Easy To Read Nespresso Caffeine Chart: 2024 Updated

The Green Pods Nespresso Caffeine Chart

Nespresso is considered the most popular capsule coffee solution worldwide, and the ‘original line‘ is their most widely adopted range. We wanted to find exactly how much caffeine is in a Nespresso pod so we could best replicate the character with our Green Pods.

This seemed like a simple question at first, however quickly became more complicated as we tried to dissect exactly what is contained in each cup of Nespresso coffee.  

In this article, we’ll share what we found, and the Nespresso caffeine chart we’ve put together that summarises all this information in one place 🙂

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So How Much Caffeine Is In A Nespresso Pod?

On average a Nespresso original capsule contains 73mg of Caffeine. The lowest caffeine capsule is the Cosi at 59mg, and the highest caffeine capsule is the Kazaar at 142mg. In general, the lungo capsules have slightly more caffeine than the espresso or ristretto. Vertuo capsules contain more caffeine and the largest Alto capsules have up to 195mg of caffeine.

Caffeine Content (mg)Nespresso Original CapsulesNespresso Vertuo Capsules
Lowest 59mg (Cosi)70mg (Half Caffeinato)
Highest 142mg (Kazaar)195mg (Intenso)
Summary of Nespresso capsule caffeine content excluding decaffeinato pods

Nespresso Caffeine Chart: All Flavors Included

We’ve put together the Nespresso caffeine chart below showing all the standard originalLine flavors and how much caffiene they have. It has all the standard range of flavors, only missing a few of the seasonal variants as these change too often and mean we’d have to keep making changes to the design!

I personally find this really helpful when trying to decide what coffee to buy or make, and how to fit that into my lifestyle (being mindful of my total caffeine consumption!)


Nespresso Caffeinee Table

Below is a table grouping each flavor by range so you can see the caffeine and intensity numbers side by side. As you’ll notice, there is a slight correlation there but they two are not directly linked.

The table is searchable (unlike the Nespresso caffeine chart) so hit Ctrl+F on your browser and search for your favorite Nespresso original flavor

FlavorNespresso RangeCaffeineIntensity
KazaarIspirazione Italiana142mg12
NapoliIspirazione Italiana109mg13
LivantoIspirazione Italiana64mg6
RomaIspirazione Italiana73mg8
ArpeggioIspirazione Italiana83mg9
RistrettoIspirazione Italiana75mg10
VeneziaIspirazione Italiana77mg8
Rio De Janiro EspressoWorld Explorations77mg9
Istanbul EspressoWorld Explorations85mg8
Paris EspressoWorld Explorations75mg6
Maimi EspressoWorld Explorations85mg9
Cape Town EnvivoWorld Explorations99mg9
ShanghiWorld Explorations82mg5
Stockholm FortissioWorld Explorations80mg8
Vienna LinizioWorld Explorations75mg6
Tokyo VivaltoWorld Explorations82mg6
Buenos AiresWorld Explorations104mg4
NicaraguaMaster Orgins65mg5
IndiaMaster Orgins55mg11
IndonesiaMaster Orgins72mg8
ColombiaMaster Orgins64mg6
Nicaragua La Cumplida RefinadaMaster Orgins57mg5
EthiopiaMaster Orgins65mg4
Filter Style IntenseBarista Creations60mg
Filter Style MildBarista Creations60mg
VanigliaBarista Creations71mg
CaramelloBarista Creations62mg
CioccolatinoBarista Creations72mg
NocciolaBarista Creations62mg
Freddo IntensoBarista Creations57mg
Freddo DelicatoBarista Creations72mg
CortoBarista Creations103mg
ScuroBarista Creations73mg
ChiaroBarista Creations49mg
Volluto DecaffeinatoDecaffeinato~2mg4
Ristretto DecaffeinatoDecaffeinato~2mg10
Arpeggio DecaffeinatoDecaffeinato~2mg9

How We Got The Exact Nespresso Caffeine Amounts?

So, here’s the secret.

The Nespresso website is region specific. That mean’s if you go there from within the US the website will display the offerings for the US market, US pricing, and all the associated information.

Most countries dont require the caffeine amount on coffee to be disclosed on the packaging (or even tested for that matter). However, in Taiwan this is a requirement. So if you go to the Nespresso Taiwan website it will show you all your favorite flavors.. AND their associated caffeine information.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below 🙂

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