Why Do Dolce Gusto Pods Taste Bad? (And How To Fix It!)

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If your brain can’t process the data in the morning without coffee, like me, you must agree that bad coffee can lead to a bad day. Imagine waking up to brew a cup of coffee only to discover that it tastes horrible. What’s worse is that if it’s not your regular coffee pods, your curious soul won’t rest until it unveils why the new pod tastes so different.

So, a few weeks back, I tried the Dolce Gusto coffee pods, and, not to be rude, but I found their taste a bit different than regular café coffees.

I set out to discover why, and fortunately, I succeeded! So, if you are also wondering why the Dolce Gusto tastes so bad, I suggest you give this article a good read. Also, stay hooked till the end to get your hands on my expert tips to fix the fishy taste in your Dolce Gusto coffee pods. So, let’s get started!

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Why Your Dolce Gusto Coffee Tastes Different (Or Bad)

There are multiple causes for your to feel like your Dolce Gusto tastes bad. Here is a quick rundown of the broad range of reasons we will be covering in this article:

  • There is an issue with the Dolce Gusto pods
  • There is an issue with the water you’re adding
  • There is an issue with your equipment
  • There is an issue with the process you are following.

Now, each of these categories contains several reasons. To know exactly why your Dolce Gusto tastes bad, go through the analysis listed below:

1- There Is An Issue With the Dolce Gusto Pods

Good coffee beans are as essential for a delicious cup of coffee as fluffy pillows are for a good sleep, or a stable internet connection is for Netflix streaming. Following are some of the reasons why your Dolce Gusto tastes bad if there is an issue with the pods:

The Beans Aren’t Fresh

It is important to understand that everything has a shelf life – even your Dolce Gusto pods. Even though coffee pods remain safe to consume a few months after their expiration dates, you can’t use them forever!

Moreover, you can’t expect to brew a delicious cup of coffee by using expired pods, can you? Always remember the wise words of Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter film “You better change your coffee pods before you end up with food poisoning – or worse, a bad cup of coffee” (or something like that!)

The Roast Doesn’t Match Your Taste Buds

Coffee pods usually come in three roasts – light, medium, and dark (or full) roast. If you don’t like the flavor of your Dolce Gusto, then it is probably a matter of taste.

You can confirm this by checking if you are drinking the same type of roast that you usually do. If you drink a medium, and your Dolce Gusto pods are light or dark, then the roast is probably not your cup of tea (or, in this case – coffee).

2- There Is An Issue With The Water You’re Adding

When there can be an issue with the coffee pods, why can’t there be an issue with the other components of your coffee – you, water, perhaps? Not sure how your water can be an issue? Take a look at these reasons:

The Temperature Isn’t Right

Ideally, you should add water with a temperature a little below the boiling point. You are looking for a range between 195� to 205�F. This is the optimum range for maximum extraction and works across all brewing methods.

Your water Isn’t the Best Quality

Impure particles can have a major impact on the flavor of your coffee. If your Dolce Gusto tastes bad when you have added tap water to the machine, the problem must be your water quality.

3- There Is An Issue with Your Equipment

If the reason for your Dolce Gusto tasting different isn’t the pods or the water, then the next suspect is the equipment you are using to brew your coffee. Here is how your equipment can ruin the taste of your Dolce Gusto:

It Is Dirty

When did you clean your coffee machine the last time? If you can’t remember, or your answer is ‘maybe a few weeks ago,’ then the culprit for your Dolce Gusto tasting bad has been caught! You should wash your coffee machine after every use, and not just the outside, but you should give it a thorough cleaning session.

It Is Old

Like coffee pods have a shelf life, coffee makers also don’t last forever. If you are using your grandmother’s coffee machine as a heritage, we suggest that you give it a break and shift to the latest model.

You are Using the Wrong Equipment

Special coffees require special machines. For example, you can make espresso in a regular coffee maker, but the consistency wouldn’t be the same, and the taste would differ. So, if your Dolce Gusto tastes bad, think if you are using the wrong equipment.

4- There Is An Issue With the Procedure You Are Following

If the reason why your Dolce Gusto tastes bad isn’t the coffee or your water or even the equipment, then maybe there are some technical issues. Don’t understand what I mean? Let me explain!

You are Brewing Too Much Coffee

If you brew a huge batch of coffee for the whole day, then there is no surprise why your Dolce Gusto tastes bad! As tempting as it may seem, brewing coffee in bulk degrades its quality – it might save you time but keep you from the pleasure of drinking fresh coffee every time!

Timing Issues

With brewing coffee, timing is everything! The more you let your coffee brew, the stronger it gets in flavor. So, if your Dolce Gusto tastes burnt, try setting a timer the next time.

How to Fix the Flavor of Your Coffee

You might have pointed out the reason why your Dolce Gusto tastes bad by now. What’s left now is to learn how to fix the flavor of your coffee the next time you brew a cup!

1- Use Fresh Coffee Pods

Try to replace your coffee pods regularly. Now, this doesn’t mean that you use a new coffee pod every time you brew a cup. You can reuse a pod two or three times. Any more than this, and you would end up with a cup of inferior quality coffee.

2- Experiment with Different Roasts

If you are trying a particular brand of coffee for the first time, experiment with their different types of roasts. It is possible that you like the light roast of one brand and the medium of another – it depends on your taste buds!

3- Add the Right Temperature Water

The water you add to your machine should be hot but not boiling. If it is hotter than the ideal range, it will destroy the exquisite flavor of the coffee beans. Conversely, if it is too cold, the beans won’t extract the right flavors.

Quick tip: If you don’t have a thermometer, boil your water and let it sit for thirty to forty minutes before adding it to your coffee maker.

4- Use Filtered Water

If the reason for your Dolce Gusto tasting different is the quality of your water, try filtering it out before adding it to your coffee machine.

5- Clean Your Machine Regularly

I said this before, and I’ll say it again – clean your coffee maker after each use! And a simple rinse of the pot won’t do; you should also remove the grounds and clean the brew basket, the lid, and the drip reservoir.

6- Experiment with the Time you Brew Your Coffee for

If you keep your coffee in the machine for too long, you will end up with a cup full of liquefied dark chocolate. Conversely, if you give too little time to extract the flavors, your coffee will be bland. To get the perfect cup of coffee, you should experiment with your timings – slowly adjust the time each time you brew a cup until you reach the ideal flavor.


Brewing a coffee is a tricky task; you don’t know what could go wrong and when it could go wrong.

If you still haven’t figured out the reason why your Dolce Gusto tastes bad, don’t stress out! Consider each of these reasons individually, and then look back at our tips to fix the taste of your coffee.

What are you waiting for? Start brewing your coffee already!

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