Nespresso Altissio Review and Key Info (Read Before Buying)

The Green Pods vertuo altissio review

If you love Nespresso’s Vertuoline coffee range but are on the fence about trying their bold flavors, then this post is for you. With Altissio being one of the most popular and strong flavors, it ggoes without saying that it does pack a punch. But is it right for you? In this review, I’ll share all the key information about the coffee and provide my personal opinion on its aroma right to the taste, so you’ll decide if it’s worth buying or not.  

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Nespresso Altissio Characteristics

Coffee Origin

Altissio is a blend of South American arabicas and a Brazilian Robusta, which give it its full-bodied and bold espresso taste. The blend also includes a Costa Rican arabica, which adds a soft cereal note to balance out the intensity of the roast.

Altossio Flavor Characteristics

An espresso with a dark and intense flavor profile with a high level of bitterness and acidity. It has a cocoa and roasted aroma, with woody and spicy notes, which I love because it adds some complexity to its taste.


Altissio has an intensity level of 9 out of 13 on Nespresso’s intensity scale. If you like your coffee strong, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Nespresso Altissio Caffeine Content

The caffeine content of Nespresso Altissio is 108 mg. 

Nespresso Altissio Calories

Nespresso Altissio has about 2 calories per serving, without adding any milk or sugar. But, if you add milk or sugar to your coffee, you’ll increase the calorie count significantly. 

Pour Size

The recommended pour size is 1.35oz/40 ml, but, if you prefer a larger cup of coffee, you can run it twice to get a slightly watery double espresso option on your Vertuo machine.


Altissio is only compatible with Vertuoline machines. 

The Green Pods close up photo of the vertuo altissio
Nespresso altissio weight altissio capsule being weighted on a set of scales
The Green Pods vertuo altissio review
The Green Pods altissio crema

Our Review of the Altissio

Altissio Taste

Altissio is definitely not a subtle coffee. I tried the pod using the single espresso pour size, and I was impressed. My entire kitchen was filled with a deep cocoa and roasted nuts aroma. And when I took the first sip, I was introduced to a not-so-irritating level of bitterness and boldness, with a finish of woody and spicy notes. 


The acidity was not overpowering at all, thanks to it being a dark roast and containing a blend of arabica beans, which lend it a robust yet fresh undertone. 

Roast and Bitterness

Being an espressos, I wasn’t expecting it to be devoid of bitterness. It was harsh but I felt it didn’t mask the flavor and overall character of the drink. 

Altissio Crema

Altissio has a thick and velvety crema, which is impressive and appealing. It added some body and creaminess to the coffee, which made it more enjoyable.

What We Like About the Altissio

  • Bold and intense espresso taste
  • Thick and velvety crema
  • Moderately caffeinated

What We Don’t Like About the Altissio

  • Bitter and acidic. Might not be the best choice if you’re not a fan of robust drinks. 

Altissio Compared To Other Flavors

I compared the Altissio to some other flavors in the VertuoLine range–Odacio, Melozio, and Stormio. Here are my findings.

Altissio vs. Odacio

OriginSouth American and Costa Rican Arabicas and a Brazilian RobustaEast African and Nicaraguan Arabica
Flavor characteristicsFull-bodied and creamy with cereal notesBold and lively, with floral and fruity notes
Caffeine content108 mg170 mg
Pour size1.35oz7.77 oz (230 ml)
Calorie count22.4

Altissio vs. Melozio

The Green Pods altissio vs melozio
OriginSouth American and Costa Rican Arabicas and a Brazilian RobustaBrazilian and Central American Arabica
Flavor characteristicsFull-bodied and creamy with cereal notesSmooth and balanced with honeyed biscuit and cereal notes
Caffeine content108 mg170 mg
Pour size1.35oz7.77 oz (230 ml)
Calorie count22.4 

Altissio vs. Stormio

altissio vs stormio
CharacteristicsFull-bodied and creamy with cereal notesStormio
OriginSouth American and Costa Rican Arabicas and a Brazilian RobustaCentral American
Flavor characteristicsFull bodied and creamy with cereal notesRich and strong with spicy and woody notes
Caffeine content108 mg170 mg
Pour size1.35oz7.77 oz (230ml)
Calorie count22.4

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Altissio Nespresso flavor?

Altissio is an intense flavor in the VertuoLine range. It’s a blend of South American arabicas and a Brazilian Robusta, with a touch of Costa Rican arabica for a soft cereal note. It has a cocoa and roasted aroma, and a bitter and intense taste.

How much caffeine is in the Nespresso Altissio coffee?

Altissio contains 108 mg of caffeine per capsule. 

What is the strength of Nespresso Altissio coffee?

Nespresso Altissio’s coffee strength is 9/13. This is Nespresso ‘intensity’ rating which combines a bunch of factors like roast, acidity, bitterness and type of beans.

How do you use Altissio Nespresso?

To use Altissio Nespresso, insert the capsule into the machine, close the lid and press the brew button. 

What does Altissio coffee taste like?

Altissio coffee tastes very rich and intense, like most espressos. Only it’s ultra creamy. It also has some woody and spicy notes. 

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