Nespresso Intenso Review And Key Info (Read Before Buying)

The Green Pods nespresso intenso review

Since getting a vertuo machine, and trying this new style of Nespresso capsule I’ve been enjoying them a lot.

Much more than the classic original pods in fact.

I Recently ordered a sleeve of each of the main Vertuo flavors to see which ones i liked the most . if it lives up to its name.

In this post, I’ll share my experience with the Intenso, what I liked and didn’t like about it, and how it compares to other Nespresso Vertuo flavors. 

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Nespresso Intenso Key Characteristics

The Green Pods sleeve of the nespresso vertuo intenso on counter top
The Green Pods crema on vertuo intenso

Coffee origin

Intenso is made from a blend of two types of coffee beans: Guatemalan Robusta and Latin American Arabica. The Robusta beans are washed and sun-dried, which gives them a smooth and clean taste. The Arabica beans are sourced from Mexico and other countries in Central and South America, and they add hints of acidity and sweetness to the blend. This duo results in a complex yet balanced flavor profile.

Intenso flavor characteristics

The coffee is intense and has a strong and bold flavor with woody, peppery, and chocolatey notes. Because it’s a dark roast, your palate will easily pick up on its intensity and richness. It’s full-bodied with a slight bitterness.


The intensity of the Nespresso Intenso is 9, making it one of the strongest coffees in the VertuoLine range. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted because it does pack a punch and flavor that will wake you up in no time.

Nespresso Intenso caffeine content

This coffee contains a high caffeine level, with a content of 195 mg per capsule. This is mainly because Nespresso uses Robusta beans, which have more caffeine than Arabica beans.

Nespresso Intenso calories

If you’re looking for guilt-free indulgence, then Intenso is worth adding to your pantry. The coffee contains about 2 kcal per capsule. 

Nespresso Intenso weight stormio capsule being weighted on a set of scales

Pour size

Similar to most Vertuoline coffees, Intenso’s pour size is 7.77 oz / 230 ml, enough to produce a decent amount of joe to enjoy for longer.

The Green Pods glass of brewed nespresso intenso coffee


The Nespresso Intenso is only compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

Our Review of the Intenso

I popped the Intenso capsule into the Vertuo brewing chamber and here are my impressions. 

Intenso taste

As the name suggests, Intenso is strong and bold and the taste matches the aroma. On the first sip, I noticed the complex and balanced flavor profile that combines woody, peppery, and chocolatey notes, which my palates seemed to like. The sensation ended with a lingering caramel taste and a slight bitterness that added some edge to the coffee. To see how it pairs with additives, I brewed a second cup and added a splash of milk. This heightened the caramel notes and cut through the intensity while maintaining the robust flavor, which I pleasantly enjoyed.


While the coffee is all-round intense, I appreciate that it has low to medium acidity, around 1. It has a smooth and mellow taste that did not irritate my palate. And I felt the beautiful combination of the two bean varieties come to the fore. The Arabica adds an element of sweetness and fruitiness to the blend, while the coffee’s dark roasted nature reduces the acidity of the beans, creating caramelization that adds some sweetness and smoothness to the coffee. 

Roast and bitterness

Being a dark roast, I found that it has a deep and robust color, aroma, flavor, and body of the coffee. It has an overall pleasant smokiness and character, but it’s also not overly bitter. The first sip stimulates the taste buds, but it mellows down to a more smooth and balanced aftertaste. 


Immediately after brewing, I was greeted by a thick, rich, golden-brown crema that looked inviting. When I took a sip, I was impressed by the satisfying velvet mouthfeel. 

What we like about the Intenso

  • It has a strong, bold, and balanced flavor profile
  • High caffeine content is suitable for those days when I need a boost of energy that lasts for hours
  • Its low-calorie count makes it a guilt-free indulgence 
  • Thick velvety crema

What we don’t like about the Intenso

  • There’s nothing not to like

Intenso Compared To Other Flavors

The Nespresso Intenso is one of the many flavors in the Nespresso VertuoLine range, and it has some similarities and differences with other flavors. Here are some comparisons between the Nespresso Intenso and other flavors:

Intenso vs. Odacio

The Green Pods intenso vs double espresso
OriginGuatemalan Robusta and Latin American ArabicaEast African and Nicaraguan Arabica
Flavor characteristicsDeep and dense, with woody and spicy notesBold and lively, with floral and fruity notes
Caffeine content195 mg170 mg
Pour size7.77 oz (230 ml)7.77 oz (230 ml)
Calorie count2.4

Intenso vs. Melozio

The Green Pods two side by side cups of nespresso intenso and melozio
OriginGuatemalan Robusta and Latin American ArabicaBrazilian and Central American Arabica
Flavor characteristicsDeep and dense, with woody and spicy notesSmooth and balanced with honeyed biscuit and cereal notes
Caffeine content195 mg170 mg
Pour size7.77 oz (230 ml)7.77 oz (230 ml)
Calorie count22.4 

Intenso vs. Stormio

Vertuo intenso vs stormio

Here’s a side-by-side comparrison of the Intenso and Stormio flavors.

I personally prefer the Intenso. Even though it’s meant to be ‘intense’ I find it less bitter than the stormio. I also find the flavor comes through a little better where the Stormio tastes kind of burnt?

Here’s a table summarising the key attributes of each:

OriginGuatemalan Robusta and Latin American ArabicaCentral American
Flavor characteristicsDeep and dense, with woody and spicy notesRich and strong with spicy and woody notes
Caffeine content195 mg170 mg
Pour size7.77 oz (230 ml)7.77 oz (230ml)
Calorie count22.4

Nespresso Intenso: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Intenso Nespresso flavor?

Intenso is a dark roast coffee that’s compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine machines. It’s made from a blend of Guatemalan Robusta and Latin American Arabica beans, which give it a woody, peppery, and chocolatey flavor. 

Q. What is the strength of Nespresso Intenso coffee?

The strength of Nespresso Intenso coffee is 9. Nespresso intensities range from 1 to 13 so a score of 9 is slightly on the high side, meaning you’ll experience a strong full boddied coffee.

Q. How do you use Intenso Nespresso?

Follow these steps to use the Intenso Nespresso: 
1. Insert the capsule into the machine and press the button to start brewing.
2. The machine will read the barcode on the capsule and adjust the brewing parameters accordingly. 
3. The machine will stop automatically when it reaches the optimal pour size.
4. You can enjoy your Intenso Nespresso black or with a splash of milk. For an even tastier cup, you can try the Reverso Intenso recipe by Nespresso

Q. Is nespresso intenso coffee strong?

Nespresso intenso coffee is strong. It has an intensity of 9 and a caffeine content of 195 mg. It’s also has a full-bodied and rich flavor. 

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