Why Is The Light On My Tassimo Coffee Machine Flashing (Explained)

From the My Way collection of Tassimo Coffee Machines, such as the My Way Cream Coffee Machine and the My Way Mystical Black Coffee Machine, and the Happy Collection, Sumo Machine, and the Vivy Collection, Tassimo offers an affordable array of options when it comes to coffee pod machines to suit anyone’s tastes and preferences.

Why Listen To Us? Well, because we KNOW coffee! In fact, we make our own coffee, coffee machine cleaners, and reusable capsules which we've sold to over 41 countries. Our team ouf experts include Tristan (an engineer), Claire (a food writer) and Richy (a barista). So, whether you're looking for a recipe or repair guide, we've got you covered 💚

How to Use Tassimo Machines

Tassimo coffee machines are touted as easy to use to be able to brew your favorite hot drink, from hot chocolate to coffee or even tea.

First, you simply buy T-discs which are the Tassimo pods that are compatible with all of the versions of Tassimo Machines.

Place your mug or cup on the cup stand then press the on/off button after inserting your pod and your drink will be ready for you within seconds. It is a good idea to read the manual that comes with your machine before you start to use it. You can also refer to it for maintenance purposes.

Which Coffee Pods are Compatible with Tassimo Machines?

All of the official Tassimo coffee pods, called T-DISCs, are compatible with each one of the Tassimo machines. These pods come in a variety of different blends in hot drinks, including classic coffee, cappuccino, lattes, espresso, and even specialty coffees, including iced latte or cortado pods. You can also choose from a variety of different blends of tea or even a spicy Chai latte or hot chocolate.

Before We Start: Register Your Tassimo

Be sure to register your Tassimo coffee pod machine right after you purchase it to not only receive discounts on pod orders but also to register for your warranty. The machines are very reliable, though, so you probably won’t have to use the warranty, but below is a list of some of the meanings for when a light on your new Tassimo coffee machine is blinking. All Tassimo coffee machines sport an LED lights display that allows the machine to communicate its needs and status at any given point to you. The machines have three lights which include the status display or cup light, the water tank display, and the descale display.

7 Reasons Why The Light On Your Tassimo Machine Is Flashing:

No lights are on:

If your machine is not working and none of the LED lights are on, it can mean that your machine is in idle mode or that you are having some type of power issue. You should press the start/stop button to attempt to start the machine again. If that doesn’t work, check to ensure the machine has power to it then unplug it, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Hopefully, this resolves the issue.

The cup light is on and lit up red in color but your machine is not preparing your drink – Reason 1:

Be sure that you inserted a T-Disc which is the official coffee pod for Tassimo machines. if the pod is already in the machine, ensure that the machine has been turned on and the T-disc is inserted properly. another reason for this may be that you did not close the coffee machine properly or you need to clean the brewing unit with a damp, soft cloth.

The cup light is on and lit up red in color but your machine is not preparing your drink – Reason 2:

Another reason the light may be on but your machine is not working properly could be that the machine could not read the barcode on your coffee pod properly. Clean off the barcode scanner in your machine with a damp cloth then check the T-disc to make sure it is not damaged. Be sure the bar code is readable by smoothing out the foil on the T-disc with your finger to make it easier for the machine to read the barcode.

Red Cup Light is On:

If your machine sounds like it’s making your drink but there is nothing going in your cup, there may very well be an issue with your water tank. Check to see if the water tank is inserted correctly and if it is in the correct place, check the water float. If it is stuck, clean the water tank out to free the float. Do not remove the water tank while you are preparing your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.

Water Tank Light is On:

If the light for the tank and water tap lights up it means there is not enough water in the tank. Simply fill the tank with fresh cold water up to the maximum mark. You can then reinsert the water tank and be sure to check that it’s inserted correctly in the float is not stuck.

The descaling light is on:

worthy Calc or spray light is lit up red or begins to flash: the red light will mean that you need to descale your coffee machine. Normally that particular light is the bottom one with the spray icon or the one that is labeled Calc. you should descale the machine immediately when the red indicator light is on or begins to flash.

If multiple lights are flashing at once:

This may mean there is an issue with your machine. You can check each one individually depending on what it means and go from there or it could be a problem with your power supply.


If any of the above problems persist and you cannot remedy the situation on your own, you should call customer service immediately to help you figure out the issue.

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