Why Is My Tassimo Coffee Machine Leaking – A Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Coffee is one of the most appreciated drinks by most people. And if you are among the many coffee enthusiasts out there, you cannot go to a coffee shop every time you want a cup to drink. That means buying your own coffee machine and brewing your coffee at home.

The Tassimo coffee machine allows you to enjoy your coffee at home by using one-serving-size coffee sachets. And even though it has been designed to allow quick use, some issues with the Tassimo machine can prevent you from enjoying your cup of coffee. What do you do when your coffee machine starts leaking?

In the article below, you get to learn the different types of Tassimo coffee machines and a step-by-step troubleshooting guide on how to handle a leaking Tassimo coffee machine.

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The Tassimo Coffee Machine Range

Tassimo Fidelia

The Tassimo Fidelia gives you coffee at the touch of a button. It is easy to operate, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drink, whether a cappuccino or a latte.

Tassimo My Way

One of the advantages of Tassimo My Way is that it allows you to set your temperature, intensity, and volume according to your preference. Pop your preferred drink pod in the machine, press start, and you will have your drink in a few minutes.

Tassimo Caddy

With the Tassimo Caddy, you can enjoy a variety of about 40 drinks from well-known brands. The machine has an intelibrew system that identifies the selected drink.  

Tassimo Vivy and Tassimo Vivy 2

Both are easy to use. With a press of a button, you get automatic drink preparation. Their compact design allows them not to take too much space, and you can also enjoy over 35 varieties of drinks. Cleaning is also easy, with some parts being dishwasher-proof.

Tassimo Suny

Enjoy over 50 drinks, such as costa latte, tasty Cadbury’s hot chocolate, and a cappuccino from the Tassimo Suny. It also has a stylish and sleek design that fits in various workplaces. On top of that, it auto cleans to ensure that each time you brew a drink, no two flavors are mixed.

Tassimo Joy

You can enjoy all your favorite drinks from favorite brands with the Tassimo Joy at just the touch of a button. There is also no taste transfer from the previous choice due to its auto-cleaning property.

Why Is My Tassimo Coffee Machine Leaking?

There are several reasons why your Tassimo coffee machine may be leaking. It is only after understanding these causes that you can be able to fix the issue and continue using your machine.

  • Machine needs descaling
  • A leak from the bottom
  • A leak from the flow unit on the cover

Machine Needs To Be Descaled

To extend the life of your Tassimo and enjoy the best flavors, you have to descale every 3 to 4 months or after a cycle of 400 cups. One of the advantages of Tassimo coffee machines is that they have an alert system in place that will blink if the machine needs descaling. To descale the coffee machine, you only need descaling tablets. You can find the tablets on Amazon and many other online sites or even at your local store.

Step by step process of descaling with tablets

  • Take the T-disk or service disk as you will need it later to start the coffee machine without having to prepare any drinks.
  • Fill the water tank with enough water. Each descaling tablet has instructions on the amount of water needed.
  • Pour the tablets into the water tank. They will dissolve themselves quickly.
  • Introduce the T-disk and start the machine.
  • Place a large container that will collect all the liquid with all the impurities

This process usually takes 15-20 minutes, and you might have to empty the container several times. Remember to clean the tank thoroughly before you start enjoying your coffee again.

Descaling Without Tablets

At times, you may not have the descaling tablets, and you need to clean the coffee machine. What happens then? You can descale the coffee machine using lemon juice or vinegar. The procedure is similar to the one explained above, but instead of pouring the tablets into the water tank, you will put the vinegar instead. However, this home remedy does not always work. Plus, if you use them frequently, the acid from lemon or vinegar can be counterproductive and only ruin your Tassimo coffee machine. To be safe, use the recommended Tassimo descaling tablets.

A Leak From The Bottom

There are three reasons why water can be leaking from the bottom of your coffee machine. It could either be an overfilled storage tank, a malfunctioning valve, or a full drip tray.

Overfilled Storage Tanks

Every coffee machine has a recommended amount of water that you need to put in before brewing the coffee. Even if you are serving a large group of people, never put more water than the required amount as that will only lead to an overflowing coffee machine.

Another issue that can arise with your water tank is if the seals at the base of the tank are worn out. To find out whether the problem is coming from there, fill the tank and see if there is any water leaking from below. For this, you will have to replace the seals.

Malfunctioning Valve

When you have a malfunctioning valve, you are likely to be caused by a leakage problem. To solve this issue, first, empty your hot water tank. You will then need to push the valve with a thinner object or your finger if it can get through. Check whether there is anything obstructing the passage of water. If so, clean the drain hole to resolve the problem.

Drip Tray Is Full

Although this may seem obvious, sometimes you might forget to empty your drip tray. After several coffee overflows, it will eventually start leaking. To fix the problem, simply remove the tray, empty it and rinse it in warm water.

Leak From The Flow Unit On The Cover

This type of leak can be caused by two things. It could be that the capsule piercing has not been placed properly, or the coffee maker jet and plunger are clogged.

Improper Capsule Piercing Fitting

These fittings may look like they are fitted correctly, but at times it is worth checking as that could be the problem. When they are not fully fitted, water will not be able to flow through them properly. That means it will come out from where it should not be, hence a leak.

Clogged Coffee Maker Jet And Plunger

Coffee residues can block the flow of coffee at times, which can lead to leaks. Check whether this is the cause by taking out the plunger and dismantling it. If there are some coffee residues left, soak it in warm water, then rinse it off.

What To Do If Your Coffee Machine Is Still Leaking

If you have tried the methods suggested above and your Tassimo coffee maker is still leaking, do not assume it is no longer useful. Also, do not attempt dismantling the machine by yourself if you do not know how to fix it.

You can return the machine to the manufacturer’s store and let a qualified professional fix it for you. If you feel that your machine has seen better days and it is time to get a new one, take the old one to a recycling center. They will know how to put the spare parts to good use.


Regular descaling and maintenance will increase the durability of your Tassimo coffee machine and ensure you enjoy the best coffee. Also, remember that the traditional descaling method of using vinegar is not recommended. Otherwise, you may cause irreparable damage to your machine. Descaling does not require you to dismantle the machine. A descaling tablet will do the trick. However, remember to dilute the tablet in water in the tank before you start running the machine.

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