The Best Coffee In Queenstown, New Zealand (Updated For 2023)

The best cafe in queenstown for coffee

Though Queenstown is a quaint and quiet city, it does have excellent coffee spots to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Here are a few of our favourites: 

  1. Odelay Cafe
  2. Beach Street Cafe
  3. Queenstown Cafe
  4. Vudu Cafe & Larder
  5. Mackenzie Coffee Co.
  6. Bean Around the World
  7. Cafe Society
  8. The Boatshed
  9. The Coffee Hatch

Join us as we discuss each of these cafes in greater detail and why they should be on your go-to list!

1. Odelay 

Odelay is a vibrant, friendly, and funky place that serves up delicious brews using Odelay coffee. The cafe has a relaxing atmosphere with spacious indoor seating and an outdoor courtyard overlooking gorgeous mountains. The ambience is also attributed to the warm and rustic decor with wooden furnishings where the staff always makes you feel welcome. 

You can choose from a variety of cabinet food or an extensive hot food menu made with fresh local ingredients. When I visit for a quick coffee, I often get their latte because it has a perfect balance of texture and flavour, and it pairs well with their savoury scones or cinnamon rolls. The cafe is also a fantastic spot for a relaxing break while you enjoy their hearty breakfast loaded with bacon, sausage, free range eggs, toast, potato croquettes and tomato relish.

  • Location: 5 Hawthorne Drive
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4.5 and meals from $8.5
  • Coffee: Espresso, filter, and speciality brews using Odelay coffee
  • Food: Freshly prepared cabinet food and an extensive breakfast and lunch menu 

Why we love it

  • Huge selection of cabinet food, breakfast, and lunch options
  • Polite and friendly staff
  • Great value for money

2. Beach Street Cafe

Beach Street cafe is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite while exploring the town. The staff is always friendly and attentive and the cafe has a relaxed and welcoming vibe. They serve tasty brews made with Allpress beans and freshly prepared treats. Whenever we’re around the area, we usually pop in for breakfast and order their rich flat white with oat milk and the almond croissant. For a leisurely experience, you can order their hot food and take in the lake and mountains. 

  • Location: 85 Beach Street
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4 and food from $10
  • Coffee: Espresso, lattes, cappuccinos
  • Food: Cabinet food and a rotating menu of freshly prepared meals

Why we love it

  • Super friendly staff
  • Tasty brews using Allpress coffee
  • Adequate selection of breakfast and lunch dishes
  • Calm, relaxed environment

3. Queenstown Cafe

Queenstown cafe is a quirky yet cosy gem on Gorge Road. It has a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with chatty staff who always greet you with a smile. The cafe also has a few seats outside where you can enjoy a sunny morning while sipping your brew. It’s not every day that you find a well-prepared mocha, but theirs is out of this world! 

They have a limited, but delicious food menu. My favourite is the soup, which is always fresh and hearty.  There’s also a cute little stationery gift shop to browse while you wait for your order–not that you’d wait that long given the prompt service. But we do suggest you check it out; you might find something you like!

  • Location: 87 Gorge Road
  • Price: Coffee starts from $4 and snacks/treats from $3.5
  • Coffee: Espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and various cold brews
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food

Why we love it

  • Hidden gem that always delivers on taste and service

4. Vudu Cafe & Larder

Vudu is a modern cafe that offers everything you need for an experience that truly embodies Qeenstown’s coffee culture. Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee made with Allpress beans. They also have cosy, contemporary decor surrounded by hanging plants and a large window where you can enjoy the stunning view of the lake.

The food menu is seasonal but always mouthwatering. You can choose from their all-day breakfast which has adventurous options like a smoked salmon bagel and shakshuka, their lunch options with dishes made with fresh and local ingredients, or take advantage of their cabinet full of tempting freshly baked goodies. My personal favourite is the carrot cake; it’s always moist, fluffy, and creamy. 

  • Location: 16 Rees Street
  • Price: Coffee starts at $5 and freshly prepared meals from $15
  • Coffee: Various coffee options using Allpress coffee
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food–pastries, sandwiches, scones

Why we love it

  • Offers freshly roasted coffee
  • Their meals are prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients
  • It’s a relaxing spot to enjoy breakfast or lunch with friends and family or to break free from the hustle and bustle of the city

5. Mackenzie Coffee Co (On Cow Lane)

Mackenzie is a speciality coffee bar that serves high-quality coffee from its own roastery in the Mackenzie country. You can enjoy freshly brewed joe in a friendly and relaxed environment while seated on modern wooden tables with comfortable chairs. They have a skilled barista too. I personally enjoy their double espresso and, though they have a limited menu, their passionfruit cheesecake is nothing short of delicious! When you do visit the cafe, be sure to grab a bag of their beans so you can enjoy high-quality coffee at home. 

  • Location: Cow lane 
  • Price: Coffee starts at $3 and treats from $1
  • Coffee: Mostly espresso-based drinks using their own beans, but they have other types of delicious drinks
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food–toast, cheesecake, pizza, and muffins

Why we love it

  • High-quality brews made using their own roasted beans
  • Freshly prepared cabinet food
  • Great customer service; always served with a smile

6. Bean Around The World

Bean Around The World offers blended and single origin coffee from various parts of the world (as the play of words in the title suggests). Their espresso bar, right in front of the roasting room, serves amazing joe in a casual and friendly environment where you can also watch them roast their beans. The rustic decor speaks to the inviting ambience where the entire cafe is filled with the aroma of coffee and a welcoming staff. 

The shop offers various hot beverages and also has a juice bar for those who prefer an alternative to joe. I particularly enjoy their mocha latte coupled with the almond croissant, but you won’t go wrong with their sandwiches if you want a savoury treat! 

You can also purchase their freshly roasted beans, which come in a range of blends. I usually buy Ethiopian or Kenyan blends, which are always rich and well-balanced. 

  • Location: Athol Street
  • Price: Coffee starts from $4 and snacks from $5
  • Coffee: Mostly espresso-based drink, but lots of other drink options
  • Food: Mainly cabinet food–pastries, sandwiches, scones

Why we love it

  • Tasty coffee made from their own roasted beans
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Has a casual and friendly atmosphere
  • Discounts and deals for regular customers

7. Cafe Society

Cafe Society is more than just a cafe; it’s a community of people who love good food and good coffee. It’s vibrant, relaxing, and spacious, making it a great hub to socialise with family and friends. They have a delicious menu of homemade food prepared with locally sourced fresh and organic ingredients. While I’m an avid meat eater, I can vouch for their vege society breakfast–which offers value for money–should you decide to have a meatless meal. If it’s a sweet treat you want, I suggest the sweet croffle (a cross between a croissant and a waffle, topped with berries, maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon). The cafe also has a cosy and stylish interior and during warm days, when catching up with an old friend, we like to take our drinks outdoors to enjoy views of the Remarkables mountain range. 

  • Location: 6/32 Grant Rd, Frankton
  • Price: Coffee starts from $4 and meals from $10
  • Coffee: Freshly brewed coffee using Allpress coffee
  • Food: Cabinet food and freshly prepared dishes

Why we love it

  • Splendid coffee
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor area with comfortable seating
  • Delicious and diverse food
  • Friendly and efficient service

8. The Boatshed

Another local’s favourite, The Boatshed is cosy and inviting with a stunning view of the lake and the mountains. The atmosphere is relaxed, with attentive and friendly staff. You can enjoy your meal inside or outside on the deck, where you can watch the boats in action. 

Apart from the excellent atmosphere, we love that Boatshed doesn’t skimp on quality. They whip up fantastic coffee using Allpress beans and offer an assortment of hot and cold coffee-based drinks. My go-to is the flat white with oat milk and vanilla syrup; it’s smooth and creamy, with a hint of sweetness. They also offer a robust seasonal breakfast and lunch menu made from locally sourced produce. I love their chocolate and orange waffle–a decadent combination of chocolate brownie and orange waffle, topped with caramelised mandarin and toasted hazelnuts–it’s a perfect indulgence for a cold winter day. If you prefer something savoury, you can try their cilbir eggs–Turkish poached eggs with labneh, aleppo pepper butter, dukkah, and sourdough. 

  • Price: Coffee starts from $5 and breakfast or lunch dish starts at $17
  • Coffee: Espresso, lattes, cappuccinos using Allpress coffee
  • Food: Wide selection of cabinet and hot food 

Why we love it

  • Offers great value for money
  • Fantastic spot to relax 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fresh, tasty meals

9. The Coffee Hatch

The Coffee Hatch is a cute little cafe ideal for a coffee-on-the-go experience. It’s nestled on Camp street, but you’ll quickly recognise it by its colourful exterior, with a booth where you can order your coffee. They have a limited range of food, but the muffins are fresh and scrumptious. They also prepare high-quality brews using Octane coffee and you can never go wrong with their long black.

  • Location: Camp Street
  • Price: Coffee starts at $4 and treats from $3
  • Coffee: Espresso, lattes, cappuccinos an other brews made using Octane coffee
  • Food: Cabinet food

Why we love it

  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Tasty brews made with Octane coffee 
  • Perfect place to start your day

Final Thoughts

Queenstown might be known for its tranquillity, but it doesn’t hold back on incredible coffee.

If you’re around the area, be sure to check out Odelay Cafe, Vudu, Mackenzie, and many others suggested in this post. Each cafe is unique and caters to any vibe or scene you might be after while providing you with a memorable experience. 

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