Nespresso VertuoLine Double Espresso Scuro Review

Whether you are looking to beat the morning rush hour traffic or are simply trying to make it before the breakfast menu gets flipped over, nothing motivates us to get out of bed like a good cup of coffee. Since there are days when a single espresso shot or a regular cup of joe is not enough, the Double Espresso Scuro provides a rich and flavorful taste that can help jumpstart your day and make mornings better.

If you are one of the countless espresso lovers who feel that the taste and smell of caffeine in the AM is second to none, then you should read on as we take a sip and review the Double Espresso Scuro.

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Double Espresso Scuro: All You Need To Know

By combining the rich flavors of Central American Robusta and the calming touch of Arabica beans, the Double Espresso Scuro offers a bold yet balanced taste that brings a delightful cocoa blend with citrus notes and creamy textures. Enriched with the essence of dark cocoa and subtle vanilla notes, adding a little milk to this blend’s smoky character enhances its rich cocoa aroma that makes even the most manic mornings bearable. Known to deliver quite a punch, this amazingly tasty double espresso combines the delectable tastes of Robusta beans from Guatemala and the luxurious flavors of the Costa Rica-produced Arabica, resulting in an exquisite and satisfying aroma that any coffee aficionado would truly savor and love.

As a portion of this awesome double shot coffee being decaffeinated, the caffeine content in every cup of this espresso is maintained at manageable yet satisfactory levels which makes it suitable for consumption at any time of the day. Boasting a level 11 coffee intensity, the Double Espresso Scuro ensures that you get the jolt that you require in the morning, all while providing the coffee flavors that you desire. While such rankings are typically based on the coffee’s bitterness, concentration, body, and degree of roasting, these espresso pods can effortlessly give you a powerful and distinctive coffee experience as they blend well with drinks prepared with milk such as a double espresso latte or a double cappuccino.

Roasted in two splits, both the Arabica and Robusta beans are brewed separately for them to get a full roast. Not only does it enhance the strong cocoa note that gives the Double Espresso Scuro its smoky character, but it also makes a cup more full-bodied and intense which allows it to deliver a double punch.

The Verdict

While every coffee lover has their own defined tastes and preferences when it comes to their drink, being able to prepare a premium cup of coffee at home allows us to indulge ourselves at least from time to time. Since its preparation process is designed to extract all the beans’ juices and antioxidants, the Double Espresso Scuro is safe and beneficial to our health as long as you don’t drink too much. Made from nothing but the best coffee beans, its rich flavor tells how delicately each bean was hand-picked and processed as it produces flavors that are absolutely unique.

Delivering a mean, dark-roast cup of coffee, this remarkable double shot espresso uses sustainably sourced and excellently roasted coffee beans to ensure that you sip a bold and adequately caffeinated blend that doubles the caffeine content of your average cup without being too bitter or acidic. Incredibly potent and is sufficiently packed with caffeine concentration, this dark roast is flavorful and well-balanced and comes with tasty vanilla and cocoa notes for a surprisingly smooth finish.

While it may not be the ideal blend for those who are caffeine-sensitive, these pods should be on any coffee lover’s list as it easily nails the aroma, intensity, and flavor requirement that allow it to contend as one of the best everyday pick-me-up drink.


Described by many as a high-octane coffee, this go-to blend is made from a mix of beans that resulted in a deep, dark, and robust flavor that most of us can’t resist drinking first thing in the morning. With a bold yet perfectly balanced flavor, as well as a delightful and smooth finish, the Double Espresso Scuro will no doubt leave you wide awake and longing for another sip.

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