The Upcycled Nespresso Beach Towel (Is It Any Good?)

The Green Pods Nespresso Upcylced Beach towel

If you’re a Nespresso lover like me, you may have already seen pictures of this sleek Nespresso beach towel on socials, or being used by others out and about.

They look practical and chic (I want one!)

But what’s better, is you can score one for FREE

So what is the upcycled beach towel? and how do you get your hands on one??

The towel is made from recycled plastic bottle yarn harvested from the ocean. It’s part of the brand’s sustainability motto to reduce plastic bottles in the sea. And just because it’s made of plastic, doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on quality. The towel measures 100x150cm, it’s absorbent and comes in two colors: beige and gray. 

In this article, we’ll tell you more about this terrific towel and how you can nab one for yourself!

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What Is The ‘Upcycled’ Beach Towel?

The upcycled beach towel is an accessory made from recycled PET plastic bottles – Seaqual yarn, harvested from the sea. It’s part of Nespresso’s partnership with Seaqual to reduce plastics in the ocean. But that’s not all. The beach towel comes with a bunch of other accessories to complete your beach look. These include: 

  • A water bottle, and 
  • An upcycled beach pouch
The Green Pods Upcylced Beach towel

How To Get One?

To get your hands on the towel, head over to the Nespresso website and purchase 220 coffees. Once done, you’ll need to enter a code to claim the gift. At checkout, enter the promo code LATO220. 

What Color Is The Upcycled Beach Towel?

The Nespresso Upcycled Beach Towel comes in two colors: beige and gray. Both colors look great with any kind of decor. 

Is The Beach Towel Worth It?

Maybe you’re wondering if purchasing 220 coffees is worth it for a beach towel. Here’s what you can expect to receive based on the size and texture of the towel.

1. Size

The towel measures 100x150cm and works great as a throw for those days when you’re not visiting the beach.

2. Softness

It does appear the texture is at Nespresso’s discretion. The towel itself is extremely soft and absorbent, but other people have mentioned that their towels are scratchy and thin.

3. Cost.

Here’s the kicker.

I would be buying 220 coffee pods anyway – regardless of the free towel. All I had to do was buy them all at once, rather than across two or 3 orders. Who doesn’t like FREE?

Upcycled Beach Towel Unboxing:

The video below shows an unboxing of the beach towel package. You get the bottle, towel and nifty carry pouch.

Nespresso Free gifts Beach Towel and Peach Pouch August 2022


The Nespresso Upcycled Beach Towel is an attractive accessory. Though some coffee lovers have claimed to have received a product that’s below their expectations, it does live up to its promise and performs well on any summer occasion.

If you’re looking for something functional, fashionable, and FREE, then this is definitely the towel for you. 

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    “Sheik,” as you mean to use the word above, is actually spelled “chic.” (Sheik is also a word, but it means something different.)

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