Nespresso Master Origins – Indonesia (2021 Review)

Are you a coffee capsule lover in pursuit of a different Nespresso flour to your bucket list? Here is the Nespresso Indonesia review to guide you in your quest to quench your thirst of geographical espresso flavors.

Coffee Origin

The Indonesian Master Crafted Single Origin Grand Cru Nespresso is a flavor made from 100% wet-hulled Arabica beans originally from Sumatra, Indonesia. Additionally, coffee lovers can brew this statement coffee into Lungo and Espresso flavors. Ooh, did we also mention Indonesian coffee masters prefer hulling their coffee when the coffee beans are still damp? This explains why their Grand Cru Nespresso flavor has a wild, aromatic and velvety texture.

Key Specs

  • Intensity:8/13
  • Flavor: Woody, tobacco, velvety
  • Content: 5 grams of roasted and ground coffee
  • Brand: Nespresso
  • OriginalLine – Master Origins
  • Roast: 4/5
  • Price per capsule: 41p or $ 0.72 USD
  • Beverages: espresso: Lungo (3.70 oz), espresso (1.34 oz)
  • Flavors: Sweet cereal notes and Smooth – honey texture

The Aroma

Typically, the human body’s appetite canals tend to open upon the registering of sweet aromas. Automatically, the hormone dopamine is released for the body to register satisfaction upon eating. Coffee aroma is no exception. Besides, the aroma of the Indonesian Master Crafted Single Origin Grand Cru from is light and Nutty.

Like the flavor encompassed in Malta is Indonesia’s Nespresso capsule. Additionally, you could easily mistake Indonesia’s Indonesian Grand Cru’s aroma for that of a buttered toast. Trying this flavor opens doors to an outdoors-rich aroma in your espresso or lungo cup.

Indonesian Grand Cru’s Taste

Indonesia’s Nespresso tastes range from bitter to salty, bitter, rough, and sharp. Moreover, these tastes are all favorable, reminding you of life in an outdoor type of environment. Furthermore, you will feel a thick and creamy flavor on your tongue coupled with a solid lingering bitter taste, making it a unique flavor.

Indonesian Master Origin Coffee Pairing

You can enjoy Indonesian Grand Cru anywhere regardless of the occasion. Below are some of the tips and considerations to make when enjoying your cup of Indonesian Crafted Master Grand Cru.


You should go for something powerful. Dark chocolate always carries the day since incorporating your cup of Indonesian Grand Cru with anything too sweet will overpower capsule’s flavor.


Indonesian Grand Cru has a unique rich flavor for revitalizing your brain. For this reason, its intake is best-fit during the occasional coffee breaks and not the starter drink for the day.

The Packaging

The Indonesian Master Crafted Single Origin Grand Cru comes in a state-of-the-art black rectangular box showcasing a blue field and a group of workers. Inside the holder box are 10 blue capsules evenly aligned and arranged with an inventory mood for a coffee hour.


While you might have had various impressions about Indonesian Grand Cru, what if we challenge you to try a few sleeves of the capsules? Besides, you will never know its compelling character, which gave it its statement name “Mater Crafted,” until you taste it. Try this wet-hulled type of espresso and update your coffee list of flavors!

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