Moccamaster Auto Off (Why Your Moccamaster Turns Off Automatically)

Green Pods The moccamaster auto off feature explained why your moccamaster turn off automatically

According to European Union law, coffee filter machines have to power off after 40 minutes. To adhere to this regulation, Moccamaster built the machine to power off at exactly that time. This feature is to promote safer household appliances and encourage eco-friendliness by reducing unneccesary electricy usage.

If you want to get an understanding of the auto-off feature on your Moccamaster, carry on reading this post. 

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Does The Moccamaster Turn Off Automatically?

In all the Moccamaster models, the heating element switches off when the brewing cycle ends. According to the European Union law introduced in 2015, filter coffee machines have to power off after 40 minutes. So, to adhere to this rule, Moccamaster built the machine to power off at the stipulated time. 

When the brewing ends, Moccamaster’s heating element turns off automatically. But, not all the brand’s models’ auto-off features are designed the same way.

The Green Pods moccamaster wide shot

What Models Of Moccamaster Have The Auto-Off Feature?

Both the glass and thermal carafes have auto-off features. Below is a list of the models with this attribute.  

Moccamasters with glass carafes 

When it comes to the models with glass carafes, the power switch and hotplate automatically shut off after 100 minutes. These include the following designs.

  • KB
  • KBG
  • KBGV Select
  • CD Grand

Moccamaster models with thermal carafes 

For all the designs with thermal carafes, the power switch automatically shuts off once the brew cycle is complete. Here’s a list of these models.

  • KBT
  • KBTS
  • CDT Grand

What Do The Two Switches On A Moccamaster Do?

The two buttons on the base of the Moccamaster serve two purposes. The one on the left is for turning on the coffee maker, and the one on the right sets the temperature for the hotplate. Powering the hotplate holds the temperature of the coffee for 100 minutes. The buttons on the KBGV Select are quite different though. The one on the left is the power switch and the right lets you choose between a half or full carafe.

The Green Pods moccamaster on switch and carafe switch

Can You Disable The Auto-Off Feature On A Moccamaster?

It’s not possible to disable the auto-off feature on a Moccamaster.

If you’re looking to drink more coffee, your best option is to run a fresh batch. If you really want to savour your origional batch, then heating up your mug of coffee in the microwave for 60 seconds is your best bet

If you’re worried that your coffee might get cold, then the hi-lo hotplate feature on the glass carafe models will keep it hot for 40 minutes. If you’re using the thermal carafe, it’s optimized to keep coffee hot for over an hour. 

Can You Leave A Moccamaster On?

Though it’s not advised, you can leave the Moccamaster on. This is because the brewing element does not use power when the water reservoir is empty, so the boiler’s element won’t get damaged. Also, the hotplate can retain the heat of your coffee.

How Long Does The Hot Plate Stay On For?

The hotplate stays on for 40-100 minutes.

What If The Carafe Runs Dry?

When the carafe runs dry and you leave it on the hotplate while it’s still hot, it will char the drops of coffee left inside, which can be really difficult to clean. Also, your carafe might crack and break. Whenever you finish the coffee in the carafe, make sure you turn off the machine. 

The Green Pods moccamaster heating element left on run dry burt


When you get to understand why the Moccamaster included the auto-off feature, you’ll come to appreciate this detail. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t compromise the quality of your coffee.

With the hotplate feature found in the glass carafe models, you can still enjoy several cups of joe for another 40-100 minutes. And when you’re using the thermal carafe, it conveniently powers off after every brew, while the flask does the work of keeping your coffee at a drinkable temperature for a full hour.

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