Nespresso Vanilla Éclair Review

I can’t kick-start my day without the morning cup of coffee and my latest obsession is the Nespresso OriginalLine Barista Creations range.

It offers a range of flavors inspired by classic favorites and one that caught my immediate attention is the Vanilla Éclair. As a true coffee lover, I have learned that the trick to enjoying coffee is to take it as pure as possible – without sugar or milk – and the vanilla eclair lets you do that while still yielding a delicious dessert treat!

Vanilla Éclair gives a real classic coffee aroma. It contains 99% ground coffee, and while there’s no sugar or milk added, there’s a very small amount of natural vanilla flavoring based on Nespresso’s secret recipe.

If you’re looking for luxurious self-indulgence, you can try it as a cappuccino. The taste of sweet almond notes will satiate your taste buds. I find this a healthier option since I can enjoy a sweet treat without anything naughty. For this capsule, the vanilla flavor mellows out to get a rich velvety taste of coffee aromas.

Vanilla Éclair capsules are made from aluminum to retain freshness and are 100% recyclable.

Coffee Origins

This is a barista creation that blends into Latin American Arabica espresso. The base blend is the Columbian and Brazilian Arabica coffee, known for the malted cereal notes and smooth taste. At its core, the Brazilian coffee is lightly roasted while the Columbian coffee beans feature a short roast. The fine grind adds glimmer intensity to this harmonious coffee.

With this Arabica coffee blend, you can be sure to enjoy vanilla flavor mellows. The beans are organically grown with observable results.

Key Specs

  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Range: Barista Creations
  • Roast: light roast
  • Flavor: vanilla and cereal, creamy sweetnesss.
  • Intensity: 6/13
  • Quantity: 5g (per capsule)
  • Price: $0.75 (per capsule)


Vanilla Éclair features a light and sweet flavor that feels like you’re drinking a milkshake. The light notes of vanilla will give your espresso a softer taste. If you want to take your taste buds to the next level, you can try it as a cappuccino. You’ll love the creamy taste.

At first, I found the taste to be neither sweet nor bitter. Then, I found adding just a small amount of milk or sugar really makes this capsule pop! And, as the name of the capsule implies, it’s more than just vanilla.

Like other Nespresso capsules, you can drink with milk or without. When I need an afternoon pickup, I add my favorite milk to create a creamy eclair latte. Milk with a high natural sugar content like sweetened almond milk, or full fat cows milk makes an excellent match as the sugar amplifies the vanilla taste in the capsule.

But what I like most is the aftertaste. It gives a slightly sweet vanilla taste and the need for more. This is by far the most satisfying Nespresso capsule I have ever tried.


This flavored malted cereal gives a smooth mouthfeel and reminds me of an eclair. The aroma is malted cereal and warming vanilla – its Nespresso barista signature creations.

Vanilla Éclair capsules allow you to enjoy an authentic coffee experience. It has its distinct character and aroma, with or without milk.

There is a slight ‘baked treats’ smell which is so very difficult to put your finger on, but clearly lets you know this flavor is more than just the vanilla.


The medium intensity (6/13) means that you can create a satisfying cup of espresso. If you’re trying for the first time, you may want to add some milk. This is what I make for my friends during those impromptu visits.

If you enjoy having medium intensity in your morning cup of Joe, the Vanilla Éclair capsules will provide you with a more enjoyable experience. Nespresso recommends one cup per capsule for optimal taste and texture. A larger cup size can result in unbalanced flavor extraction.

If you’re looking for a medium-intensity capsule to satisfy casual drinkers and espresso fanatics, Vanilla Éclair is certainly the winner.


This capsule is good with a croissant if you prepare it as a cappuccino. It also goes together with dark chocolate. Trust me, after you try this pairing, you’ll never want any other coffee drink. This coffee is great for breakfast and further morning cups.

What we liked about the Nespresso Vanilla Éclair

  • The capsules are made from recycled aluminum which forms the perfect barrier to humidity and light. This means your coffee maintains the aroma and freshness.
  • It’s lightly roasted to keep it smooth
  • Great for sweet tooths!
  • The flavors are not very strong and overpowering
  • Has balanced aromatic notes

What we didn’t like about the Nespresso Vanilla Éclair

  • The flavor is very mild until you add milk or sugar.
  • Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines

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