The Best Moccamaster Coffee Ratio (Golden Ratio)

The Green Pods the best moccamaster coffee ratio

Coffee ratios can be confusing. Especially when you’re changing from one brewer to the next. 

Luckily, the Moccamaster ratio isn’t all that tricky. 

The best Moccamaster coffee is 1:18. This translates to approximately 55g of coffee for every liter of water. This ratio is in line with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), so you’re guaranteed a fantastic cup of coffee with every brew. 

So, whether you’re looking to brew 2 or 6 cups of coffee, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll explore the ideal proportions for every cup plus a tutorial to create your perfect cup. 

What Is The Best Moccamaster Ratio? 

The table below summarizes the number of scoops you’ll need for every cup of coffee. 

Cup SizeScoop/grams 
21 (12g)
42 (24g)
63 (36g)
84 (48g)

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How Much Coffee Do I Put In My Moccamaster?

When looking to create a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, you need to be mindful of the amount of coffee you put in your brewer. 

There are guidelines set out by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) which provide the best practices for making a golden cup of coffee. These entail the recommended water-to-coffee ratio and how this affects the brew. 

Here’s an explanation of each. 

Why is the coffee ratio important? 

When making coffee, one of the key variables you should take into account is the coffee-to-water ratio. It determines the taste and strength of your coffee. 

If you pour too little coffee compared to the amount of water, you can under-extract your coffee. Under-extracted coffee tastes watery and dull. 

Conversely, if you add more grounds, it can result in over-extraction. Over-extracted coffee tastes more acidic and has hints of burned coffee. But by adhering to recommended proportions, you ensure the grounds are fully extracted to produce a smooth and flavorful drink. 

The SCAA golden ratio 

The SCCA recommends a 1:18 ratio. This is approximately 55g of coffee per liter of water. 

Should you change the formula?

If there’s anything we learned about coffee ratios is that they’re personal. 

Following a guide is the basis for creating a balanced cup of coffee, but we all have our preferences. 

Because the recommended ratio is 1:18, you can alternate between 1:15 and 1:18. 

Other coffee devotees even go as far as 1:20. 

The best advice? Experiment until you find a flavor that’s to your liking. 

StrongReccomneded Weak
1:15 1:181:20

Are there any other factors that can affect the Moccamaster coffee ratio? 

It’s all well and good to assume that the coffee ratio is the make-all or break-all for a decent cup of coffee. But other factors can reduce or enhance the effectiveness of these proportions. 

These include:

  • Grind size: The particle size does determine the saturation time. If you grind too coarse, the water will most likely pass through without extracting most of the flavor compounds. If you add a fine or extra fine grind size, the water has more than enough grounds to interact with, resulting in bitter java. 
  • Water temperature: Your Moccamaster is designed to brew a golden cup of coffee.  When the device is faulty, it can affect the boiling element’s efficacy. 

For example, if you haven’t descaled your Moccamaster after several uses, the build-up can hinder the machine from producing a hot, evenly extracted cup of coffee – regardless of the amount of coffee you add!

Moccmaster coffee to water ratio

What Is The Ideal Grind Size For A Moccamaster?

The ideal grind size for a Moccamaster is a medium-coarse grind. The particles are not too large or too small, which ensures optimum extraction. The result is a golden cup of coffee.

Read More: In this article, we tackle the perfect Moccamaster grind size in more detail

How Many Tablespoons Are In A Scoop Of Moccamaster?

The Moccamaster scoop is equivalent to 2 tablespoons or roughly 12grams (0.42oz) of coffee.

How Many Scoops For The Moccamaster Coffee Maker?

Whether you’re looking to make 2 or 8 cups of coffee, here’s a breakdown of the number of scoops to add. 

Number Of CupsMoccamaster ScoopsRegular TablespoonsGramsOunces
63636 grams1.27oz

How much coffee do I add to the Moccamaster for 2 cups?

For every 2 cups of coffee, add one scoop of coffee using the scoop that came with your occamaster. Alternatively, use two regular heaped tablespoons of coffee.

How much coffee do I add to the Moccamaster for 4 cups?

If you want to make 4 cups, add 2 scoops of coffee using the scoop that came with your Moccamaster. Alternatively, use four regular heaped tablespoons of coffee.

How much coffee do I add to the Moccamaster for 6 cups?

Pour 3 scoops for every 6 cups of coffee using the scoop that came with your Moccamaster. Alternatively, use six regular heaped tablespoons of coffee.

How much coffee do I add to the Moccamaster for 8 cups?

When looking to brew 8 cups, add 4 scoops of coffee in the Moccamaster using the scoop that came with your Moccamaster. Alternatively, use eight regular heaped tablespoons of coffee.

How We Brew Perfect Coffee With The Moccamaster (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Brewing a perfect cup with your Moccamaster is both a science and an art. The device will take care of the science, and we’ll share how you can flex your artsy muscles. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to brewing your perfect cup. 

What you’ll need:

  • Paper filter
  • Scoop
  • Room temperature or cold water
  • Medium coarse ground coffee beans (55g for 1 liter (39 oz) of water)


  1. Fold the perforated sides of the filter paper. 
  2. Place it into the filter basket.
  3. Rinse the paper filter – this washes out any papery taste.
  4. Pour the coffee grounds into the filter basket. 
  5. Place the basket into the brewer, and cover it with the lid. 
  6. Fill the water reservoir with room temperature or cold water.
  7. Turn the power button on. 
  8. Stir the bloom within the first minute of the brew.
  9. Within 4-6 minutes, your coffee will be ready. 


Once you have the hang of the coffee ratio, brewing a perfect cup of coffee with your device can be a walk in the park. It means you can brew a tasty cup of coffee to give you a pleasant start to your day. 

The best Moccamaster ratio is 1:18, and it’s in line with the Specialty Coffee Association golden cup standards.

 But these ratios aren’t cast in stone. 

They serve as a guide so you don’t find yourself brewing a watery or overly bitter java. Experiment and adjust as you see fit to ensure a beautifully balanced cup with every sip.

Moccamaster Frequently Asked Questions 

The following are answers to some questions we’ve had asked about the coffee grind and ratio for a Moccamaster coffee maker.

Q. Which grinder plays best with the Technivorn Moccamaster?

If you want to get the best-tasting coffee, we recommend investing in a burr grinder. Burr grinders grind uniform particles, helping to produce a balanced and tasty cup of coffee. 

Q. Can I use pre-ground coffee in a Moccamaster?

You can use pre-ground coffee, but we don’t recommend it. They tend to be the wrong grind size, and never taste as good as freshly ground.

We recommend picking up an affordable burr grinder so you can have freshly ground coffee, to the right size for your brew method made in seconds.

Q. How big is the Moccamaster scoop?

The Moccamaster scoop is equivalent to 2 regular tablespoons. 

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