How To Tie The Chemex Knot (Do This)

How to tie the chemex knot step by step

You have finally finished cleaning your brewer and you’re ready to reassemble it. 

But now you’re thinking, how did Chemex tie the knot? 

So you play around with a couple of knot styles – the thief knot and the double throw knot. 

But the wooden pieces still aren’t held firmly in place. 

That is frustrating.  How do you get it to look like when you bought it?

To tie the Chemex knot, you have to use the square knot (reef knot). It’s a simple fastening style and effectively holds the wooden collar in place, so you don’t have to deal with loose ropes mid-brew and pour. 

Carry on reading to find out how to tie the Chemex knot. 

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Why Does Chemex Have A Wooden Collar And Leather Rope? 

Chemex prides itself on the design of its brewers. 

The brewers are all made from durable and heat-resistant glass, with slight variations in the design of the handles. The most common models come with a wooden collar and leather rope. 

While some argue this is merely a style element, these two elements do serve a practical purpose. 

The wood is heat resistant, so you can handle the coffee flask when it’s filled with hot water. The leather ropes hold the two pieces of wood in place. 

The Green Pods finished chemex knot

What Kind Of Knot Is Used On Chemex?

A knot is a knot, and regardless of the type used, they all serve a similar purpose, right? 

Not quite. 

Chemex uses a square knot. Mainly because it effectively holds the pieces of wood in place and it’s easy to undo. 

Because the square knot is a binding knot, it means you’re less likely to get irritated over the ropes unfastening mid-brew. 

This style also works for curved surfaces. And because the wooden pieces are curved, it functions brilliantly. 

The Green Pods tying a square knot for the chemex

How To Tie The Chemex Knot 

In an effort to bind the two pieces of wood, you might wind up using ineffective knot styles. The wooden collar might slip out of place, which can be frustrating when you’re preparing coffee. Below, we share with you how to tie the Chemex knot.

How To Tie A Square Knot (Reef Knot)

When tying the reef knot, you want to ensure the ends of the rope are on the top side or one side of the string. Check out this Youtube video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a square knot. 

How To Tie A Square Knot (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How To Disassemble Your Chemex For Cleaning 

To ensure the wooden collar keeps its shape and color for a long time, you should separate it from the carafe in time for cleaning. Here are two simple steps to disassemble your brewer. 

  1. Untie the string.
  2. Loosen the rope enough to slip over the carafe.

The collar should fall apart in two pieces. Now you can wash your carafe.


Tying the ropes of your Chemex brewer makes it easier to handle your carafe when you’re brewing and pouring your coffee. 

The knot used on the Chemex is the square knot (reef knot). It effectively holds the two pieces of wood together and it’s simple to untie. 

Tying the knot is as easy as tying your shoelaces. Besides the visual appeal of the leather rope and wooden collar, having a firm collar in place means you don’t burn your hands when pouring your morning coffee. 

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