Why Is The Light On My Lavazza Coffee Machine Flashing (Explained)

If you are the proud owner of any of the amazing coffee machines by Lavazza, you are more than likely very happy with the way your machine functions. Sometimes, as with any coffee machine, your Lavazza coffee machine may be boasting a light that is blinking and you need to know what to do if that happens.

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Why Is the Light On My Lavazza Coffee Machine Flashing?         

Here are a few of the most popular Lavazza Coffee Machines and what it means which certain lights are flashing:

Machine Is Still Warming Up

Lavazza Coffee Machines will have two red lights that are blinking when you turn the machine on. This simply means that the machine is heating up. Once they begin to stay lit, it means the machine is ready to be used and is at the correct temperature. If the lights blink at any other time, it may mean that your machine is not working or is overheating. You should turn it off and restart it after it cools down to fix the issue.

Using Water That Is Too Hard

You may receive a blinking indicator light on your Lavazza machine if you do not use the correct water. Hard water and well water will cause calcification to occur in the water line, which can make your machine malfunction. You should use distilled or purified water to prevent this issue.

The Amount of Water

The light under the stop (indicator) light is the water indicator light. If there is water in the machine, the light should stay dark but if the water level becomes too low or there is no water in the reservoir, this light will blink. A built-in safety feature will not allow any of the operations of the machine to function if the water sensor light is blinking.

Another reason the water indicator may blink is if the float and magnet or the retainer in the machine’s tank are not in the correct position. This can give you a faulty sensor reading.


If you pour too much water into your machine’s reservoir, it can cause the machine to malfunction and an indicator light will let you know. Empty out the water from the machine after turning it off then simply fill it halfway to eliminate any further issues at startup.


The light above the stop button on your Lavazza machine is the power indicator and it will be lit up when the machine is on. This light will blink steadily if there is some type of issue with the thermostat or if the machine is overheating. You can attempt to use the hot water function to allow water to pass through the boiler area of the machine to see if this remedies the problem before calling for service repair. The indicator light may also blink if you have made multiple espressos in a row or if you have used the steam wand for a longer period of time than normal. If the light returns to a solid red color, your machine is functioning properly again.

Not Heating Up

If your Lavazza machine is not heating up and you are getting cold water, it can mean that your heating element is not working. You should first turn off the machine, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on. If this does not fix the issue, try re-setting the machine back to its factory settings.

Time for Descaling

Most people use their coffee machines on a daily basis, which can lead to the buildup of scaling on the inside of the machine’s pipework as well as the heating coil. The amount of scale build-up will depend on how often you clean your machine, but you should definitely descale it every three months. If your machine has a blinking light, it may mean that you need to descale it right away. You can use a descaling solution that can be purchased online or at many stores to descale your machine. To descale your machine, simply follow the instructions that came with your specific Lavazza Coffee Machine. 

The warranty period for all Lavazza machines is one year, so it is important to do proper maintenance on them. Also, they tend to work better the more often they are used since leaving them sitting too long without use can cause issues. Otherwise, enjoy your espresso!

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