Nespresso VertuoLine Fortado Review

Fortado is an intense coffee made from only Arabica varieties. Nespresso makes the blend using Indian Robusta, South American, and Central American Arabica. allowing Fortado to have a bitter cocoa flavor combined with oak wood on the palette. Many people find that this is a perfect morning Nespresso coffee, as it helps you to wake up and start the day feeling alert and clear-headed.

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Fortado Description

Fortado is a strong coffee, and the layer of oak wood adds richness to the full-bodied flavor. If you add a dash of milk, it enhances the underlying cocoa flavor.

Nespresso is a part of the Nestle Group based in Switzerland, Nespresso is a premium-priced coffee. If you have a Nespresso machine, the pods are pre-measured and once inserted into the machine, are pierced. Water is then forced against a heating element at pressure warming the amount required for a single cup. So totally convenient and easy when making a cup of coffee.

The Fortado Nespresso can be slightly bitter, and from experience, a dash of cream or milk appears to take away the bitterness allowing the cocoa flavor to stay on the palette, and it is much richer than other coffees having a true depth of flavor.

The Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed in aluminum, and the brewed coffee will allow you a 6 oz cup or 150-180 MLS. Nespresso more recently introduced a new system The Vertuo Line system to appeal to those wanting a larger serving of coffee. There are 25 VertuoLine capsules available. The Nespresso Fortado Review will give most strong coffee drinkers exactly what they are looking for, either with or without the milk.


One of the nicest things about Fortado is its aroma, and once you have brewed your cup it stays in the air seeming to rise in slightly chocolaty steam. This is far nicer than any filtered coffee, and there is something about the process that elevates the product redolent of an hour in the Lindt cafe.


Really intense when drunk black, but perfect and chocolaty with the addition of milk. The Barista said that almond milk improves it further helping to release the chocolaty flavor. Some of us now have coffee tasting groups so that we can benefit from new flavors and blends. Some of the group preferred the Fortado black and said it was just the intensity that they were looking for from the Arabica beans.


If you are a coffee drinker looking for intensity, you probably already know that Ristretto is the strongest most intense espresso capsule. Not everyone can drink such intense coffee, and Fortado has been rated third or fourth in intensity and is quite intense enough for the average coffee drinker, who feels that Fortado is a much more enjoyable intensity due to the undertaste of cocoa.

What We Like About The Nespresso Fortado

  • Fortado flavor allows you to drink a larger cup of it when compared to Ristretto where a short shot is enough.
  • It lends itself to different ways of having it, an Italian friend adds half a cup of steamed milk to Fortado, too milky for most coffee purists, but it does taste great, a bit like cappuccino.
  • The capsules are always fresh.
  • Can be ordered online
  • Makes a lovely rich after-dinner coffee
  • Highly aromatic

It is very difficult to have a favorite Nespresso pod, as you just become really hooked on one and a better one comes along. The absolute freshness of the capsules is such a bonus, and I realize in the past many of us were drinking stale coffee.

The Arabic beans really make a statement, and the oak wood, usually found in wine is inspirational in that it adds depth to the coffee.

What we Don’t Like About Nespresso Fortado

  • It is a premium coffee price and we always need more.


The coffee has improved enormously over the past ten years, and just to have that aroma and flavor associated with freshness makes it all worthwhile, and ordering online means that it is delivered to the door quite quickly following order. Fortado makes a welcome change from some of the milder coffees, and if you find it too intense just add more boiling water or milk.

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