Where To Find The Best Coffee In Wellington, NZ (Updated For 2024)

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Of all the regions I’ve visited around New Zealand, I have to admit that Wellington has a vibrant and rich coffee culture, it has to be one of my favourites. And that’s abundantly clearly in their cafe offerings.

If you’re new to the area or simply visiting and want a place to call home away from home, I’ve got you covered. There are tons of epic spots to fit into a single post, but our go-to places for the best coffee in Wellington: 

  1. New Chapter
  2. Grind Coffee Lounge
  3. Evil Twins
  4. Pour and Twist
  5. Fidel’s
  6. The Hangar
  7. Colonial Cafe
  8. The Beanery by Mojo
  9. Little Grump
  10. Customs

In this post, I’ll discuss each of these cafes in greater detail, shed light on their offerings and why you should visit them in person. 

1. New Chapter


This cosy cafe is located in the heart of Wellington’s CBD, making it a great spot to grab your morning coffee. The rustic–eclectic decor, with books, and dried plants adds to the cosiness of the place. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with friendly and prompt staff. And there’s lots of foot traffic–which is understandable given their barista makes divine coffee. They specialise in espresso-based drinks but make excellent filter coffee too. I especially love their long black; it’s smooth and perfectly brewed every single time. Though they offer mainly cabinet food, the snacks are delicious and freshly prepared. I often pair my brew with baked cheese and bacon scones.

New Chapter, Wellington

  • Location: 5 Bunny Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4.5 and baked treats from $8
  • Coffee: Various drinks using specialty coffee
  • Food: Cabinet and limited hot food. Try their scones!

Why we love it

  • Fantastic quality coffee
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • Reasonable prices
  • Calm, relaxing atmosphere, with soft music in the background

2. Grind Coffee Lounge

Grind Coffee Lounge

This rustic and homely cafe is about a 30-minute drive from Wellington’s CBD. The set-up is funky yet cosy, with mismatched furniture and antiques, and they prepare fantastic coffee using Havana beans in a friendly and welcoming environment. I love that they have a quirky and artsy way of presenting their drinks, which changes with the theme of the month. If you’re looking for a fun way to start your morning, you should check it out! Though they only have treats on offer, it’s become my hang-out spot when looking for an alternative and authentic vibe that makes me feel at home. 

Grind Coffee Lounge, Wellington

  • Location: 16 Princess Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $3 and treats from $5
  • Coffee: Various brews using Havana coffee
  • Food: Great sweet treats.

Why we love it

  • Friendly and helpful staff 
  • Adventurous treats and artsy brews
  • Reasonably priced items
  • Lovely music and a stylish atmosphere

3. Evil Twins

Evil Twins

Run by two sisters, Evil Twins is a funky and eclectic cafe located on Willis Street. The cafe serves various brews in a lively and fun atmosphere with music in the background. Also, the interior is colourful and quirky, with graffiti, posters, and neon lights. There is a small retail space next door where you can buy their branded merchandise. The price range is moderate, with coffee starting from $4 and a focus on cold brews. They have a limited menu of freshly baked treats, but I recommend you try their ham and cheese crackquette. It’s creamy, crispy, and spicy. 

It can be quite noisy and crowded at times, so it might not be the best place for a quiet chat or a relaxing read.

Evil Twins, Wellington

  • Location: 161B Willis Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4 and baked treats from $8
  • Coffee: Espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, but mainly cold brews
  • Food: Freshly baked goods

Why we love it

  • Creatively prepared brews
  • Chilled atmosphere
  • Delicious food and drink
  • Excellent service
  • Affordable items

4. Pour and Twist

Pour and Twist

Pour and Twist is an elegant and intimate cafe run by friendly staff. The atmosphere is calm paired with minimalist brown and grey tables with brown chairs and stools. Whenever I visit, I’m always impressed with the knowledge of coffee the owners possess and the selection of high-quality beans they use. They offer specialty coffee prepared using different manual brewing methods, and traditional iced drinks with a twist, like my favourite, the taro coco. You’ll find a whole lot of Malaysian drinks on the menu too. The lunch menu rotates every week, but if you’re looking for a quick treat, you can never go wrong with their filled doughnuts. 

Pour and Twist, Wellington

  • Location: 13 Garrett Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4.5 and baked treats from $8
  • Coffee: Filter coffee using single origin beans from various regions
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food–pastries, sandwiches, scones

Why we love it

  • Owners have a passion and expertise for coffee, which shows in their quality
  • (It’s really good coffee)
  • Chilled and relaxing atmosphere
  • Reasonable prices

5. Fidel’s Cafe

Fidels Cafe

Fidel’s is a hip Cuban-themed cafe that specialises in single-origin coffee. The atmosphere is warm with a rustic and cosy interior and Cuban-inspired decor–red walls, and wooden furniture. You also have the option to sit outdoors on a sunny morning. They have an extensive menu but I often order the spicy burrito or tropical jerk halloumi toastie when I pop in for brunch. I don’t usually drink cold brews, but their house-made version (valued at around $6) is out of this world! They also have fantastic vegan and gluten-free options available. 

Fidel’s Cafe, Wellington

  • Location: 234 Cuba Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4 and food at around $8
  • Coffee: Various drinks using Cuban coffee
  • Food: A range of cabinet and hot food

Why we love it

  • Amazing coffee
  • Diverse and delicious food and treats
  • Reasonable prices
  • Wonderful and helpful staff

6. The Hangar

The Hangar

The Hangar, Flight Coffee’s flagship cafe, is a hip and trendy cafe. They specialise in espresso-based drinks, but the barista whips up awesome filter coffee too–my favourite being the fruity Kintamani blend. I also suggest you try their coffee tasting flights, which are consistently tasty (yes, I’ve tried all four!). The atmosphere is cool and upbeat, with a stylish and spacious industrial-like interior. The price range is moderate, with coffee starting from $5 and a comprehensive menu that allows you to build your own breakfast. It’s also one of my go-to’s because of the barista’s passion and expertise for coffee, as reflected in their brews!   

The Hangar, Wellington

  • Location: 119 Dixon Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $5 and baked treats from $8
  • Coffee: Various drinks using their own coffee
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food with a limited selection of hot food

Why we love it

  • Impeccable customer service
  • Tasty coffee
  • Great ambience

7. Colonial Cafe

Colonial Cafe

Colonial is another intimate and cosy spot located in the CBD within the Civic Assurance House. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, with a small and cosy interior consisting of earthy decor of rust walls, wooden furniture, and minimal decorative items. I often visit the lounge when I’m trying to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city or to meet up with old friends. If you do visit the place, I recommend you try their fully loaded signature burger. It’s filling, tasty, and offers great value for money at only $23. 

Colonial Cafe, Wellington

  • Location: 41 The Terrace (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4 and hot food at around $15
  • Coffee: Various brews using Eighthirty Coffee Roasters coffee beans
  • Food: A wide range of cabinet and hot food

Why we love it

  • Awesome service and staff
  • Lovely coffee
  • Cosy and relaxed atmosphere
  • Reasonable prices

8. The Beanery by Mojo

The Beanery by Mojo

The Beanery is a trendy cafe that focuses on specialty coffee brewed using different methods. When you visit the place, you’re not only going to be served amazing coffee, you’ll walk away with an all-around learning experience. The cafe has a myriad of equipment and they’ll gladly educate you on the different brewing techniques or let you watch the entire roasting process before the beans are packaged. The cafe boasts a cool and sophisticated atmosphere, with a minimalist and stylish interior with white walls and wooden furniture. They have a limited range of food options–light breakfast and lunch consisting of pastries and sandwiches–but I appreciate that they’re made with high-quality ingredients. 

The Beanery by Mojo, Wellington

  • Location: 180 Lambton Quay (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $6 and food from $10
  • Coffee: Various brews using their own coffee and different brewing methods
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food–pastries, sandwiches, scones

Why we love it

  • Pleasant, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere
  • Fantastic coffee
  • Excellent customer service

9. Little Grump

Little Grump

Little Grump is a cute and cosy cafe that uses Coffee Supreme beans. Though it’s small, it’s very relaxed and inviting. It’s filled with wooden and leather furniture and several plants scattered throughout the cafe. You’ll always be greeted by the friendliest staff and it’s the perfect spot for a casual brunch with a moderately priced menu. The menu changes on a daily basis but they have an amazing range of standing items like croissants, cinnamon buns, and pies. When I’m looking for a snack to have on the go, I usually order their salmon sandwich and their creamy latte. 

Little Grump, Wellington

  • Location: 142 Featherston Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4.5 and baked treats from $8
  • Coffee: Various brews using Coffee Supreme beans
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food

Why we love it

  • Superb customer service
  • Convenient place for a takeaway
  • Reasonable prices
  • Amazing food and coffee

10. Customs


Customs, Coffee Supreme’s flagship cafe, is a simple spot that specialises in single origin coffee. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. There is also a small courtyard area that is perfect for people-watching. I also love that the interior is not too cluttered;  there are minimal accents and the seating is a mix of wooden chairs and metal stools. They mainly serve pastries and sandwiches, and during my recent visit, I had filter coffee with avocado toast with labneh and chilli coriander oil– absolutely delicious. It does get quite busy in the afternoon, so don’t be alarmed if you have to wait for your order.

Customs, Wellington

  • Location: 39 Ghuznee Street (View On Maps)
  • Price: Coffee starts at $3 and baked treats from $5
  • Coffee: Various drinks using their coffee
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food–pastries, sandwiches, scones

Why we love it

  • Great tasting coffee
  • Friendly and prompt staff
  • Reasonable prices

Final Thoughts

Wellington stands out for its diverse and rich coffee culture. There’s always a cafe to visit and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee, but these places are not created equal. A few of our favourites are Customs, The Beanery by Mojo, Fidel’s, New Chapter, and many others listed in this post. We’ve found, time and again, their commitment to coffee is unmatched. They have tasty drinks and food, have impeccable customer service, offer an overall quality coffee experience, and provide great value for money. Next time you’re in the area, why not check them out?

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