Can Nespresso Cure a Hangover? What Nespresso Is Best After A Big Night

Can Nespresso cure a hangover the best nespresso for a hangover

We’ve all been there. When you wake up thirsty with a raging headache after a few too many, just trying to get back to your normal self is a challenge.

Having a hangover isn’t a new problem but finding a solution isn’t always easy. Although it seems like everyone has their own home remedy, what actually works? and what is nothing more than a wife’s tale?

Many people recommend a cup of coffee first thing when you get up. And, with the prevalence of tasty, convenient Nespresso coffee, why can’t we self-medicate with the push of a button?

So can Nespresso cure a hangover? Let’s discuss the effectiveness of coffee as a hangover cure, and what kind of Nespresso you should drink to make the rest of the day a little bit easier.

Note: keep in mind that coffee won’t sober you up the night you’re drinking. Many people who are drinking will have a coffee after drinking but they may be better off sticking with water at that time. The caffeine in your coffee may help to wake you up but you’ll still have the alcohol in your system. Where the Nespresso may play a more significant role is the next morning when you’re trying to get back to normal.

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What’s in coffee that helps with a hangover?

The are two key components in the humble coffee that are scientifically proven to combat the effects of a hangover. These are caffeine (a powerful stimulant), and the fluid content of the coffee itself which will help rehydrate you from the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

1.    Caffeine

Caffeine is a fast acting, powerful stimulant which typically reaches its peak absorption in our body within 30-60 minutes.

It increases your heart rate – leading to a spike in blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. If you’re feeling sluggish because of a hangover, you might welcome that extra boost. Caffeine also stimulates your metabolism which means your liver will start working overtime to process the alcohol and alcohol related toxins.

There are also mental benefits of caffeine. It causes your body to release the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and adrenaline. These chemicals simulate the natural fight-or-flight stress response, which results in increased alertness and extreme focus. In this state our pain receptors are attenuated (ignored) so the raging headache you had might not feel so bad.

2.    Water

Alcohol is a diuretic which means even though it’s a fluid, it makes our body dehydrated. In fact, the headache we experience during a hangover is mostly due to extreme dehydration, rather than the metabolizing of the alcohol itself.

Therefore, lots and lots of rehydration is needed in order to get rid of that hangover! Drinking a large weak coffee with a lot of water is the best option.

Caffeine is a mild diuretic itself, so having a double or triple espresso shot after a night of heavy drinking won’t do you any favors and could make your body even more dehydrated and therefore your hangover worse.

can nespresso cure a hangover

What Type of Nespresso Can Help?

Now we’ve learnt what exactly is in the coffee that helps with our hangover, let’s look at what Nespresso coffees are our best option. We want to make a large weak coffee, so that means lots of water but only a little bit off caffeine. Let’s take a look at some of the options below.

The pod.

Look for a pod that has a low-medium amount of caffeine. Too much caffeine will only dehydrate you more. In fact, you’re better off having 2 weak coffees than 1 strong one as this means you’d get twice the water in for the same amount of caffeine.

Here’s a list of the 12 lowest caffeine Nespresso pods form their OriginalLine range.

TypeCaffeine Content Per Pod
Ristretto Italiano75mg
Linizio Lungo72mg
Genova Livanto64mg
Firenze Arpeggio63mg

You can read our full article here on the comprehensive list of caffeine content in Nespresso pods.


The second ingredient in Nespresso that will help your hangover is the fluid content. For this reason, you may want to choose a Nespresso drink that’s got a high water content. A concentrated drink like an espresso shot isn’t probably going to help you out. Instead, go with plain black coffee like a long black or Americano.

In addition to this, you can drink water alongside your coffee or another beverage to get plenty of fluids in.

So Does Nespresso Cure a Hangover?

The simple answer is that while Nespresso is not a magic cure for a hangover, it may help to alleviate symptoms. The coffee’s caffeine will kick start your metabolism and get you out of bed, while the water will help replenish what was lost the night before.

You’ll probably still have some discomfort but you may notice that you start to feel better sooner, leading you to have a more productive day. Make sure that in addition to the coffee that you drink, you also drink other fluids and try to have a relaxing morning until you feel better.

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