Nespresso Vertuo Double Espresso Chiaro Review

I like to kick-start my morning with a cup of Joe. But one shot of espresso is never enough. With a Double Espresso Chiaro, I get two espresso shots in one single-serve capsule. And as you’d guess – it’s strong and gives a balanced taste. I also use it as an afternoon pick-me-up. If you’re looking for Nespresso capsules to replicate your traditional coffee drinks, you can’t go wrong with the double espresso Chiaro.

The aluminum capsules are fully recyclable to guarantee freshness and fulfill the commitment to protect the environment. Since the double espresso brews 2.7oz, your serving doubles as a single espresso coffee. Can it get better than that?

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Coffee origins

Double Espresso Chiaro features the central and South American Arabicas. The aromatic potential of the beans promises a harmonious balance after adding milk. To develop the inviting taste of Chiaro, the blend is split roast at low temperature for a moderate amount of time. This is enough to give inherent sweetness.

Since this capsule only contains Arabica coffee, the caffeine isn’t too high. I love the creamy caramel and sweet biscuit notes.

With Chiaro, the quality doesn’t happen by chance. It starts with the selection of high-quality beans that are crafted with care by farmers who work with coffee experts.

Key Details

Roast: Medium Roast

Flavor: Mild

Aroma: woody and earthy notes

Intensity: 5

Quantity: 2.7 Oz

Brand: Nespresso

Range: VertuoLine – Double Espresso

Price: $1 per capsule


This coffee reveals a range of earthy and woody notes. It also gives notes of caramel and a nice creamy texture. Being a split roasted blend, I like to add milk. It further enhances the cocoa notes.

Some of the coffee is washed while others are dry-processed. These two distinct processes give the coffee distinct aromatic profiles. Also, the short and intense roasts of both coffees don’t hind the earthy aromas.


This coffee unveils the taste of caramel and sweet biscuit notes. It’s like indulging in a sweet cappuccino. And because it features very little roast flavor, there’s no acidity or bitterness. What I like most about this coffee is that one can use the capsule twice. The only difference is that the second cup will be a little weaker than the first one – but will still taste great. With milk alone, the prominent notes of caramel jump to the fore, and the creamy texture develops.

To ensure you get the right flavor in the cup, the ideal brewing time for a double espresso is 20 to 30 seconds. Also, you should adapt to brewing parameters like extraction volume and rotation speed. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a strong espresso flavor that goes down smoothly. Interestingly, the double shot comes in one capsule.

The double espresso Chiaro is very indulgent as a latte and gives a nice creamy texture. It doesn’t contain any preservatives or added sugar.


The intensity of Double Espresso Chiaro is 5. This rating means that the coffee is light. Also, this blend gives more flavors since it undergoes a shorter and lighter roasting process. It becomes exceptionally smooth when combined with milk. If you’re too busy to tote an entire coffee around, this capsule is more efficient than two shots of espresso. And it doesn’t go down quickly.

The capsule is designed to fill up more of the cup with the same extraction process. Not to mention, the dark roast is less acidic than the medium roast. Double Espresso Chiaro has a slightly adjusted intensity number that keeps in line with other superior capsules. I will definitely buy these again.


To bring out the hints of caramel, I like to pair the coffee with dark chocolate. The rich, deep flavor gives a well-rounded and smooth mouthfeel. My mornings just got better.

If you want to finish your meal with a bang, you can take the coffee as the last course. It’s also a refreshing alternative when you can take it as an iced coffee.

What we like about Double Espresso Chiaro

  • The strong balanced flavor beats that of Starbucks and satisfies any craving of any coffee size
  • It’s made of 85% aluminum, the perfect barrier for oxygen and light
  • The capsules can be used with the Nespresso Vertuo Machine
  • Double espresso yields 2.7oz (as opposed to 1.35 oz. for a standard espresso)

What we don’t like about Double Espresso Chiaro

  • The flavor is weak if you use the same capsules for the second beverage

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