The 5 Best Keurig K Cup Subscriptions (In 2024)

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A coffee subscription is a lifesaver. No more do you have to bleary-eyed wonder how you forgot to top up your java. With K-Cups already comprising a wide range of flavors at reasonable price points, signing up for coffee clubs opens you up to a world of exclusive brands you won’t find in stores.

But which brand is worth investing in? Here’s a quick summary below.

Best OverallBest Premium ChoiceBest Value For MoneyBest Variety Offered Most Ethical Coffee Producer
Real Good Coffee Co.Hawaii Coffee CompanyBulletproofAtlas Coffee ClubTayst

Join us as we explore each of these subscription services.

Eco Note: While we do our best to mention the brands with compostable packing, the more sustainable choice is to grab a coffee bean subscription and one of our refillable K-cups.

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Why Go For A Coffee Pod Subscription 

  • Cost savings: You can save money on the cost of each pod compared to purchasing them individually. Some subscription plans offer free shipping or other perks, helping you save money in the long run.
  • Variety: Pods come in various flavors and strengths, and a subscription allows you to try out different blends without having to commit to a large quantity of any one type of pod.
  • Customization: You have the flexibility to customize your delivery to include only the pods you enjoy for a personalized coffee experience.

Editors Note: Lots of people buy coffee subscriptions for different reasons I personally have switched to the Atlas subscription because I LOVE trying new and exciting coffees, and I get decision fatigue trying to pick these for myself. With a coffee subscription (like Atlas) I get different coffee every 2 weeks without having to think about it. nice!

The Green Pods the best k cup subscriptions we tested

The 5 Best K-Cup Pod Subscriptions 

From premium blends and fantastic discounts to sustainably sourced coffee and free shipping, below are the best K-Cup pod subscriptions. 

BEST OVERALL: Real Good Coffee Co.

With Real Good Coffee Co.’s subscription service, you can enjoy a hassle-free coffee experience with discounts and convenient delivery options. The subscription offers a 5% discount on every order, and you can choose the frequency of your deliveries–fortnightly, monthly, or every 8 weeks. The sign-up process is straightforward, requiring only three simple steps. You can select between 36 or 72 pods and receive your coffee via speedy Amazon delivery. If you’re unsure which roast to choose, Real Good Coffee Co. offers a 10-count variety pack so you can try all their roasts before committing to a subscription. Plus, there’s always free shipping on all orders. 

BEST PREMIUM COFFEE: Hawaii Coffee Company 

Hawaii lets you enjoy loyalty pricing for as long as you have an active subscription. The first order is charged at the regular price, and if you wish to renew, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your next purchase. You can also get your hands on rare Kona coffee at a discount of 15%. They offer flexible shipping and modifications. You can add an item to an updated subscription shipment as a one-time item or delay your next subscription order if you wish. 

BEST VARIETY: Atlas Coffee Club 

Atlas Coffee Club offers a world tour of amazing coffee, curated from over 50 countries with two new countries featured every month. With each order, you get a postcard from each country, tasting notes, and coffee history for each batch, allowing you to learn more about the origins of your coffee and the unique flavors that come from each region. If you didn’t enjoy the previous month’s coffee, your next order will be free, thanks to their coffee match guarantee. 

Atlas offers a variety of roasts, ranging from light to medium, medium to dark, or a combination of both. Their plans allow you to savor a range of flavors, from fruity and chocolatey to spicy and caramel, and you can pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time. We also love that they source premium single-origin coffee and pay well above fair trade prices for their beans. 


Tayst offers six different subscription plans, starting at around $23. With each plan, you get a range of benefits, including 15% off every order, and the option to modify your monthly subscription based on the number of pods, frequency of delivery, and choice of flavors. They also provide cool perks. For example, if you select 40 cups, you’ll get a free mug, and if you top up, you can even get a Tayst jar. The coffee is packaged in 100% compostable pods and they source their coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farmers. 

BEST VALUE: Bulletproof 

If you’re a fan of Bulletproof Coffee, you might want to consider signing up for their coffee club. You’ll take pleasure in a range of benefits, including free shipping and 20% off every order. You can modify your delivery date and frequency and cancel as you see fit. They also offer remarkable customer service. The company emails you before each shipment, allowing you to review your order and make any changes, like skipping orders or altering quantities. Bulletproof also rewards you for spending more. For every item you add–snacks, supplements–you get 10% off. 

Buyer’s Guide: How We Chose The Best Subscription 

Here’s how we came to compile the best subscription services to ensure you enjoy delicious coffee.


A coffee subscription should not break the bank, but it should also not be so inexpensive that the quality of the coffee is compromised. We included services offering value for money based on the quality of the coffee, frequency of delivery, and the level of customization offered. 


Beans that produce a smooth, balanced cup of coffee with a plethora of flavors to choose from are what we’re after. We’ve included subscriptions with a myriad of taste profiles to cater to different preferences. 


We believe a good subscription service should offer an exciting range of blends from distinct regions, each with its unique flavor profiles. If you want to experience new sensations, we’ve included an array of options to ensure there’s always something new to discover and prevent your coffee experience from becoming repetitive. 


Sustainability is an increasingly vital factor in the coffee industry. Most brands have recycling programs or use 100% compostable material and source their beans from farmers certified by bodies like the Rain Forest Alliance. 


We enjoy drinking coffee from brands with ethical practices in place. We’ve included companies that treat their farmers fairly and pay at or above minimum wage. 


Keurig K-Cup subscription services are a fantastic way to add some flare to your coffee ritual. They offer sustainable and ethically sourced premium blends for a pleasurable drinking experience. 

The company with the best service is Real Good Coffee Co. They source their beans from sustainable farmers and have ethical practices in place. You also get free shipping regardless of the quantity you order and incredible discounts for as long as your subscription is active. 

If you’re looking to take your taste buds on an adventure, we highly recommend Atlas coffee. They curate bespoke blends from over 50 countries to bring you an unparalleled drinking experience. Bulletproof is ideal if you’re looking for more than just coffee. They reward you with a 10% discount for every complementary item you add to your plan. 

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