How To Use A Reusable K Cup (Complete Guide)

Green Pods How To use reusable keurig k cups

Reusable cups are a convenient way to brew your coffee. They’re eco-friendly because you’re not discarding any pods after every use. Also, they allow you to save some of that money you might need down the line. 

Similar to using the Keurig disposable pods, filling and using the cups is simple. All you have to do is remove the attachment at the bottom and fill the filter basket with coffee grounds. Then place the pod into the brewer and brew. 

Carry on reading this guide to start using your Keurig reusable K-cup.

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What Is A Reusable K-Cup?

A reusable K-cup is a refillable filter used in a single-serve Keurig coffee. 

You fill it with the coffee of your choice and place it in your brewing device. 

Following this, you brew as you normally would when using disposable pods. 

Reusable Keurig capsule 3 pods
A 3pack of our Green Pods – Reusable K Cups

Why Should You Start Using One?

Buying and using a reusable cup is not another hype backed by a group of other coffee enthusiasts. The reasons below should shed some light on why you should start using them.

  • They offer value for money. Using reusable cups is cheaper than having to buy k-cups. You only have to focus on buying coffee beans. 
  • They’re an eco-friendly alternative to disposable capsules. 
  • You can have fun trying out a plethora of coffee beans – if that’s your thing.

What’s The Best Coffee For A Reusable K-Cup?

The coffee you fill into the reusable pods is a matter of preference. If you enjoy a medium or dark roast, you can use those without any limitations. Here’s everything you need to know about using your reusable cup.

1. The Type of coffee 

The best coffee depends on your preference. If you appreciate dark or light roast, then you can use that, as long as it’s not instant coffee. So, stock up on your favorite coffee beans, grind and fill your filter basket.

2. The grind size 

For even extraction of coffee compounds and flavor, we suggest you use medium-fine grounds. The grounds should resemble those found in the disposable pods. Doing so ensures you get an ideal cup with every brew. 

3. The Amount of Coffee 

Keurig recommends you fill the grounds to the max line. 

But you can adjust according to preference. For example, if you’re using a dark roast and can’t tolerate the strength, you can fill the filter halfway to brew your perfect drink.  

But never fill the grounds beyond the max line – you might clog the pod holder. 

How To Use A Keurig Reusable Cup (Step-By-Step Guide) 

As mentioned earlier in the post, using reusable cups is a simple task. Follow the steps below to start using yours. 

  1. Remove the gray adapter (bottom attachment) from the filter holder. (if you’re using the 2.0, leave it on)
  2. To detach the filter basket from the holder, turn it anti-clockwise. 
  3. Lift the basket and remove the lid.
  4. Fill the filter with coffee grounds to the max line.
    The Green Pods How to use your reusable keurig k cup step 1
  5. Attach the lid to the reusable capsule.
  6. Place the pod into the brewer. Ensure the white arrow is facing the back of the brewer.
    The Green Pods How to use your reusable keurig k cup step 2
  7. Lower the machine’s head.
    The Green Pods How to use your reusable keurig k cup step 3
  8. Press the button to brew.
    The Green Pods How to use your reusable keurig k cup step 4

How To Clean Your Reusable K-Cups 

Cleaning your reusable cup after every use prevents the accumulation of coffee residue that might carry over into your fresh brew. 

You can clean your cup by washing it with mild detergent and water, and then rinsing it thoroughly. 

Or you can wash it in your dishwashing machine (place it on the top rack). 

Troubleshooting: Why Won’t My Reusable K-Cup Work?

The universal reusable coffee filters are designed to work with all Keurig brewers. If you bought this type and it doesn’t work, remove the gray adapter (attachment at the bottom) so it fits into the brewer. 

If you bought another brand, then you probably bought the wrong size. When making the next purchase, check the size of your brewer to verify the cup size is compatible with your device.

Reusable K-Cup – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much coffee do you put in a Keurig reusable cup?

Keurig recommends you fill the reusable K-cup with coffee to the max. But also, this will depend on your preference. 

If you bought a dark roast, but are not a fan of the strength, try adding a small amount and adjust as desired. 

Never fill the grounds beyond the max line – you might clog the pod holder. 

Q2. Are reusable K-cups safe?

Reusable K-cups are safe to use. They’re made from BPA-free plastic which is less likely to leech. 


Using a Keurig reusable cup is not only the best step to ensuring you play your role toward saving the planet, but it’s also a great way to save on your much-needed cash. 

The cups are uncomplicated to use because all you have to do is to fill the filter with coffee grounds, and brew as you would the disposable pods. 

If you have your go-to coffee beans because you enjoy none of the disposable pods, buying these cups is worth the investment. 

Try Our Green Pods – Reusable K-Cups

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