Should You Drink Nespresso Before A Workout?

Drinking coffee is a brilliant way to kick-start your day. However, is it a suitable pre-workout?

Generally, an extra boost of energy does a lot of good for your workout. With many options in the market being expensive, and with a dubious ingredient list, coffee has gained favor as one of the most reliable pre-workout drinks. Coffee is high in caffeine and low in cost, making it an ideal effective beverage to enhance exercise performance.

Should I drink a Nespresso before a workout? The short answer is yes. Coffee is a cheap and reliable energy boost. It’s also a safe and relatively healthy option. Nespresso is like any other coffee, except it’s super quick, always tasty, and you know exactly what you get in each capsules.

Below is a comprehensive guide on whether or not you should drink Nespresso before a workout.

How Long Before a Workout should I have a Nespresso?

Coffee can be a superb pre-workout, but only if you drink it at the right time. While your local supplement store is likely to stock lots of fancy pre-workout powders to get you going, you can get the same type of benefit from a simple Nespresso cup.

The primary ingredient in all pre-workouts is caffeine.

However, timing is key if you need to feel its effect. Within seconds of your first sip, you are likely to feel a slight buzz. This does not necessarily mean it has fully worked its way into your bloodstream.

Caffeine has a half-life of 4-6 hours, and a peak toxisity of roughly 30-60minutes. This means you want to wait around 30-60 minutes before working out, and the effects will begin to dwindle over the next 4 hours.

How do I get the most out of my Nespresso?

If you are looking to hit the gym when the caffeine is at its strongest, aim to drink your Nespresso roughly 45 minutes before working out. Maximum caffeine concentration hits at roughly 45 minutes upon consumption.

How many Nespresso pods should you drink pre-workout?

According to Mayo Clinic, coffee has its perks, but it can cause complications too, especially if you exceed the recommended amount. But how much coffee is too much?

Experts recommend up to 400 milligrams (mg) daily for the average adult. This is roughly the amount of caffeine in four to six Nespresso pods. Caffeine content for all Nespresso pods ranges from 55 to 142 mg.

Therefore, Nespresso consumers are exposed to variable amounts of coffee. To determine how many Nespresso pods you should drink pre-workout, you need to be aware of the caffeine content of the pods you are using. That way, you can use the recommended caffeine amount (400mg) and the pod caffeine content to do the math and stay within your limits.

Read our comprehensive guide on Nespresso caffeine content here.

Is Nespresso Better Than A Regular Pre-Workout?

Nespresso and pre-workouts are excellent options before your workout routine. If you are using natural pre-workout products, coffee is considered a more potent option before a workout. However, there are multiple pre-workout products that are stronger than coffee. These pre-workout products also contain beneficial ingredients that provide added benefits.

Ultimately, both coffee and pre-workouts can help you achieve your goals in the gym. The choice often boils down to pricing and individual preferences. However, unlike a cup of Nespresso, pre-workout products comprise nitric oxide boosters, which assist in achieving a better pump and enhancing muscle growth.

Either of the two can be better than the other, depending on your needs and preferences.

Does Coffee Affect Muscle Gain?

There is a common misconception that a negative relationship exists between coffee and muscle gain. Coffee generally affects your mind and performance. It is not directly related to your muscles.

Essentially, coffee helps you stay alert during workouts, which is your number one gateway to building more muscles. On the other hand, consuming excess coffee before sleep keeps you awake most of the time. Unfortunately, lack of sufficient sleep interferes with muscle growth. Coffee usage is not directly tied to muscles, but it can affect your behavior, which is directly related to your muscles.

Does Coffee Affect Fat Loss?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, caffeine alone does not help you slim down. Although research about the link between coffee and fat loss is not definitive, there are a few theories about how coffee may affect your weight.

  • Caffeine provides appetite suppression. Drinking coffee may reduce the amount you eat and snack throughout the day, thereby decreasing how many calories you consume and leading to weight loss.
  • It provides energy for calorie burning. People who consume caffeine move more, and have an increased metabolism. This means coffee can help you lose weight if you don’t up your meal size.
  • Coffee by itself has almost no calories. On top of all this, coffee is a satiating zero calorie snack, as long as you don’t add high calorie additives like sugar, cream, or coffee creamer.

Generally, coffee keeps you awake and energized enough to engage in weight-loss activities but lacks a direct connection to fat loss.


Do you still want to drink a Nespresso before a workout? Coffee is not entirely wrong before working out. A cup of Nespresso should give you a burst of energy to help with your workout. However, moderation is key to avoid the side effects of excess coffee consumption. If you are not a fan of pre-workout products and would like to feel energized, try a cup of coffee to keep you focused.


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