Nespresso VertuoLine Inizio Review

The Nespresso Inizio review is a pleasure because this has become a firm favorite morning coffee being both smooth and full-bodied.

It is an excellent fragrance to wake up to and appears to have consistency not found in other blends.

The blend is all East African Arabica making it very aromatic as it wafts through the air, and one cup is never enough.

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Origin and Roast

The blend consists of lightly roasted Ethiopian beans together with a Kenyan coffee medium roast to release the flavors and add the body to the Inizio. The Kenyan Arabica brings a slight touch of acidity to the finished coffee. The brewing process reveals a good crema making the coffee richer on the palette.

Nespresso Inizio Review Aroma

Your Inizio capsules come in a pack of 10, with the capsule made of aluminum to protect the coffee from light and humidity. Aluminum is a perfect barrier to keep the oxygen away from the coffee, as once it is exposed to the air it starts to break down the qualities making it less fresh, and the aluminum will keep it dry and aromatic. The capsule is 80% recyclable when you have finished using it.

When you are ordering you will want to buy a large amount, as coffee is going up in price due to world shortages, and African droughts.

The Flavor

The split roast works well for this overall medium roast coffee, and a lot of trouble has been taken to keep the florals intact. personally, I did not feel the touch of acidity that accompanies the blend and found it medium rich and smooth. It is very drinkable and leaves you wanting more as the day goes on.


The intensity is quite consistent, with the medium roast making it velvety and smooth. The blend is consistent with intact flavors that match it to whatever you eat for breakfast or lunch. For those of us that can’t live without coffee, it makes the perfect morning cup.

What we Like about doing a Nespresso Inizio

  • The Nespresso Inizio is highly drinkable, and having the capsules makes it so very easy to make.
  • The juicy blend of East African Arabicas is both rich and creamy.
  • You can drink this coffee either black or with a dash of milk or cream, and the flavor remains unaffected.
  • Even when it gets cold, it maintains its flavor, and when you leave it sitting the flavor continues to improve.


There is nothing about Nespresso Inizio that I don’t like, as the blend appears to be one of the better coffees. For those of us who love African Arabicas, the Nespresso team seems to have found the right balance not too strong and not too mild, with a better than usual crema.

The aromatic profile is beautifully balanced and they talk about floral notes, that are faintly there. Sometimes the aroma, when brewing it fills the house, creating a sense of warmth and comfort while wafting through the air.

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