Nespresso Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada (2021 Review)

If you have been looking for coffee with a fruity aroma to excite your taste buds, we found a great one just for you; Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada. Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada comes in a black box with gold detailing that seems to spill from the large sun graphic. The golden colors coupled with the black give the packaging a touch of elegance and class. One box contains ten capsules of Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada. The capsules are silver in color, with the words cumplida refinada in red.

Each pod contains five grams of ground roast coffee and can make 1.35oz of espresso and 3.70oz of lungo. One pod costs $0.80, and the entire box often retails for $8-9.00. The capsules are made with aluminum which shows Nespresso’s commitment to environmental conservation. Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and the company provides bags to put the empty capsules for recycling. When your recycling bag is full, you can drop it off at a Nespresso partner store or boutique.

Coffee Origins

Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada is made with Arabica coffee grown in Matalgalpacone in Nicaragua. It is the same place where the coffee used in Nespresso Nicaragua is sourced. With this coffee, unlike its predecessor, Nespresso wanted to create a unique fermented coffee for its clientele. After harvesting, the coffee undergoes a specialized fermentation process. This process employs natural yeasts, time, and temperature to create a distinctive red fruit flavor.

Key Specs

Roast: medium

Flavor: fruity, cherry, pomegranate

Intensity: 5/13

Quantity: 5 grams

Brand:  Nespresso

Range: OriginalLine Master Origins

Beverages: espresso, lungo

Price: $0.72 per capsule


Nespresso Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada has a fruity aroma that is delicate and not overpowering.


If you are looking for a unique flavor for your coffee, you will love the Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada capsules. Each capsule contains 5 grams of medium roast ground coffee. The coffee has a distinct flavor that will excite your taste buds and fade away slowly.

The production method is what makes this coffee so different from Nespresso Nicaragua. You will notice notes of cherry and pomegranate, making it very fruity. That said, in this case, the fruit helps mellow out the espresso without overpowering it, which gives your coffee a great flavor.


Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada is a medium-intensity coffee, which makes it perfect for espresso drinkers and those trying it for the first time. You will notice the fruit flavors when you taste it, and it leaves a soft and zingy aftertaste. It is a smooth, soft-bodied coffee that can be enjoyed in the morning or the afternoon.


You will love Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada in the morning for breakfast. Make sure that you have it with a muffin or any other breakfast food. You can also serve it after dinner with a fruit tart, for instance.

What we like about the Nespresso

  • The fruit flavors are not overpowering, and they give the coffee great taste and aroma.

What we don’t like about the Nespresso

  • The Nespresso Nicaragua la cumplida refinada is a limited edition coffee. We loved it so much and would love to keep enjoying it.

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