Nespresso VertuoLine Arondio Review

Introduction Nespresso Arondio

Arondio is a lovely coffee made from Colombian Arabicas and Guatemalan Robusta, Arondio is a medium roasted blend having cereal notes and a slight but subtle acidity. The acidity appears to be just what the Arondio needs as it brings alive a mild coffee, that can be drunk either with or without milk, a perfect way to start your day.

Arondio Description

The Nespresso Arondio review states that the blend has distinct cereal notes, due to the washed Colombian Arabicas blended with the unwashed Guatemalan Robusta. Bean which lends a slight acidity to the Arondio Nespresso. The Arabica beans are grown in an ideal climate in Columbia and are hand-picked before being processed and sent to Switzerland to be processed into the best Nespresso Arondio coffee pods.

Your Nespresso pods are premeasured with the right amount of coffee, and once inserted into the machine are pierced, releasing the true depth of flavor. The Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed in aluminum, and the brewed coffee will allow you a 6 oz cup or 150-180 MLS. Nespresso more recently introduced a new system The Vertuo Line system to appeal to those wanting a larger serving of coffee. There are 25 VertuoLine capsules available. The Nespresso Arondio review will give most coffee drinkers exactly what they are looking for, either with or without the milk.


The high pressure that the capsule is pierced at enhances the cereal note of the Arondio when brewing, and true coffee lovers will appreciate the distinctive and subtle acidity that can be softened further with a dash of milk. The aroma is always fresh and enticing, as it wafts through the air.


Complex in flavor, with an underlying intensity it is a split roasted coffee, and the cereal note at first seems dominant and then you notice the slight acidity accentuating the full character contained in the blend.

Many of us want the best Lattes and Cappuccinos. If you have a Nespresso machine with a milk frother you can make coffee that is of a very high standard. All it really takes is the best Nespresso pods, try Arondio, for Lattes and Cappuccinos, the results will surprise you.


This is a coffee that has an intensity of six, in some ways more intense than Fortado, but the good news is that you can still drink a large mug of it, as it lends itself to different preparation methods. If you have decided that you prefer your coffee black, you will still be able to drink your Arondio straight, as the undertone cereal flavor is perfection in the mornings, making it the right breakfast coffee for many.

Nespresso is a part of the Nestle Group based in Switzerland, Nespresso is a premium-priced coffee. Once you have a Nespresso machine, the pods are pre-measured and when inserted into the machine, are pierced. Water is then forced against a heating element at pressure warming the amount required for a single cup. So totally convenient and easy when making a cup of coffee.

The Nespresso Arondio can be slightly acidic and from experience, a dash of cream or milk appears to take away the acidity allowing the flavor to stay on the palette, and it is more full-bodied than other coffees having a true depth of flavor. Many of us look for this depth and haven’t always been able to find it until now.

What We Like About Nespresso Arondio Review

  • Arondio is the perfect morning coffee, offering a medium roast blend ideal to start the day.
  • It makes an excellent base for a cappuccino.
  • Easy to make, no waste.
  • It is always fresh, as the  capsules are ordered online

What We Don’t Like About the Nespresso Arondio

  • They do appear to be a premium price, but when you offset this with the fact that there is absolutely no waste, it makes it the perfect product.


Most of us like it all. as the Vertuo Line system appears to have met a need in the market to provide a larger serving of coffee and the Nespresso Arondio review shows that this need has been met, and being able to order fresh coffee online is always a bonus.

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