Farmers in Ethiopia use traditional growing methods and sundry the Arabica coffee beans. Farmers use hand-turning to ensure that the coffee dries evenly, which gives it its natural flavor. An interesting fact to remember as you consider this coffee is that Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee.

Key Specs

Roast: light

Flavor: orange blossom, fruity

Intensity: 4/13

Quantity: 5 grams

Brand:  Nespresso

Range: OriginalLine Master Origins

Beverages: espresso, lungo

Price: $0.72 per capsule


Nespresso Ethiopia has an orange blossom aroma coupled with jammy notes. These combined beautifully with its flavors to make a perfect cup of coffee.


This coffee will probably stand out for you as it stood out for us. The capsule contains 5 grams of ground roast coffee and offers a light roast to which we attribute its soft body and light intensity. It has an aromatic profile that is both exotic and familiar. The coffee has a citrusy flavor and light wine notes.

Due to the traditional production methods, this coffee combines both light fruity notes with the more exotic notes of Ethiopian coffee. It is essential to mention the citrusy taste stays with you making it very memorable. That does not mean that it has an unpleasant aftertaste, though.


The coffee has a light intensity which makes it a perfect cup for most people. In this coffee, Nespresso was looking to create a coffee that would be a crowd-pleaser and cater to their female clientele. The coffee is soft-bodied, so it is a great choice for a first-time coffee drinker. It is smooth and is excellent for any time of the day.

If you love your espressos, you may find it too citrusy, though. That said, lovers of Nespresso Indonesia will enjoy the Ethiopian flavor too. You can pair it with savoury and spicy foods and fruity breakfast dishes.

What We Like About The Ethiopia

  • This coffee brings a winey, aromatic flavor, perfect for social gatherings and parties in your home.
  • It has a memorable flavor that will cause your taste buds to sing.
  • It is light and low-intensity, making it a perfect African coffee to pair with spicy and savory foods.

What We Don’t Like About The Ethiopia

  • The coffee is too citrusy for the morning for us, but if you love citrus, you will love this coffee.

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