The Perfect Moccamaster Grind Size (Check This)

The Best moccamaster grind size

Several factors go into creating the perfect Moccamaster coffee. These include water temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, and saturation time

Another essential aspect to consider is the grind size. 

Selecting the proper size for your brewer makes for a delicious cup of coffee. 

The perfect grind size for a Moccamaster is a medium-coarse grind. The particles are not too large or too small, which ensures optimum extraction. ‘Espresso grind’ is too fine and will block the filter, while ‘plunger grind’ is better but many times is too coarse and does not extract efficiently.

In this post, we’ll explore different grind sizes and discuss the perfect one suited for your Moccamaster. Let’s dive in!

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What’s The Best Coffee Grind Size For A Moccamaster?

By now, you’ve probably played around with various coffee grind sizes. 

A coarse grind gave you enough reason to chuck the coffee down the drain because it was weak and watery. 

And a fine grind just resulted in a bitter coffee and may block your filter and cause the machine to overflow or leak

That’s because none of these sizes are suited for your machine. 

The best grind size for your Moccamaster is a medium-coarse grind. 

The Green Pods how much coffee to use in a moccamaster for two people

Coffee Grind Sizes Explained 

Different brewers are designed to brew specific grind sizes. 

These determine whether you’ll get a decent cup of java or one that’ll leave you feeling frustrated for most of your mornings. 

There are three main grind sizes: fine, medium, and coarse.  

Here’s an explanation of each of these.

  • Fine: When coffee particles are small and almost powder-like, they’re referred to as a fine or extra fine. They produce bolder and more intense flavors but can also result in over-extraction. 

    This type of grind is often used to make concentrated drinks like espresso.
  • Coarse: Rough, chunky particles are referred to as coarse or extra coarse. They have more surface area, so there’s less contact time between the grounds and the water. Brewing coffee of this size in your Moccamaster can result in under-extraction. 

    They’re preferred for immersion brewing techniques, like the French press.
  • Medium-coarse: This is the sweet spot for brewing a golden cup of coffee using the Moccamaster. The particles are not too large or too small, which ensures optimum extraction.  

    This is Ideal for drip coffee techniques like the Moccamaster
Grind SizeBest Suited Technique
CoarseFrench Press
Medium CoarsePour Over
MediumDrip Coffee Maker
Extra FineTurkish Coffee

Can you use store-bought ground coffee in a Moccamaster? 

You can use store-bought ground coffee, but we don’t recommend it. Most pre-ground coffee is finely ground. Small grind sizes can result in an over-extracted cup of coffee. 

If your java tastes bitter with hints of burnt coffee, you have a case of over-extraction. 

Can you use Espresso grind size in a Moccamaster?

We don’t recommend you use Espresso grind size in a Moccamaster.

Espresso beans are ground too fine, which is excellent for espresso as these machines use 20 bar of pressure to force hot water through the tightly packed coffee.

Moccamasters however are drip coffee makers and rely on gravity to let water trickle through.

But when you use this size to brew with your Moccamaster, you might produce an acidic cup of coffee. 

Can you use a plunger grind in the Moccamaster?

It’s not ideal to use a plunger grind. A French press, or plunger, uses a coarse grind size. The coffee is immersed in the water, allowing for a longer contact time. 

When brewing with a Moccamaster, water filters through the grounds. If you add these to your brewer, the water won’t extract the flavor compounds from the coffee. The result will be a watery coffee.

What Is The Best Coffee Ratio For A Moccamaster?

The best Moccamaster coffee ratio is 1:18. This translates to 55g of coffee for every liter of water.

What Coffee Grinder Pairs Best With The Moccamaster?

If you want the best-tasting coffee, we recommend investing in a burr grinder.

Burr grinders grind evenly. This helps produce a balanced and tasty cup of coffee. 

Our Guide To Making Perfect Coffee In Moccamaster 

Ready to brew that perfect cup of coffee using your Moccamaster? Here are some tips for making good coffee. 

  • Grind size: Grind your beans to medium-coarse using a burr grinder. 
  • Ratio: For every liter of water, pour one scoop of coffee.
  • Know your beans: Robusta and Arabica are the most common bean types. If you love dark and robust coffee, buy Robusta. If you lean toward fruity and light coffee, opt for Arabica. 
The Green Pods perfect coffee made with a moccamaster


Selecting the wrong grind size leaves a lot to be desired. 

Large particles have a small surface area, making it difficult for the water to saturate and extract the flavor compounds from the coffee – resulting in a watery coffee. 

Too small a grind over-extracts the compounds, leaving you with a bitter java. 

When brewing with the Moccamaster, it’s best to use a medium-coarse grind size. There’s adequate surface area to allow the water to saturate each and every ground. 

The type of grinder you use also plays a vital role in particle size. 

Blade grinders tend to grind inconsistently in comparison to their burr counterparts. It’s best to grind your beans yourself using a burr grinder to enjoy a delicious cup with every brew.

Moccamaster Frequently Asked Questions 

The following are answers to some questions we’ve had asked about the coffee grind and ratio for a Moccamaster coffee maker.

Q. Which grinder plays best with the Technivorn Moccamaster?

If you want to get the best-tasting coffee, we recommend investing in a burr grinder.

Burr grinders grind uniform particles, helping to produce a balanced and tasty cup of coffee. 

Q. Can I use pre-ground coffee in a Moccamaster?

You can use pre-ground coffee, but we don’t recommend it. They tend to be the wrong grind size, and never taste as good as freshly ground.

We recommend picking up an affordable burr grinder so you can have freshly ground coffee, to the right size for your brew method made in seconds.

Q. How big is the Moccamaster scoop?

The Moccamaster scoop is equivalent to 2 regular tablespoons.

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