Does A Moccamaster Have A Timer (Explained)

Moccamaster brewing coffee

If you’re new to using a Moccamaster or are in the process of buying one, understanding their brewing timer can be a little confusing..

According to Moccamaster, their brewers don’t have a turn-on timer because they want you to have a fresh cup of java made from the freshest ingredients. They do however have a timer that turns the hot plate off after 40 minutes in order to comply with European Union laws.

That being said, you can use a 3rd party plug timer or smart timer to turn to schedule the brewing or turn the machine on or off with your phone!

So, how do you put your appliance on a timer? Let’s find out! 

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Does A Moccamaster Have A Timer?

Let’s look a bit deeper into Moccamasters timers and brew duration.

1. Moccamaster Turn-ON Timer

A Moccamaster doesn’t have a timer that lets you set when to make a cup of coffee

The main reason is they want you to have the best coffee-drinking experience. That means having a freshly brewed cup of coffee made from fresh ingredients. 

  • When water is left in the reservoir overnight, it does go stale.
  • The same applies to your coffee grounds. When they’re ground and left in the open, even if it’s just the filter basket, they lose some of their freshness, resulting in a flat cup of coffee. 

2. Moccamaster Brew Time 

There is a timer to determine how long to run the brew cycle (Well, it’s actually determined by how much water you put in the reservoir).

Moccamaster brews a golden cup of coffee within 4-6 minutes. It’s a relatively short wait time, so you might not necessarily need a timer to have your cup ready. 

3. Moccamaster Hot Plate Automatic Shut-Off Timer

According to the European Union law introduced in 2015, filter coffee machines have to power off after 40 minutes. To adhere to this law, Moccamaster designed the appliance to power off at the specified time. 

When the brewing ends, Moccamaster’s heating element turns off automatically. The glass carafe has a hotplate that can keep coffee hot for up to an hour. And the thermos flask is insulated to keep coffee hot for up to an hour.

Read More: This article explains the Moccamaster auto-off feature in more depth.

So, What are the two switches on Moccamaster?

The two buttons on the base of the Moccamaster serve two purposes. 

The one on the left is for turning the machine on, and the one on the right sets the temperature for the hotplate. 

Powering the hotplate holds the temperature of the coffee for 100 minutes. 

Note: The buttons on the KBGV Select are different though. The one on the left is the power switch, and the right lets you choose between a half or full carafe.

moccamaste auto off timer feature

How To Put Moccamaster On A Timer 

Right, so we’ve told you that you can’t program your Moccamaster to brew your morning coffee while you sleep..

Well.. there is a workaround!

You can use a off the shelf plug timer to do exactly this. The only preparation you have to do the night before is to grind your coffee beans and fill the reservoir with water.

There are two main timers: Manual and Smart

 Here’s an explanation of both timers to help you decide which is best suited for your situation. 

Option 1. Using a manual timer socket 

As the name implies, a manual timer means you have to manually set it to the desired time. 

You place the timer in the socket, connect the brewer and turn the dial to whatever time you’ll most likely be having your coffee. The downside to using a manual timer is you can’t adjust the time (without having to go down and adjust it) should you decide to sleep in. 

That means you have to drink your coffee within an hour – before it cools down. 

Option 2. Using a Smart Timer socket 

One of the reasons why they’re referred to as “smart” is they offer a hands-off approach to brewing your cup of java. 

When using a smart timer, you can control your appliance from an app on your phone from anywhere. 

You connect the machine to the socket, download an app, and control the brewer through an internet connection.

Because Moccamster brews a fresh cup of coffee within 4-6 minutes, you can schedule the machine to brew at least 10-20 minutes before you get out of bed. Doing so ensures your coffee will be at a drinkable temperature. 

Bonus: Also, if you want to play your part in being energy-conscious, you can schedule the brewer to switch off when not in use. This way, you don’t have to wait 40 minutes for the device to auto-switch off. 

Is It A Good Idea To Put Your Moccamaster On A Timer?

If you want to wake up to a brewed pot of coffee, then putting your appliance on a timer is an excellent idea. You only have to worry about the preparation the night before.

But, if you appreciate a fresh, golden cup of coffee, this might not be the best course of action. When the grounds are left in the open, they lose some of their aromas and taste, which can result in a bland coffee. 

Also, water does get flat overnight. So, the flat coffee grounds and water won’t provide a delightful cup of java. In this case, a little patience will make the 4-6 minutes of wait time worth it. 


Moccamaster doesn’t have a timer. And for good reason. 

Freshly ground beans and fresh water from your faucet is the best option to brew the perfect coffee

But if you feel this doesn’t matter and you’re after the “pick me up”, investing in a timer will be worth the investment. 

Putting your device on a timer means you only have to worry about pouring the grounds into the filter basket and filling the reservoir with water. 

There are two timers available on the market: the manual and the smart timer. 

The manual timer requires you to turn the dial to a time when you’re most likely to have your first cup of coffee. 

Its counterpart conveniently lets you schedule the brew time directly from an app on your phone. If you enjoy your java but dread the morning preparation, putting your appliance on a timer might be to your enjoyment. 

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