Nespresso Volluto Review (Our Complete Review)

The Arabica coffee from Columbia and Brazil gives Nespresso Volluto a true sense of harmony. It’s grown in respect of the local traditions.

With a 4/13 Intensity rating, I can take a couple of cups without getting wired. Besides the moderate intensity, it manages to have a strong taste. Coffee enthusiasts enjoy the subtle blend, which is both fruity and bitter at the same time.

Volluto comes in a standard rectangle Nespresso box that contains 10 capsules. They are made of recycled aluminum which acts as the perfect barrier for oxygen, humidity, and light. This preserves the aroma and freshness of the coffee. Volluto is a good choice for those who like to be acquainted with Nespresso.

Coffee Origins

It’s easy to tell when the Brazilian coffee is ready for harvest – the cherries are bright red. If they turn black, you’ve waited for too long. The timing is one of the reasons why the coffee tastes so good. Keep in mind that Brazil has large plantations, so a machine is used for harvesting. The cherries are sorted out to weed out the green ones.

Volluto also draws its characteristics from Columbia. This is a result of the harmony between weather conditions, soil, and attitude.

The freshly harvested Brazilian beans feature a sharp note when left alone for several months. And because the coffee is protected from the naturally occurring skin, you get a mild and biscuity Volluto coffee. This is an integral part of producing it.

Nespresso Volluto was the first coffee to be produced by the AAA sustainable quality program in 2003. This makes it one of the oldest Nespresso’s Grand Cru coffees.


  • Roast: light
  • Flavor: sweet and biscuity
  • Intensity: 4/13
  • Quantity: 5 grams of ground coffee
  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Beverages: espresso (1.35 oz.)
  • Price: $0.7 per capsule ($7 sleeve of 10)
  • Coffee Origins

Nespresso Volluto is a combination of Arabica coffee from Columbia and Brazil. The naturally-processed Brazilian coffee gives a balanced profile, while the rest of the composition consists of Arabica coffee from the Columbian mountains. For this blend, these fast regions add contrasting notes.

Our impression of the Volluto


Nespresso Volluto features a mellow taste and balanced fruity acidity aroma. The natural Brazilian Arabica coffee turns the cereal notes into a sweet biscuit. Not to mention, the washed Arabica from Columbia brings red fruit notes to the blend.

Nespresso Volluto comforts like the smell of oven-baked brioche and gives a full-bodied balance when you add milk. It has similar aromatic profile with Vienna Linizio Lungo, Cosi, Capriccio, and Volluto Decaffeinato.


The capsules are lightly roasted to preserve the fruity notes of Columbian coffee and the biscuity note of Brazilian Arabica – not too long, not too hot. Furthermore, these capsules come out as elegantly balanced and rounded espresso.


Volluto is reinforced to fruity notes – this can be likened to irresistible perfumes that enliven the blend. It’s suitable for those people who want elegantly balanced espresso. The generous aroma of Columbian and Brazilian Arabica strike graceful harmony in this espresso. Once I pump hot water into the capsule, I get a rich foamy layer that forms part of the aromatic profile.


What I like most about Volluto is that it’s delightedly scented, so I can have a couple of cups to kick start my day. The light intensity allows all the finesse to be expressed in every cup.


You can drink Nespresso Volluto every day. Because of its light and fruity taste, it goes well with Italian Biscotti. Also, it can be a great addition to your breakfast, or you can take it after lunch. The distinct notes and strong roasted flavor of capsules allow them to stand strong next to the addition of steamed milk. Every time my friends come to the house, they will ask for Nespresso Volluto.


The taste of Volluto is reinforced by a little acidity and fruity notes. It appears to be more intense based on the number given by Nespresso. The after-taste is dry and slim. This can be the perfect alternative for those who like to offer a variety to their guests.

What we like about Nespresso Volluto

  • The fruity notes are perfectly balanced
  • The light roasting preserves the taste of fresh Brazilian and Columbian coffee
  • The capsules are made using recycled aluminum which retains the aroma and protects the freshness
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere
  • The coffee is from AAA certified farms

What we don’t like about Nespresso Volluto

  • Not a budget-friendly alternative – since the flavor is weak, you may have to use two capsules for a single cup.

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