Nespresso Master Origins Nicaragua (2021 Review)

Nespresso coffee has thrived because the company has offered users a simple way of making coffee at home. They also ensure that they have made various coffee products to meet the different taste buds of their clients. Here is a Nespresso Nicaragua Review.

Nespresso Nicaragua was first introduced in 2003, and it has become one of the top Nespresso brands, and for a good reason. The coffee is blended using lack Honeyed Nicaraguan coffee. During the drying process, part of the cherry is left on the coffee bean to give the coffee a full body. It is the sweet finish that has made this one of the best coffee brands in the market.

The product is packaged using 80% aluminum to prevent air or moisture from getting into the pods. Thus, it helps in protecting the freshness of the aromas. In addition, most of the aluminum used by the company to package the product is recycled. One pod is used to make 40ML espresso in cup size or 110 ML express in Lungo. One capsule cost $ 0.82, but since it is packed in a sleeve pack, you will get the packet at $8.20.

Nespresso Nicaragua Coffee Origin

The coffee is made using the Arabica coffee cherry. The production process of the Nicaragua Nespresso coffee is similar to all other coffee products where the seeds are left to dry. But what makes Nicaragua unique is that almost all the sticky mucilage is left hanging on the coffee bean. In addition, these beans are not left to sit; they are raked and rotated to ensure that only good flavor develops.

Key Specs

Intensity: 5/13

Content: 5 grams of roast and ground coffee

Brand: Nespresso

Range: OriginaLine Master Origins

Roast: 2/5

Price per Capsule: $ 0.72 USD

Beverages: Espresso Lango 110ml; Espresso 40ml

Flavors: Smooth honey texture with sweet with cereal notes

The Aroma

The sweet, malt, and acid-like aroma is the one distinct feature that stands out when brewing this coffee. These three aroma blends make you almost want to grab your cup even before the brewing is over. It is the way that the aroma creates the appetite of coffee that makes you go back again and again for this sweet-bitter tasting beverage.

The Flavor

The coffee has a sweet taste, making it an excellent option for those who do not enjoy taking bitter coffee. When you first taste the Nespresso Nicaragua, you might overlook the cherry fruit taste, but the coffee has been made in such a way that the fruitiness of the coffee is tardy. The cherry is an excellent addition to the product since it is not sour as one might think. Thus, it helps in making this beverage sweet and fruity. The coffee is excellent by itself, but for those who like adding an extra product to their coffee, there are various recipes that they can try.

What We Like About Nespresso Nicaragua

  • The potent sweetness (think honey or golden syrup) is something we really enjoyed about this capsules.

What We Don’t Like About Nespresso Nicaragua

  • We didn’t really find anything that is not to like about this product.

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