Is A Moccamaster Worth It? (Honest Advice)

Green Pods Is A Moccamaster Worth It our honest review

A Moccamaster has been in the market for well over 70 years. Most coffee enthusiasts swear by the machine because it has carried them for most of their brewing days. If you want to upgrade your current brewer and are wondering if this machine is worth it, we’re here to tell you it is. 

The brewer uses a copper element that not only brews a cup of coffee within 4-6 minutes but it’s also durable. The Moccamaster also makes a consistent cup of coffee, so you won’t experience moments of over or under-extracted coffee.

If this does not shed some light on the convenience and versatility of the brewer, perhaps this post will give you a better perspective on what it is you can expect from the machine. Let’s dive in. 

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What Is So Special About A Moccamaster?

The Moccamaster is known to brew a consistent cup of good coffee. Here are a few features (and benefits) of the coffee maker. 

  • It’s remarkably durable and has a 5-year warranty. 
  • It uses a copper heating element, so the water heats up quickly, and your cup of coffee will be ready within 4-6 minutes. 
  • It heats water to 96°C (205°F). This ensures better extraction of coffee compounds.
  • It brews a consistent cup of coffee every time – you won’t drink a dull cup of java one morning and a bitter one the next.
The Green Pods moccamaster wide shot

How Does The Moccamaster Compare To Other Coffee Makers?

There’s no doubt that there are excellent coffee makers in the market. Let’s find out how the coffee makers below compare to the Moccamaster. 

Moccamaster vs. French Press

A French press makes an excellent, full-bodied cup of coffee, so if this is your preferred style of joe, then a French press might be a better fit. If you enjoy the bright, nutty, and chocolatey notes you get on your first sip, a Moccamaster is worth the investment. 

The convenience of brewing with a Moccamaster comes into play when you’re preparing coffee for large groups of people – it brews up to 40oz (1.25 liters) of coffee. And, it also has an auto-drip feature, so you don’t have to spend time plunging your coffee.

Coffee brewed using a French press will most likely go cold before you drink it all. But Moccasmaster carafes are built to keep your coffee hot for longer, either through the hot plate when using a glass carafe, or the thermos when using a thermal carafe. 

But, if you’re not looking to break the bank, then $30 spent on a French Press is worth the investment for a good cup of coffee.

Moccamaster vs. Pour Over

If you enjoy having full control over your coffee, then a pour-over might be your ideal brewer. It allows you to control the brew temperature and the coffee-to-water ratio.

Most Moccamasters are automatic, which means you can only alter the grind size and water ratio, but it’s got a set temperature at which it heats your coffee, so you’re limited in that department. This means you’ll have to wait a while before your coffee gets to a drinkable temperature.

Moccamaster vs. Chemex

Chemex uses a fragile glass carafe. However, when you decide to buy a Moccamaster, you can opt for a model that has a thermal carafe in case you’re worried about those moments when you might accidentally knock over the carafe. 

Because Chemex uses thicker filters, it offers a lighter and smoother coffee, it’s never bitter or over-extracted, so you might appreciate that about the brewer. 

Moccamaster vs. Nespresso

Compared to a Nespresso, a Moccamaster brews a brighter cup of coffee. So, if you dislike the heavy mouth feel you get from a cup of Nespresso, the Moccamaster might be a splendid upgrade. Both coffee makers offer the convenience of pressing a button or turning a knob and letting the brew take care of the rest.

Moccamaster vs. Keurig

Keurig has gained a reputation for brewing weak, bland coffee. The contact time between the pods and the water is too short, which doesn’t allow for much of the coffee compounds to be extracted. Also, the brew temperature is low (192℉/89℃). This isn’t hot enough to pull out all the flavors from the coffee pod. 

When you switch over to a Moccamaster, you’ll notice a vast difference in the taste of your coffee. Once you’ve gotten your grinding and coffee-to-water ratio correct, the Moccamaster will brew a consistently good-tasting cup of coffee. 

Does The Moccamaster Really Make Better Coffee?

A Moccamaster does make better coffee. To put things into perspective, the Moccamaster is Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) certified. To be awarded this certificate, it must meet the Gold Cup standards.

According to these rules, a brewer must:

  • Heat water from 92-96°C (196-205°F) to extract the coffee solubles.
  • Create even saturation from the agitation as the water flows through the beans. 
  • Extract 18-22% of the total dissolved solids. 
  • Brew within 4-6 minutes.

And the Moccamaster checks all the boxes. 

The Green Pods moccamaster extracting coffee

How Long Will A Moccamaster Last?

Your Moccamaster might experience some technical glitches now and then, but the brewer’s built to last for a lifetime. Most users have cited that they’ve used the maker for 17 years. This offers enough time to enjoy your brew for most of your coffee-drinking years. 

How Much Does Buying A Moccamaster Cost?

The price of a Moccamaster coffee maker varies depending on where you are, but you can expect to pay an average of $350 USD.

How Much Does Using A Moccamaster Cost?

Besides having an idea of how much you’ll be buying the machine for, it’s best to be prepared for the price of using the machine. Luckily for you, using a Moccamaster doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here’s a breakdown of how much it’ll cost you to use the maker. 

  • Box of 100 paper filters = $6.00
  • Whole Coffee Beans = +-$15.30
  • 1 box of cleaning powder (3 packs) = $7.95
  • 1 box of descaling powder = $8.95
The Green Pods how much coffee to use in a moccamaster for two people

How Much Coffee Does A Moccamaster Make?

Various models brew different amounts of coffee. But on average, a Moccasmaster brews 10-60oz (330ml-1.8 liters) of coffee.

The Green Pods moccamaster water reservoir

So, Is A Moccamaster Really Worth It?

A Moccamaster is worth it. It’s made from a durable copper element that heats the water quickly, and you can have your cup of coffee within 4-6 minutes. Also, the precision of the maker is impeccable. It’s designed to brew a consistent cup of fine-tasting coffee, and some models give you the option to brew a half or full carafe. 

Lastly, if you prefer to press a button and attend to something else while the coffee is brewing, the machine offers you this advantage. 


If having a delicious cup of coffee is one of your guilty pleasures, you should consider getting a Moccamaster coffee maker. Not only is it highly-priced (and certified) to brew an excellent cup of coffee, the price you pay is worth the investment in a machine built to last you for most of your coffee-drinking years. 

Also, using the brewer works way cheaper than buying a cup of joe from a coffee shop. If you follow the brewing instructions stipulated in the manual, the Moccamaster will carry you for most of your brewing days. 

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