What Is So Great About Nespresso – 17 reasons why you should switch to Nespresso

Take it from us, people can be very picky when it comes to coffee. But in today’s world where everything is accessible by pushing a button, why can’t we have perfect coffee every day in the comfort of our own home?

Nespresso have revolutionized the coffee industry with café quality coffee, packed into perfectly portioned capsules, and dispenses using the same espresso technology that cafes use. Although they no longer report financials, it’s estimated that Nespresso now make up around 25% of capsule coffee sales, making them now the biggest player in the market.

But, what is really so great about Nespresso? Here’s 17 reasons why Nespresso is the best capsule coffee solution on the market, and why you should consider making the switch to the Nespresso system.

1.   The easiest way to make coffee

Making coffee with Nespresso is quicker than instant coffee. All you have to do is pop in a Nespresso capsule and press one button to make your favorite coffee. And that is one of the biggest reasons why Nespresso is so popular in the world. Great coffee at the push of a button.

2.   Compact size

We like when things don’t take too much space, and for those people who have a very small kitchen, Nespresso is the way to go. Because it is so small and compact it can fit any space. Besides being small Nespresso is portable so you can enjoy your favorite coffee wherever you like.

3.   Beautiful looking

Nespresso is modernly designed without unnecessary mess with cords and buttons. And with a beautiful design, the Nespresso machine will add beauty to any space where you put it. You can also choose one of the many vibrant colors on offer – Or opt for the industrial styling of their stainless steel clad machines.

4.   Fast coffee

With Nespresso, you save so much time instead of waiting in long lines at coffee shops. You are saving time by skipping steps like measuring, grinding coffee beans, and tamping. If you can’t go to work in the morning without a cup of caffeine, then Nespresso is the perfect life hack for you.

5.   No mess

When making coffee with a Nespresso machine there is no mess. The pods that go in the machine are sealed separately so there is less cleaning and more enjoyment. And there is a separate spot for the used coffee pods so it easier to throw them later.

Worst case, you’ll need to wipe down the machine, and empty the capsule tray one a week.

6.   Affordable price

Commercial coffee machines, like the ones used in cafes cost thousands (sometimes over 10,000) dollars. The most cost effective Nespresso machine on Amazon can be delivered to your door for as little as $150 USD. And because all machines use the \ same capsules, you’ll get the same delicious coffee that you’d get even from their flagship machines. When you think of it this way, your coffee machine could pay itself off in only a few months!

7.   Variety of flavors

Coffee grinds come inside sealed packed pods or capsules. Each one with a specially designed blend of coffee to give it a unique flavor. There are now over 37 OriginalLine pods, and 25 VertuoLine pods – you can try them all and pick your favorite. Nespresso also sell variety packs which mix and match 10 different flavors which is great for when having guest around.

8.   Easy available coffee pods

You don’t have to worry about where to buy pods, you can find them from Nespresso boutiques to some regular everyday supermarkets. And if you don’t like going to the shops you can even find them online at Amazon with 1-day delivery.

9.   Energy efficient

Almost all Nespresso machines are eco-friendly. They have an auto-shutoff setting that allows you to save power, which means they actually use less power than you would for boiling the kettle for an instant coffee. You can read our full write up here on how much power a Nespresso machine used.

10.  Recyclable

Nespresso have improved in leaps and bounds in regard to their commitment to sustainability. They provide you free recycling bags for used coffee pods, and these bags can be dropped off at specific Nespresso locations to be recycled. You can also post them back to them, or drop them off at participating partner stores.

We’ve written a complete guide here to Nespresso recycling you can check out.  

11.  Easy to clean

In the old days, if you wanted to clean your Nespresso machine u would need to call the required specialist to come and take it apart for cleaning. But that is not the case today. If you keep it simple and clean while using it there will be no need for special cleaning. But when comes to that today you have everything you need on the go. There are special liquids and tools that can help you give proper cleaning to your Nespresso machine.

12.  Fail-proof coffee

It’s easy to have the same cup of espresso every time you want it. If you use the same capsule you will get the same cup of espresso every time you brew it. That is because Nespresso is pre-programmed to follow pressure, brewing time, quantity of water in espresso, water temperature, and much more. And you will have your favorite cup of coffee every time you make it without fail.

13.  Enjoy in personalized coffee

You can make your own personalized cup of coffee with Nespresso. And it’s not hard to make it with multiple choices. And when you find your favorite cup of coffee you can save it on the Nespresso machine just by few clicks. And every time that you want that specific cup of coffee you just need to click on that option.

14.  Serving good coffee to family and friends

There are always people around us that like to drink coffee, and with Nespresso, you can invite them and make them something that they like because Nespresso has a ton of variations for everybody.

15.  For latte and cappuccino lovers

If you don’t really like espresso but do espresso-based drinks there is stuff for you too. Everything you have to do is click some buttons and drinks are served.

which one to get and drink your espresso.

16.  Using 3rd party capsules

Nespresso’s patents expired in 2012 which has let competitors start making their own coffee capsules to the Nespresso specification. This means that even if you don’t like the high cost, or range of flavors, there’s a plethora of alternative capsule providers out there which you can try.

Support local, and see if there’s some locally manufactured Nespresso capsules. Also keep an eye out for people making compostable or biodegradable capsules, to limit the environmental impact of what are usually metal or plastic capsules.

17.  Using Reusable capsules

Finally, we know the ongoing cost of single serve coffee capsules is both bad for your wallet, and the environment.

Bonus. Espresso at home

And the final reason? Well it’s that you can enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your own home. Skip getting ready, putting pants on, and going out for a cup of coffee because you can get café quality coffee in the comfort of your own home

Those are just some of the reasons why should you buy a Nespresso machine, you and you’re loved ones are just one click away from enjoyment every day. Everything that is left for you is to choose

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