Why Is My Keurig Milk Not Frothing?

It’s frustrating when you wake up in the morning and try to make a glass of milk, but your Keurig isn’t frothing. Even the best coffee machines will break down at some point. If you cannot reverse the damage, you will be forced to replace the appliance. As a result, you have the option of repairing or replacing the Keurig machine. To understand what is wrong with your coffee machine, you must first become acquainted with everyday problems. You can also look into some repair options for this damage.

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Signs That Show Keurig Frother Is Not Working

Let us start by understanding some of the signs that show you that your Keurig Frother is not functioning well. Therefore, here are some signs that indicate your machine has a problem:

  • The frother will make it, so it doesn’t correctly start when you switch it on.
  • Their machine will make a beeping sound to show that it doesn’t work or you have not placed the frother correctly on the base. The beeping involves three consecutive short sounds.
  • There are flashing lights at the front of the Keurig Frother. These flashing lights indicate you are trying to carry out two processes simultaneously.

Problems and Troubleshooting When the Milk Is Not Frothing

So if you have a Keurig coffee machine that is not frothing your milk, we have some troubleshooting solutions. Therefore, what are some of these common issues?

1. Trying to Froth While Brewing

Sometimes you can be in a hurry and try to get a lot of tasks done simultaneously. When in a hurry, you will find people trying to froth the milk while the coffee is still brewing. The two processes coinciding are too much for your Keurig machine to handle. Therefore, the light of the frothier base is pulsing in and out.


You have to be patient and wait for the coffee to finish brewing. When the coffee is ready, your frothier will start frothing automatically.

2. You Have Not Covered the Frother with The Lid

Usually, people put the milk in the frother and cover it with a lead sheet. There are times when you may forget to cover your frother. The machine will not start frothing until you cover it with a lead.


You should cover your brother with a lead. The lead should also be precisely the one you bought with the ship.

3. You forgot to add milk

Everyone has been in a situation where they think their appliance is not working and think it’s a mechanical fault. Only to find that all you needed to do was include an extra item. In the same case here, the lights will flash if you run out of milk.


To solve this, you can add milk and continue frothing.

4. The Whisk Is Misplaced in The Frother

After cleaning or moving the machine, many people forget to check whether the whisk is in place. The lights also flicker when you have not placed the whisk properly in the frother.


Pour the milk in the frother into a container. Check whether the magnetic whisk is in place. If not, you can install it properly and then put the milk back in the machine and continue to frother.

5. The Frother Is Not Stable On the Base

You will find that the frother is not correctly seated on the machine’s base. That is mostly after moving or cleaning the machine. The frother will not function if placed perfectly, and the lights will continue flickering.


You should check the whole machine before putting the milk in the frother. You can also push the cup to the base to stabilize the device.

6. The Milk Is Above the Maximum Line

The frother will not work if you add more milk than it can handle. In most cases, the machine requires less milk than you would use to make a cup of coffee.


At that time, only prepare the cup of coffee that you need. Check the level of milk and pour in the excess.

7. The Whisk Has Gunked Up

As you clean other appliances like the microwave and the oven, remember that the frother also needs your attention. If you stay for long periods without cleaning, you will see guck forming around the whisk and other parts of the frother. Guck interferes with the magnetic force that the frother uses to prepare the milk.


It is safe to put the Keurig lid and whisk it in the dishwasher. Therefore, you should clean the cover and whisk it every time you use them. You can first soak it in warm soapy water if you use your hand. Then, you can scrub the guck with the brush and use a lint-free cloth to clean the whisk and lid.

8. Your Milk Could Be the Problem

Milk from various companies has different properties because of the ingredients. For example, the amount of protein and fat varies among other brands. If you have tried everything else mentioned above and your frother is not working, try switching the milk to find a brand that works with the Keurig Frother.


One single decision can save you from spending money to buy a new frother. You can switch your milk to another brand. Also, cold milk froths better than warm milk. Therefore, you can use cold milk or place the frother cup in the fridge before you froth the milk.

Final Thoughts

You can buy a coffee machine from various companies to make coffee and froth milk. However, with the growing number of coffee machines, it is difficult to determine which one is the highest quality. At the very least, you are aware that the Keurig Frother is of high quality, durable, and produces standard coffee. Therefore, keep on using what you know.

Finally, contact Keurig Frother if you’ve tried everything else and nothing works. The customer service phone number is available on their website. Keurig Frother has a dedicated team of trained and ready to assist you with any problem. If the problem is reversible, you can also ship the machine to the company for repair.

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