Troubleshooting Your Pour

Leaking capsule:

If your coffee pod comes with a silicone o-ring, make sure it’s fitted correctly to the pod. Some of the older Caffitaly machines have a slightly larger mechanism, so you may need to try using two o-rings to improve the seal.


Watery pour:

This is usually caused by not tamping the coffee enough. If the coffee pours too fast (i.e. more than a regular, store bought capsule) tamp a little more the next time you try. If the pour is slow but your coffee is still watery, then you may be using coffee that’s too coarse.


Weak taste:

Check you’ve filled the pod as much as possible with coffee. When you tamp the grounds, it will compact and create a little more room in the capsule. You’ll want to top it up and give it another little tamp to cram as much coffee in there as possible.

Note: reusable pods have thicker walls than their single-use counterparts. This means they can’t fit quite as much coffee inside (we estimate around 0.5grams less).  


Blocked (little to no pour):

There are two reasons this could be happening.

1) The most common reason is that the coffee grind that is too fine. Many store bought, pre-ground coffee powders are supplied as ‘extra fine’ or an ‘espresso blend’. This blocks the filters on the pods, and when tamped is too fine for the water to pass through.

2) Over tamping. Try using a little less pressure when tamping.

Keep in mind, Nespresso or Caffitaly machines aren’t as powerful as commercial barista coffee machines.

How to use reusable coffee pods