Why is my Caffitaly Coffee Machine Leaking? (A Step-By-Step Troubleshooting guide)

What’s an active and highly productive day without a shot of caffeine? And what’s the easiest way to have that without a cup of coffee? The Caffitaly coffee machine brings the art of coffee making to the comfort of your home, saving your time and energy. However, electronic appliances, over time, develop minor faults that can be fixed if the problem is identified and the solution set in motion.

One of the most common faults in your Caffitaly coffee machine is water leakage. Either clean water from the water tank, or mucky brown coffee water from somewhere else in the system!

There are several reasons why your Caffitaly coffee machine is leaking at the bottom, and sometimes, these reasons differ according to the specific model. In this article, we have done extensive research as to the causes of this problem, and the possible solutions. 

Possible Reasons for the Leakage of Your Caffitaly Coffee Machine

  1. Filled-up capsule drawer
  2. Wrongly positioned capsule drawer
  3. Cracked capsule seat
  4. Needs to be descaled
  5. Faulty water hose
  6. Coffee pot or water tank cracks

Below, we have put down a detailed troubleshoot technique on how to identify the specific leakage fault your caffitaly coffee machine has, and steps on how these faults can be fixed without necessarily breaking a bank, or getting a new machine altogether.

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How To Identify The Leakage in your Coffee Machine 

Locate where the leakage is coming from. If you notice the puddle of water underneath the machine, it is probably only a filled-up or wrongly positioned capsule drawer. However, if the leakage only occurs inside the machine, a thorough examination is needed, alongside descaling.

Once the problem has been identified, follow these processes to fix it, and avoid a recurrence.

Step 1: Filled up capsule drawer

If the capsule drawer of your Caffitaly coffee machine is filled, it results in a leakage underneath the machine. To solve this problem:

  • Take the tray out of the machine
  • Empty the tray and rinse it out.
  • Replace properly.

If you replace your drawer and still encounter the same issue, move on to step 2. 

Step 2: Wrongly positioned capsule drawer

This singular mistake could cause a puddle of water at the bottom of the machine. In fixing it:

  • Ensure the drawer is properly positioned exactly at the back of the drip tray. This is identical in all models of the Caffitaly coffee machine.
  • If a difficulty arises, consult the manual. 

If the first two steps offer no solution to the leakage, you should consider checking the interior of your coffee machine, without necessarily having to open it up. 

Step 3: Cracked Capsule Seat

A cracked capsule seat is a frequently arising problem in Caffitaly coffee machines, most especially the S14 model. The water leaks from the capsule drawer into the used capsule compartment. It occurs when the rinse capsule isn’t in place while pouring hot water into the system or while descaling. To check if this is the issue:

  • Run a finger on the front lip of the seat to locate and feel the crack. 
  • Look into the seat with a torch to confirm the crack.
  • Check your coffee for coffee grounds.

On the identification of this problem:

  • If it’s a crack, your machine should be taken out to a professional for repair. 
  • If it isn’t, check the capsules you use if they are compatible with the particular model of your Caffitaly machine.
  • There is a small irreplaceable tube in the capsule seat that cannot be replaced. If broken, a new Caffitaly has to be gotten. 

If the leakage isn’t from the capsule drawer into the capsule compartment, you should try out the 4th step.

Step 4: Needs To Be Descaled

Regular descaling is advised in the longevity of your caffitaly. In the preparation of coffee, naturally, there will be a build-up of minerals in the pipes. If it is not removed, it will lead to the blockage of the pipes, and subsequently,  leakage. Check the manual for the steps in descaling a Caffitaly coffee machine.

Important Things to Note In Descaling an S14 Caffitaly

  1. Wait till the indicator lights show orange, and the machine beeps three times.  
  2. Switch off the machine and ensure there is no capsule left in the machine.
  3. Ensure the rinse capsule is in place.

Step 5: Faulty water hose

A faulty water hose could arise when it is loose or made weak as a result of continuous exposure to heat. 

How To Tighten Water Hose

  1. Get a small screwdriver that can fit into the screws of your model.
  2. Remove the screws located at the base of your machine and remove the bottom.
  3. Tighten or replace the faulty hose.
  4. Replace the bottom using the removed screws.

Step 6: Cracks in Coffee Pots or Water Pot

While cleaning your coffee machine, it is possible that your water pot slips from your hands onto the floor. If used that way, it causes leakage while brewing. There is a spring and a small white stopper in the water tank. If they get dislodged, it will lead to a leak. Follow the following process to put it back in place for a Caffitaly K11-d, also applicable in the similar caffitaly models:

  • Put the stopper in the bottom tank, making the wider part below.
  • Hang the spring on the other narrow part of the stopper. Ensure it is in the middle of the bottom of the tank and the stopper. 
  • Place the washer from inside the tank on the stopper’s narrow end. 

If you tried all the steps above and leakage still occurs, do the following:

  • For an S14 with a good seal, ensure the tiny rubber seal near the capsule piercer isn’t out of position. You have to disassemble the machine to do this.
  • Examine the pump valve of the machine, and make sure it isn’t clogged.
  • Examine the seals at the bottom for defective seals.


A leaking Caffitaly coffee machine doesn’t necessarily imply purchasing a new one. Through a few troubleshooting steps, identifying the problem and repairing the damage are made easy for you. Now, you know exactly how to fix it without running to a professional. 

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